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a fall that seems like flying

A friend was still bemused at my great disappointment at having braved cyclonic winds on Monday (Auntie Em! Auntie Em!) on various errands, and bringing back some bananas to take into work, the weather still so fiesty it blew several branches in through the door after me, I went and done forgot them. I thought 'I'm feeling a touch peckish, I'll go get that banana I...left on the kitchen table'. Apparently my disappointed face is still giving her mirth at the memory of it nearly a week later.

I did make some friends here. I'll miss 'em when I'm gone. Yep, they finally, finally, finally gave me my exit date. Shit just got real. I told another friend and they burst into tears. It's not too good.

So yesterday I just hit a wall, couldn't write a job app, though researching some of the jazzy jargon they used in the ad wasn't entirely a waste of time, I just couldn't get it going, aside from the old routine jobs that I apparently can do sleepwalking. Ah, I'll miss that, knowing the job so well I can do it on low battery power if need be.

So I took myself off early and went to see the exhibition of prints at the art gallery I'd nearly missed. Oh my gosh, that was excellent, an amazingly cool selection and all hits, no misses. I mean, I've been to print exhibitions before but they tend to err overly on the side of architectural plans or be way too baroque and there's a limit to the number of cherubs I can endure. But this was great. The span from 1500 to 1900 meant every half dozen or so prints (it's a local gallery, our exhibitions are tiny and could fit in the loo of an international gallery) you were onto another century, but I liked that, because I was on the clock and I was very much in the mood for a general oversight rather than in-depth examination, and it was entertaining without being exhausting, and, as I was very satisfied to see, essayed the passing fashions and issues (even if that wasn't the intent) in ways other disappointing exhibitions I've been to this year have really not.

Too bad the catalogue, heavy tome that it is, didn't include the one I was really thrilled to see, being a print of an artist a comic book artist I used to really dig in the 80s/90s had obviously been pretty darn keen on but now I can't remember the name of either artist so it's no use to you but it was a pleasing 'huh' moment for me. I also, belatedly, got a joke from Les Miserables, for the bit where pears scrawled all over Paris went past me entirely until I saw the political cartoon with Le King as a pear. Oh, I get it now. In fact there was a lot of Les Miserables referencing French prints, and one of Victor Hugo himself, so I suspect that wasn't entirely coincidental? In any case, it was nice adjunct to my Victor Hugo excursion (the musical and library exhibition down in Melbourne). There were also prints of Musketeers committing the most appalling war crimes, so that's taken a bit of shine off the Dumas books, though squinting at the tiny, tiny plates reveals that the costume design on BBC's Musketeers is way more spot on than you might think.

There was also some garish Georgian stuff and high Victoriana including my beloved PRB and a neat cartoon from Punch taking the piss out of Spiritualists. There were several Durers, who was a favourite of my father's, and some pretty gruesome medieval stuff, which would have been shocking if I hadn't seen some of them before (down in Melbs, they are prints, after all). Oh, there were also those weirdly Art Nouveau/Art Deco prints of Blake that also made two other women go wtf because he seems to be pre-empting the style by quite a tidy margin.

So that was fun. There I had a quick turn through the old galleries, discovered the Impressionists were out and Picasso and Bacon were in, reflecting current market values, but I missed the dark Victorian stuff, the Sickerts etc., just 'cause, though the damned haystacks were still there (the artistic equivalent of cockroaches, imo).

Then I had to run all the way from the gallery to the end of the wharf at the STC and it might not look that far but it's up hill and down dale and those bloody steps at the end o Kent St are almost vertical (cue Vertigo theme). Red faced and windswept I damn nearly tripped over Josh McConville, whom I rather fancy so that was awkies, as I raced for a) the loo and b) the bar to chug down a cider (yes, barkeep, gimme ice, dammit) while gazing blearily over the harbour while I waited for the Cyrano preview briefing to start (also free, the preview anyway).

So there the cast trouped in, all 16 of them, including the aforementioned Josh McConville, the legendary Bruce Spence, Julia Zemiro and Foxy Roxy (Richard Roxburgh) himself. Lovely. Quite a good briefing. Apparently there's been a lot of bother about the nose, much sword fight training, but no live horses or chickens on stage. Apparently Rox had seen a version in Europe with horses galloping on stage, and he turned to Andrew Upton and almost accused him of having no horses live on stage. No, just the usual minimalist set. Anyway, it was really funny. We were also told about the costuming, the music, the themes of love, being real, and seeing only the surface.

