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Tim and Matt

big black tent

I'm wearing my Wednesday Addams shirt, even though it's only Tuesday, rebel that I am. I never intended to ever wear it to work but my wardrobe growled at me again last night and so it was whatever was still hanging up in the bathroom instead.

Yes, growled. I think one of the numerous critters that frisk and frolic in the roof has made inroads, and I really ought to check it out, if not for the whole growling at night thing. It's either that or Mr Tumnus is in a stinking bad mood these days.

Project? Never made my deadline of finishing it by today, which is very bad form indeed, even though I did try. I really did try, and I realise the fic was so far from ready there was no way any way, and I'm having so much fun with it at the moment, I hate to wrap it up, even if I am wasting time with silly scenes that do little to advance the plot (but wallow in Neal and Peter being Neal and Peter). If it were a commercial/professional venture, then maybe I would be far more strict and deadline abiding, but it's just me and my notebook, so whatever, eh?

Goodness knows how I'll cope if the upcoming episodes comepletely trash upcoming plot points, but I think I'm so far along now I can ride it out and call it AU. It's not like any one is ever going to read the bastard, any way. Still wish it was more finished than it is, though.
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merlin hat

blue bucket for roses

Neil Gaiman:
I have been to WalMart at midnight, & returned with a rawhide bone.
I have been to Walmart at midnight, & you should not go there alone.

Heh. Braved the grim, freezing day for a quick lunchtime run to the shops. It is so cold. And I suppose you're all thinking well it should be all grim and freezing cold in December, but it's December, man. I know this is just all part of some fiendish plot to lull me into thinking I can give chocolates as presents this year and then the day will dawn a blazing and blistering 45C and the expensive euro-chocs will just be greasy stains in the bottom of the box. Fool me once, etc, etc. But in the meantime, crikey, it's cold.
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watching the detectives

Well, this isn't one of my finest hours. Forgot my usb drive, so I feel all naked, and, worse, can't do stuff when I'm busy being sidelined and ignored at work. It's gonna be a long, long dull day.

I suck at the 21st century. Completely and utterly. Even with all that technology at my disposal I entirely missed Zac Levi's tweet that he was at a film premiere in Sydney until six hours after the event. I suck at stalking my favourite actors even in my own city. Sigh. Mutter.

Lucky escape for Zac, I suppose, and I'm too old for that sort of thing anyway. Not old as in I've reached sufficient self awareness to realise my actions are wrong and childish and that an actor's autograph will not bring happiness. I mean old as in I'm not a teenager any more and people look at me funny. That kind of old. The sad and pathetic kind. Sigh.
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