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Yes, I'm finally posting my Stargate fic. Feedback/sticks/carrots please because I really need to be chivvied across the finish line with this one (it feels rather like one of those quaint community races where one staggers under the weight of something unweildly).

Thankyou too for all the lovely feedback re Alan and Billy. I'm thinking up ideas for revisting those two already.

Friday was a long hard day so it was cheap wine, Thai and a Star Trek marathon (no female goats). No Spooks either (weep) and I passed out before Touching Evil but that's okay because I've got most of it on tape already. I set the timer anyway on account of the 'most' bit (my collection, very kindly donated, spans three continents and several dear donors and is therefore naturally a very hit and miss affair).

Funny how I was about to buy it on dvd, but forgot. Apparently even the intent is enough to finally get it onto UKTV. Please note that Reilly is now on after I finally broke down and bought the box set. Not that I mind, not at all.

There was some web admin stuff duly done but mainly my poor Del Boy was taken over and used/abused as a web cafe by the rest of the family. Not that I minded too much, I mean, I always used to let all the backpackers use my PC as a net cafe. They'd buy me drinks after work, and it was all good. Really, really. A most equitable arrangement.

I've come to a realisation as to why, after two years, suddenly I can do nothing right at work. You see, they set the boys up in acting positions no trouble, but not muggins here. If Fearless Leader and Grima Wormtongue find fault with everything I do, no higher duties need be paid. It's petty and mean and it's not the first time and pardon me if I'm a little embittered by the whole thing.

In light of Ewan's recent rant over film censorship, and the frank and honest way in which Ewan stated his displeasure with the situation, I feel that these people are also discriminating against me re my being Scottish. We're a direct and forthright people and we don't like being penalised for it.

Saturday was very cold, very windy and very busy. It started out as a lovely Srping day but cold, dark clouds had roared in from the south before we'd walked out the door, and indeed it was actually snowing up in the mountains. Yep, one day I can't use my PC because it's too hot, the next day it's flipping snowing. I blame the Republicans.

So, off to the city we set, first to buy extra warm clothing (hey, we weren't expecting snow) then for some coffee and then a brisk walk through the park to the art gallery. This time the Japanese art was themes of Autumn and Winter, very appropriate, and there were many pretty screens and kimonos to be viewed. My favourites were the butterfly box and the praying mantis bowl. That Tale of the Genji seems to involve nothing but guys sitting around playing board games and writing racy poems to their bits on the side. I loved the screen of young gentleman competitively composing poems to the beauty of a waterfall, while their squires all slept with the horses a short distance away. Hilarious. There was even a screen of St Nick, obviously post WWII because he was wearing Coca Cola colours.

Then it was across the road to the domain and the flower show which again lacked any flower stalls though I found one selling shrubs, three for $12. I now have a shubbery. Or I will do, one day, my shubbery being three tiny wee sticks in mud at the moment.

Then it was up to Hyde Park for the food fair. When I used to go with my Dad, many decades hence, it was all coupons and sample dishes from seriously fancy resturants, but for the last twenty years or so it's been just satay sticks and kebabs, you know, street vendor stuff. So I was entirely mentally and fiscally unprepared for coupons and extremely chi chi offerings from resturants I'd never normally be allowed in the same postcode of. I think we bought like $50 worth of coupons and sampled ourselves silly over crab compote, salmon thingies, fruit compote this, drizzle that (I don't even know the terminology) with some wine, champagne and rounding off with an excellent passionfruit pav.

We lay on the grass under the dappled sunlight like beached marine mammals and crowd watched. As the event was being held in the name of the AIDS Trust it was hugely gay and/or Eastern/Inner suburbs and therefor very colourful and rewarding to watch: a woman with a parrot on her shoulder, a chap with a dog obviously worth three times what I am. One child was carried off screaming like a piece of luggage (apparently some chips were purchased which the child thought were his but apparently not, and how mean, he's only three, give him the damn chips already, he can learn hard life lessons later). I overheard one chap from San Francisco boggling because they don't have an AIDS Trust in SF, nor would they ever host such a big, central, advertised, hugely across the board attended big happy picnic like this. It would never happen in the US, but the US is the best, but this is good, error, error, does not compute, must sterlise...

I love it when poor Americans melt down over stuff like that. It's why I moved Billy to London. The US really isn't gay friendly. Not in the no big deal way it is here, now.

Back home to the continuing Trek marathon and I just love it when Jim gives a computer his own version of alt-ctrl-delete. The man knows how to handle a PC - grin. I also note at how many episodes feature a teenagers are evil theme. Well, it was the 60s, after all. Yes, Baby Boomers are indeed evil. Jim was right - grin. Foreigners and Pacifists are also evil, apparently. Star Trek as social (mostly right wing) commentary - hey, it's a laugh.

We also enjoy the costumes. In The Cage the chick almost sets Pike alight in some very fancy and very flammable togs with the faming torch. Hey, so that's how he ended up like that, we wickedly surmise.

Sunday was spent planting said shrubbery and reading Jane Austen in the sun, with my birds all flat out sunbathing around me. Those bird books really ought to mention that magpies love to sunbathe and they just sprawl out, sound asleep, and they look like so much road kill when they do it. Many a poor magpie has been startled awake by unwelcome human assistance. I remember when we were having the deck rebuilt, before the steps were put in and the deck was awash with very dead looking birds in the afternoon - I'd thought for a minute they'd all been poisoned before I realised I was looking at a birdie Bondi.

Sunday evening was spent dutifully watching Jurassic Park III. Now I've really seen it too many times. Yes, I spotted the helicopter in the clouds and the myriad of other reported flaws, including the odd accent slip from Sam, and a few they haven't mentioned, like the shots of the islands are all peaks, yet the gang never run uphill or downhill, always they're on flat ground. Sandro's hair gets longer and shorter, too, imho, in some of the pickup shots. And what, pray tell, did the boat in at the beginning, since in the finished film all the pternanodons are still caged up until the door is left unlatched? (My personal theory is that the flappy things have been escaping through a hole in the wire for years and the door swinging open was poor Billy dragging himself out, but that's just me trying to hold the threadbare plot together).

My main beef though is the Crunch bars. Surely, surely after ten years in the tropics sans refridgeration they'd look worse than that months old half empty bag of Malteasers we found in the tv room (hence the sore point - wasted chocolate, enough to make us weep, especially when there was no other chocolate to be had). Bro suggests friviously that perhaps the snack and Coke machines are still being dutifully restocked every month. Can you just imagine it? Jurassic Park IV: the Coke machine guy. Heh, well, that'd be the product placement sorted at least.

I also watched Badger and QAF and there was some JP3 inspired fic writing done.

I've just realised that JP3 is on again tonight. Arrrgh! Bushwalking! (Much like MST3K's Rock Climbing! or Sandstorm! only, well, endless bushwalking). Well, it gets like that after a bit. It's really not a film that rewards umpteem viewings, unlike Buffy, many episodes of which I still manage to see something new, each time.

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