I'm really looking forward to it, because Cyrano, as you might guess, is a character I've related to since I was very young (beneath this hideous facade beats the furious heart of a poet, oh yeah).

So that was all fun, and it helps. I've also wrestled with some weeding, with is a good constructive/desctructive job to do, though weeding the rose garden is like a hardcore game of twister. First blood to the rose. I guess that's why I love roses somewhat less than other folks, as I'm the poor bugger sent to weed them. Ow, ow, ouch, hurty.

Tonight I'm planning to distract myself via arts and crafts, that is, DIY halloween decorations. I know, Americanisation gone mad, etc, etc, but I'm in desperate need of distraction and as Himself is most exceptionally cruelly going to the opening of the pop art exhibition without me (me, who travelled to two Lichtenstein exhibitions last year), I figure I'll take what I can get. So I'm going to attempt to make a skelton out of paper plates and carve a pumpkin, as we've got proper big orange American pumpkins imported now, biosecurity be damned.

Ah, they just played The Cure's A Forest, which reminds me I wore my forest dress last Monday (I must show you the dres sometime, if you don't hear the opening cords when you see it you need to listen to more Cure) to see Calpurnica Descending at the STC.

I was not having a good day so I needed something amusing, and it doesn't get weirder or funnier than...whatever the heck that was. It rather defies description as it starts as a straight (as if?!) play with the meeting of the two divas, in outsanding over the top turns, they circle around each other, and you know exactly where it's going, or you think you do. Then a dancing rat comes out. Then we go to a live action on screen hybrid production where it becomes such a pasitche of 30s/40s diva noir I was gurgling with giigles, and the fact that I knew all the diva noir tropes makes me wonder greatly about the tv programmers in the 80s (just how many Bette Davis films did I really need to see when growing up? Not to mention all those 80s soaps like Dynasty and dallas which also seemed an influence). Never mind, it all served to ensure I got a good deal of the jokes. And then it turneed into a weird dream sequence video game nightmare and well, it certainly was mind blowing. But hey, it's Wharf 2, it's meant to be crazy. I kinda liked it, I really did. I need a big dollop of candy coloured silly in my life.

So that's about it, I think. Still no job, but many, many rejection emails. It's really quite upsetting. I'm doing my best, but it's not easy. I've worked my way through a great many upheavals, but ironically this can't be one of them. Well, I've got plenty of long neglected jobs around the house to throw myself at. That's the plan now, as the job market is about to close down for summer.

Oh, I forgot to try explain why I was so upset about Gough Whitlam's passing. Aside from the fact that he was a visionary political hero of mine, just from a practical level he put in place the reforms that gave me an indoor toilet, a university education, an interest in the arts and places to feed it - he was right there in the beginning of the Belvoir theatre (nee Nimrod) and the TripleJ radio network. Without Gough I'd have never have earned enought to see the Mona Lisa, or cared. I'd have never have heard of New Order or any other band I've liked over my lifetime, let alone seen them on stage. Without Gough I wouldn't have seen that amazing production of The Glass Menagerie. Without Gough I wouldn't be reading the books I'm reading now.

So that's why I was sad, very, very sad. We'll not see his like again. Never, ever.

Aw, heck, Cate, as you might expect, says it way better than I:

Cate Blanchett thanks Gough Whitlam for free education


So I spent a miserable Halloween entirely alone, having done the washing, ironing, weeding, washing up, etc., etc., and I even made a paper plate skeleton but nope, no trick or treaters. Himself had pointedly gone off to the opening of the pop art exhibition without me, thus proving I'm nothing more than a live in maid, and I was a very, very miserable Cinderella. Worse, someone has foolishly geo-locked the lounge dvd player so I couldn't watch any of my Halloween playlist. Grrr.

By Sunday, one spider too far, I'd given up on yard work and had holed up in my room, which still had a working dvd player and started on Penny Dreadful, which I'd finally got my mitts on (less than a week before Foxtel finally gets around to playing it, harumph).

