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a pain in the ass, but worth it

The things a girl has to do for a couple of days off. Still, it's all good. It's cold and wet and I'm watching shiny silver goodies and getting breakfast in bed and I'm having a ball.

I've also been deeply touched by small yet genuine demonstrations of caring. About me, yet. In fact, it's probably just the hormones but I've been quite drippy and girly about it.

A very, very dear friend, concerned by my distress over the current vocational merde, was saint enough to send me a genuine Injun (Lakota) dreamcatcher, which I just adore. I'm so happy to have it and astonded that it slipped through customs: being made of wood, grass, seeds and feathers, all proscribed materials. Damn that, it's mine and I'll never ever give it up. I love it and I adore it and it's such a lovely thing, such a lovely thought. Sniff. Happy tears.

Then there was the neighbour who saw me get out of the taxi on crutches and raced over to help and make sure I was alright (much appreciated as public transport and crutches don't mix).

Crutches? Well, yeah, sheepish smile. Monday was long, hard and hormonal and I said I was feeling crook. I didn't eat anything all day because I felt yuck and when I was walking home I fainted. Just crumpled over, but it was more like timber! I went over like the tree in our yard. At least I must have. I don't remember but I hit hard, bruised my shoulder, my knee and sprained my ankle. Ouch. Badly. Double ouch. So I have the rest of the week off with no expectations of me doing anything but staying off my feet. It's tragic. Smirk.

I mean, oh dear, what shall I do? Make my way through a stack of very generously and graciously supplied stack of shiny silver goodness, for one thing. More West Wing, and, happiness, Stargate.

I quite liked the Mini me episode (Fragile Balance), even though the idea of Loki abducting Jack illegally seemed oddly familar (cough). The young actor did a good job of adopting RDA's mannerisms. Orpheus was another good Teal'c episode, and it's nice to see Teal'c's son evolve from annoying brat to noble young man. That's one good thing to come from such a long run. I'm still not sure about that Jaffa who looked too much like TV's Frank (MST3K) for me to take him seriously.

Angel featured on E! There goes my studious avoidance of all spoilers. No sign of Wesley though. Pout. Well, yes, I suppose Spike does rather render Wes redundant. Tragic but true. Pout.

Still, I'm home to watch Batfink and Doctor Who. This is great.

More Stargate as EvilChannelSeven move into Season 7 at last. Daniel fall down and go boom. As much as folks poke my fic for being derivative, and deservedly so, the show itself gives us Terminator, Angel, Star Trek III, Star Wars (big time) and that's just the really obvious stuff. The cute stuff included Jack keeping Daniel's most personal items. Awwww.

"Jack, are you sure this was my favourite position?"
"Why yes, Daniel, why do you ask?"

Friday dawns and we're watching even more Stargate. Didn't think much of the Whacky Races episode at all, but the others were okay. The Sybill episode actually had some very nice Jack/Daniel moments, with Jack demonstrating actual care and concern. I also liked the unas one, because there were some nice scenes of Jack managing Daniel, and vice versa. Heh.

"A pain in the ass, but well worth it."

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