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As it happened I did fly home for Jurassic Park III and sat up in my room and watched it gleefully with half an old chocolate bar and you know, I actually enjoyed the experience. A couple of things I actually noticed this time around: the only person who screams like a woman more than Alan is Amanda, and I not entirely sure, I think Alan might actually have the edge if I go back and recount it properly.

Sometimes I think Screaming Queen is an entirely appropriate description of Alan, though he was very butch in kicking the Pteranodon. Love the whole Aviary scene. You really can see the exact moment poor Billy's heart breaks - Bink! - and Alan keeps giving Billy such filthy looks and refusing to accept Billy's concern over Alan nearly plummeting to his death so that poor Billy just lurks up the back, utterly miserable, hugging himself. Bad, bad Alan. Small wonder Billy's next action is a reckless one.

Poor Billy again, as Alan immediately starts referring to him in the past tense. Leaving the poor boy to die indeed. Hmph.

This however was the pinnacle of my fun, well, okay, I enjoyed Dr Who too, but that was it. No tea and no tv as I fell asleep during Roswell, which I'd been looking forward to because it was the Xmas Nazi redux, and Now and Again, which was the Super Soldier MKI episode. It was a fave so I was annoyed I couldn't quite go the distance on that, too, but I was an unhappy, festering little bundle of hormones and I thought I'd better sleep than watch tv so I wouldn't be a total space cadet today.

Didn't work, so I might as well have enjoyed Eric Close up close on my telly afterall. Boris and Natasha are still picking on me and openly discussing my myriad faults within earshot. It takes all I have not to shed a tear or tremble a lip. I did have yum cha afterall, and at least two of the people at the table I actually liked, so there you are. Not a total loss, yet I remain strangely dissatisfied, probably because I wasn't allowed to disgrace myself with the custard buns. Still, I did manage the bon mott of the afternoon. When they said legend had it men got the face they deserved at 40, I piped up with "and women get the face they can afford."

I'll probably have to work back late today as my mere 8hr day yesterday was remarked upon as most out of order. Doesn't matter, it'll probably be the only way I'll be able to stay up for Farscape, though the ads don't grab me.

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