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Fic: Stargate WIP 4/? rated [MA] Jack/Daniel

Title: Wild Boys
Series: Stargate SG-1
Status: WIP
Part: 2/2 Sequel to SNAFU
Author: Hellblazer
E-mail address:
Rating: MA
Category: Slash Angst Action/Adventure Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Date: September 2001 - September 2003
Disclaimers: Don't own these characters, MGM, Showtime and the rest do. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, sex scenes, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes, general silliness, etc.
Spoilers: Season Three
Summary: Jack and Daniel go native.


"Jack, there is simply no way an arachnid could survive to be that big, it just simply isn't possible -"

Jack had thrown the last segment of what could only be a hairy triantula leg at his feet. It was the size of a Yule log. Daniel blinked as his brain adjusted to this new paradigm.

Jack was grinning malevolently. "You haven't seen what the boys are making for dinner."

Daniel could see the large communal fire spitting up sparks through the door. He walked out in time to see the group of young warriors heave something black and heavy into the fire pit, sending up showers of sparks as they laughed and cheered over their victory.

Jack just clapped Daniel on the shoulder, saying nothing. Daniel's look of utter disgust made the absolute horror of trying to kill the thing almost worth it. Almost.

There was one huge honking barbecue to end all barbeques that night, though strangely Daniel, who'd eat anything on a dare, didn't much care for either of the courses on offer. Perhaps the thought of eating something you'd almost been eaten by was a bit too law of the jungle for Daniel.

Jack didn't have any such problem. He was really enjoying himself. They big fire, everyone laughing and dancing and getting totally wasted on jungle juice, this was Jack's idea of a good time.

Jack pressed the dripping, stinking meat in Daniel's face again, just to see the reaction. Daniel would usually eat anything, even bugs and dirt, just to make nice with the neighbours, but he drew the line at what Jack called roast shelob. Just the name itself caught Jack a shrewish look, with Jack having let slip that he'd cracked open a book or three in his time. It was the smell and the colour and the slippery black exoskeleton and the knowledge that they wanted him to eat giant tarantula that turned Daniel's stomach. His mild arachnophobia had received a good kick in the pants and he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

"No, Jack, don't," he pushed Jack away with that tone that usually meant Daniel was three steps away from turning really pissy. Usually Jack didn't care, but the hurts of the last few months were still raw and he backed off at last, gnawing on his bit of spider, trying hard to forget what it was, trying harder not to gag, but knowing it was a source of protein and it was better to eat than starve. Daniel could have one of their pooled candy bars tonight, but just for tonight. Just because Daniel looked like he'd throw up more than he'd keep down if Jack tried to force him to eat it.

Daniel wouldn’t even touch the bits of roast lizard when they came around, still looking green around the gills. Jack had no such problem.

Sitting back, chewing slowly on a large chunk of dino rib, and it did taste like chicken, Jack watched them rake over the last of the hot coals as the old jungle drums started up again. Daniel edged forward, sensing that the floor show was about to begin. Young men lined up, took a swig of what looked like some particularly nasty brew by the way their eyes rolled back into their heads, then they shook themselves for several long minutes before going for a stroll across the hot coals. Some of the young men would stamp about, sending up showers of bright sparks, just to show how damn tough they were.

Before Jack could declare you wouldn't catch him doing that for anything, he and Daniel were dragged up by their little scary painted buddies and pulled towards the fire. Daniel forced him to swill that really evil brew that set Jack on fire from head to toe and just as the world started spinning to fast for him to hold on he was propelled onto the coals with Daniel at his side and there was nothing to do but keep staggering forward as they stumbled over the lumpy embers and sent cinders shooting up around their feet, because like hell was Jack going to chicken out now.

Marching onto the end of the pit, dragging Daniel beside him, he stepped onto cool earth again. If his feet were burnt he didn't feel it, he couldn't feel much of anything. The world was a whirl of smoke and moon and stars and fire and Daniel with his eyes so bright and dark.

Jack grabbed at Daniel, following the rest of the tribe as the party broke happily apart. He dragged Daniel into their hut, away from curious eyes, never feeling more alive than in this moment. Every never and cell in his flesh was singing and when Daniel stumbled against him, brushing skin against skin it was like lightning coiling through his gut.

He threw Daniel down on the ground and threw himself on top of him, grinding out fierce kisses. Daniel was fire, his touch burned and Jack would never get enough of it.

Tongues warring furiously Daniel rolled Jack under him and kicked off the last of their clothing. He pinned Jack beneath him, eyes wild, hands frenzied, making Jack buck against him with need. Daniel locked Jack tight in his arms and fucked him, fucked him hard, and in the heat of the moment Jack begged him for more.


Jack was on his hands and knees throwing up outside the hut. Daniel tried to approach him but he held up his hand and his whole body language just said: "Back off!

Daniel backed off, cursing himself, unable to breathe or cry but knowing, his heart like a stone sitting heavy on his gut, that he'd just fucked up his entire relationship with Jack.

After a long while, an eternity of self recrimination, Jack finally dragged himself back inside the little hut and lay down on their makeshift bed.

He looked so bad that Daniel overcame his very really fear that Jack was going to deck him and he crept quietly over to Jack, offering him water from their canteen and dabbing at his brow softly.

