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It was supposed to be one of my all time highlights, ever, and even though I didn't have the golden ticket, I certainly had a brass one. But alas, it crash landed in one of those weeks where nothing went right.

Job under threat again, the possum punching holes in the walls and no possum catcher available for at least a week, ongoing flu, Lauren Bacall dying and the terrible suicide of Robin Williams, not only beloved bullwark of childhood, but also kicking over stones that should never ever be kicked over.

So instead of gleefully skipping hand in hand to the State Theatre to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, for reals, presenting a preview of Peter's first proper Doctor Who episode as the Doctor, as part of the BBC world tour, and I actually had tickets, so hard to get, and the PC had crashed right went they went on sale and it was all so fraught and I still got those tickets and I'd been so looking forward to it, but no. No skipping. Just a funeral slog through the driving rain on one of the coldest, darkest days ever.

Sigh. Okay, I'm under a Mousetrap like compact not to spoil, so I wan't say anything except to say that I really, really enjoyed it (aside from the loud and obnoxious chap behind us, with the world's noisiest chip packet that went on forever).

Poor Himself did start snoring loudly at one point, but that was midnight possum wrangling, not the show (to his dread, he later found out Capaldi had been standing behind us, in the back, back row, during the screening).

The Q&A was short, to my mind, with only four questions from the audience, which barely makes it a Q&A under the legal definition, in my opinion, but never mind. They tapped Adam Spencer to be the MC and it was sweet to see Adam again and watch him get his geek on, and he did take his ususal sadistic delight in reading Capaldi's old fanboy letter, out loud, and in public. Watch Peter squirm here. Heh.

Hey, at least I was among my people, chip bag gouging Comic Shop Guy behind me nothwithstanding. I didn't even have to do my usual OCD quadruple check of whether or not I'm in the right place on the right day at the right time, just saw the gazillion Tom Baker scarves and thought yep, right.

It's tough being a nerd alone most days. These people here are so old and square they only watch one tv channel, and they've never even heard of Han Solo. Make a Gremlins joke and hear the sound of silence. Sigh.

I did watch Outlander as a particular treat in this unfortunate week. I loved it. It's been years (yikes, decades) since I'd read the books so I wasn't that hung up on canon, which was a relief, and from my hazy viewpoint at a distance, I thought the captured the spirit of the book so well I almost cried, and happy tears at that (so many adaptations have made me sad of late). The casting was also perfection imo (also a point of concern elsewhere). One of these days, Tobias will play a good guy...

It was just a joy to watch. Ticked all my boxes, but then I realised it was like a mash up of A Traveller in Time, Children of the Stones and Flight of the Heron, so absolutely. Mercifully they skipped over Grange Hill in my after school tv mash up, very wisely. smirk. and now I have that theme song in my head. Well done.

Childhood nostalgia. What is required this week. Tough week.

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