I kinda liked it. Well, it was ticking the boxes for me anyway. Gothic Victoriana? Check. The League of Public Domain Gentlemen? Check. Actors I like? Check.

I'm only halfway through and I have no idea if the plot is going anywhere other than your standard Buffy Big Bad doomsday scenario, but thats okay. I was just rocking out over the cast. I knew Timothy Dalton was in it (I saw his Jane Eyre at an impressionable age, deal with it) as with Eva Green and Billie Piper. Could take or leave Josh Harnett, but he's serviceable (he's no Captain Homer Jackson but then who is?). But, crikey, the rest of the spots, all taken up with actors I've seen almost exclusively via NT Live, if not the actual West End stage with my own peepers, so that was cool. Now Harry Treadaway has poppped up in a few things I've seen lately, like Dominic Cooper's luridly enjoyable Fleming wankfest (they missed a trick not casting Anna Chancellor as Moneypenny in the films, OMG, and Sam West was the sexy as proto-M), and Olly Alexander has popped up here and there, but I really noticed him as Peter Pan in Peter and Alice, but then there was Rory Kinnear as the monster (proprty of one V Frankenstein) and Helen McCrory as a fortune teller (whee!) and as for Simon Russell Beale, last seen in the NT's Lear, he seems to have based his Egyptologist on Victor Buono's King Tut, and I really don't have a problem with that, though I probably should. Or I would if I was taking it the slightest bit seriously, but I wasn't. I'm the one whining because so far there have been no giant rats in the sewers and wicked Oriental mesmerists (so I saw The Talons of Weng-Chiang at an impressionable age, deal with it).

So far, so enjoying. If you'd showed this to my 13 year old self, I'd have wet myself. Because, man, I was into Hammer Horror back then (and I still am, sort of, with my Neil Gaiman reading, Doctor Who, Ripper Street and Dracula watching).

Oh, and don't start me on Ripper Street. How in the name of Frank Skinner am I going to see it, stranded at the edge of nowhere that I am? Sins of the fathers indeed (put those silver spoons back, you ancestral sticky fimgered c**t, you've no idea the price I'm going to have to pay through geo-locking and 800% markups, not to mention battling a clearly genetically pre-determined impulse to help myself).

So that was belated Halloween viewing, I guess. Still got half the series to go. Still, it's nice to have something to watch that I don't have to struggle to like, and I've less and less patience with that these days. I've abandoned a good many series of late because while I adore Actor X to bitty bits, he is not the saving grace of whatever dross he's appearing in right now. I know, revoke my True Fan card if you must, but come on, life's too short, and those shows, they be dire. (I'm not naming names, but if certain actors I've actullay travelled around the world to see are currently screening in shows I've not even mentioned here, well, yeah, oops).

Anyways, I was only watching because I'd hit the limit of the number of large spiders I can shake off myself without complete freaking out while gardening. I refuse to call it arachnophobic when the garden/jungle plays host to two of the world's deadliest spiders and a few others give nasty bites, I can show you the scars. So that was me, packing up and moving myself, and my spiders, indoors (later, there was a Huntsman incident).

So, yes, Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful and The Fall, or the scrapbooking serial killer as I like to call him, are what I'm watching right now, as it's all I'm allowed (no Netflix, no Hulu, no yo ho avast me hearties). Oh, and Supernatural. Which resolved the whole Dean thing rather two quickly. I presume, from anvil sized hints dropped, that Dean will be struggling with the straight and narrow this season? Yawn. What is it with Americans and their rehab in lieu of character development tropes. Yawn again.

Mind you, there's a loud Calvanist within always ready to yell at people to just suck it up and shut up already (which is what I have to do daily, this is my only whinge window).

Still reading the whoa Mary Sue bad fic that is the Outlander series, because I'm living Hugo and Dickens too much right now to read them (and I've exhausted the available Wilkie ouvre). It is just so badly researched and written. Just the names freak me out, she can't even get the names right. Scots have very particular and set naming practices, as most cultures do, and, well, it drives me nuts is what it does. Never mind the 'highlanders' speaking lowland dialect, and on it goes. But it's dribbley fairy floss for the brain, and that's what I need right now. I'll get back to my philosophical texts as soon as I'm mentally upright enough to do so. I've not slept properly since July, you know. I'm ready to pop.

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