“Jack, I’m sorry,” Daniel began miserably.

Jack caught his hand and Daniel looked at him with wild panic for a moment, which hurt Jack more than Daniel would ever know, then Jack let him go, pulling himself up into a sitting position, even as the world lurched painfully again.

“Daniel,” he attempted, desperately trying to marshal his thoughts into some sort of coherent order.

"Am I mad that you compromised me when you gave me that shit to drink - hell yes. Anything could have happened while I was tripping and god only knows what the side effects could have been. I'm supposed to be the designated driver, Daniel. It's my job to stick to rations, to stay clean, to stay alert and make sure we get out of this alive."

Oh, fuck, the kid looked like he was going to cry.

"Am I upset about the mind blowing sex? No way. You were right, I do need to loosen up and let go before I can really enjoy myself but there's a time and a place. It was - I want you to do that to me again." The last was said in a low husky voice that changed Daniel's face from distraught to desire in 0.3 seconds flat. Eyes dark, skin still flushed, lips full and open.

Jack leant in and kissed them, a hard and demanding kiss, which Daniel met, measure for measure, the way he always did, his hands cupping Jack's face, keeping the kiss going until Daniel needed to breathe.

They stared, just gazing at each other in a lust fuelled haze. All was forgiven. One indiscretion in the heat of the moment, and nothing bad had really happened. Nothing bad at all. The feel of Daniel inside him, it was burned into the memory of Jack's flesh in a way he knew he'd never forget.


All Jack had to do was try and remember that they were still in hostile territory, stranded, maybe forever, and the next time he let his guard down they could end up dead. It was hard work, almost torture, to stay alert all the time and not loose himself in Daniel, or lose himself in this warm tropical heat that slicked his skin and sapped his will.

Jack was leaning under the waterfall, naked, with his eyes closed. His gear was within arm's reach though - always the military man. Daniel liked that. It made him feel safe.

Daniel skidded down the bank a little. Jack didn't react. He knew the sound of Daniel crashing about the undergrowth very well by now. Daniel sat down on a rock and pulled off his boots and clothes and finally his glasses, then carefully, very carefully, because the stones were unexpectedly sharp and slippery underfoot, joined Jack under the waterfall, luxuriating in feeling the caked dirt and paint and sweat wash away.

Jack didn't say anything, still with his back to Daniel. He couldn't be annoyed, could he? It was hard to tell with Jack, sometimes.

Daniel wrapped his arms around Jack and kissed his shoulder.

"Morning," he murmured.

No answer, but Jack didn't move away, either. Perhaps this was quiet time. Daniel licked at the water that ran down Jack's shoulder. Sweet water and the taste of Jack's salty skin underneath it. He tasted harder, a slow sucking kiss.

He felt Jack breathe in under his hand spread across Jack's stomach. His hand slipped lower, sliding through the damp, coarse curls, down over flat hip and over hard muscle. Back up to lightly caress Jack's balls, by way of greeting, then an affectionate stroke along Jack's growing erection, ending with a kiss just below Jack's ear.

Wet and aroused, Daniel pressed himself up against Jack. He needed this. His hands tightened on Jack's shoulders. He pressed hard against Jack's arse.

"Daniel?" Jack had to ask.

"It's alright. I just want to feel...uh." Daniel had slipped between Jack's cheeks, held warm and tight. He stayed there for a long moment, eyes glazed, breathing deep, then moved again, just resting against Jack's arse. Slowly he began rubbing himself against the groove, pressing against Jack, but never inside him. He licked and sucked on Jack's ear, the back of his neck, his shoulder as he clung to Jack...oh, God.

Jack felt Daniel pump warm liquid over the small of his back, felt Daniel rest his forehead against his shoulder. He caught Daniel's hand and kissed the open palm. It was all right. It felt good. He trusted Daniel.

Jack turned and they kissed, long slow movie kisses that never seemed to end, a new one beginning before the old one ended, rolling over each other like waves.

Daniel drew apart first, to catch his breath, then he knelt down under the crashing waterfall, smiled, and then took Jack into his mouth, sucking and licking while his hands held Jack's already bucking hips steady. Jack's hand curled over Daniel's bobbing head, his fingers laced through the damp strands of hair. He felt Daniel's hand on his arse and yes, shit, there, just there, oh -

He spilled deep into Daniel's throat, guilty at the gagging noises Daniel made in spite of himself. They let the water spill over them for a long moment before Jack drew Daniel back up to kiss him, lightly this time, a thankyou, tasting himself on Daniel's wet lips.

Daniel turned in his arms, leaning back against Jack's hard muscled chest, the water still cascading over them, to gaze over their tropical paradise: palms, ferns, vines and trees of all description twisted and twined together as far as the eye could see.

Jack kissed Daniel's shoulder softly. Daniel was right. With the morning sunlight dappling the tops of the canopy, it was beautiful here, so long as you didn't think about what was lurking in the undergrowth: creepies and crawlies and long leggity beasties and things that went bump in the night. But hell, put up a nice big electrified fence, throw in a few condos, a spa pool and sir back and watch the cash roll in. Off world tourism - why the hell not? This place had potential, if they ever got back home to tell anyone about it. Until then they were the lost boys, stranded, doomed to the vicious little Eden forever.


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