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This morning I woke to the news that both Homer Simpson and William Shakespeare were now following me on Twitter. The very idea of it just made me smile. Clearly I preach to a broad church - smirk.
I think it was just cause I posted an article on Simpsons quotes as memes (thus telling the age of writer and reader, and a tweet on going to see the STC briefing for the Scottish play. Alas, I was really tired and kind of fed up so I don't think I got as much out of it as I usually do, but Hugo Weaving was there, right in front of me, and that has to count for something.

What can I say, the moment I realised I was in for another extreme re-imagining of Shakespeare, my heart just sank and everything else was just mechanical listening, though the ghost story was cool (well, somebody had to ask about the 'curse' and at least it wasn't me).

So, aside from long days spent in the pursuit of other people's deadlines, um, well, I missed all the theatre I had tickets to see on the weekend because I was just way too knackered. I was quite upset...until I was told there was a White Collar marathon on the telly. I haven't seen it for ages, but this time I actually did sit down and watch it, especially as I've never been able to make to the end of S4 without interruption. This time interruptions were upon pain of severe hurting, so I watched in peace, well, almost, mostly, a bit, some, as a make up for a complete lack of doona days when I really needed them (courses, meetings, deadlines and I was so unwell I ruined every chair I sat in, hence the knackered).

I also saw the Belvoir's production of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. Oh man, that was painful. Style over substance all the way, stunt casting over acting ability, just badness all round (and I wasn't the only one begging for it to stop, just, please, stop). Lots of posing to loud electronica, and not much else. Not that I'm against gender blind casting, I mean, Hedda could and should be played by a drag queen, bitch on wheels that she is. Just one capable of more than pouting and delivering lines so flatly you could hear every one of them slap onto the stage like a dead fish.

I was really quite fed up with it, and every production I've seen so far this year. Maybe I was just overtired and hormonal (something your average trannie will never understand because it's bone deep, that kind of tired). But really, all stunts, no substance, all surface, no emotion.

So that was disappointing.

Less disappointing was the mad trip to Melbourne. Yeppers, I went to Melbs for a Veronica Mars panel at a con, but they also had Arthur Darvill (late of Doctor Who and Broadchurch), Tom Skerrit (heaps) and Jennifer Morrison (late of House and Once Upon a Time).

But It wasn't just the con. I went down on Friday and bounced around the shops in screamingly awful weather but I found a very, very cool black dress to wear, and just as well I did because I also went to the Friday night art bar at the NGV with a ticket to the so called Italian Masters from the Prado exhibition. What can I say? I was a touched underwhelmed, or maybe I was just hoping for a few more portraits rather than endless, endless pastorals. Even the talk on costume and fashion only had two paintings to point to, and the talk on Italian masters featured biographical information on the greats, none of whom were featured in the exhibition, so no checking out Leonardo, Michaelangelo or the rest of the gang.

Kinda telling, ya know? I know, these exhibitions are $$$ to mount and we'll not see it's like again, but it really wasn't top notch stuff. Once again, the NGV brings us the best of a basement somewhere. They do try, bless, but if I see another fekking painting of another fekking rustic watching over his sheep....

What the evening was about though was what was happening on the gallery floor. Friday nights at the gallery is where Melbournians come to pose, preen, promanade and parade, and, oh man, they did it in spades, from desperate divas in barely there sequins so serious beatniks to whatever the Melbs equivalent of a Double Bay trophy wife is to a couple in full Vivienne Westwood kabuki style gear that would not have been out of place at the height of the Blitz club.

So yeah, the paintings, eh, meh, but the crowd watching was where it was at. Thank goodness for cool dress.

Cool dress also got another go on Saturday night. Turns out my hotel was right behind a theatre and I could only walk past it twice before asking if they had a single for Saturday (since I had no tickets for con events). Yes, they did, and the best seat ever, ever, ever, too. Oh, man. I love old theatres (Sydney has none, they knocked them all down in the 70s, 80s and 90s so now my theatre is in horrid little ex-industrial sites outside the city).

I was there to see The King and I, and yes, terrible example of west is best imperialism, but I was just there for the tunes and so what if I had a much better time watching (Australia's sweetheart) Lisa McCune in an old musical than the Belvoir's painful posing. I did, so there. The stage was exquisite, making perfect use of the arch with pefectly pretty Thai like screens that wouldn't be out of place in a 60s department store display. So kitsch I was delighted. The costumes were bright and sparkly and Lisa was just perfect, better even than Kerr. And the tunes, well, I've been humming them ever since (only just starting to fade now).

I blame Bill Collins, too many musicals on telly in my formative years. It's comfort food.

Speaking of which, my hotel fronted onto Little Bourke Street, which is Chinatown, basically, so there was no shortage of comfort food on hand. Had all my faves. (I think Chinese is comfort food from my years studying nights at UTS which is Chinatown adjacent. Those $5 plates made me the woman I am - grin).

Loved my hotel. A boutique hotel, and you knew that because the door was bright yellow and there was a bean bag chair in the room, but smaller hotels are better at accommodating my no air freshner requirements (lest I have an asthma attack) and the locale was everything I hoped, within actual tired me walking distance of convention, shops, theatres and resturants. They also had muffins and water you could take with, which was such a life saver at the food queues at the con were longer than the autograph queues. It was just the best hotel ever.

 photo hotel

I mean, I've had hotel rooms with grander bathrooms, softer beds, fluffier towels, but this ticked all the boxes I needed that weekend, so, happy.

The con itself was held in the Royal Exhibition Building, which unlike Sydney which has demolished the exhibition buildings built in the 1980s, dates from the 1880s and what a gorgeous old birthday cake of a late Victorian pile it is, and all hand painted wood panels inside, which I did not know about. I must admit I worried about it all weekend, heaving with heavily costumed con-goers (though Melbs doesn't quite do cosplay like Sydney), when, if you've read your Phryne Fisher, you'll know it's mainly for the Mayor's wife's flower pageants.

 photo P7061901_zpsa745f484.jpg

It also meant the main stage was in a tent outside, one of those white plastic marquee things and in Melbourne in winter it was effing freezing. Even the boys from the UK, Canada and NZ were complaining, that's how cold it was. That aside, at least they had us line up in another tent to get in, unlike Sydney where I'd stood out in lashing rain so many times I just don't bother to turn up before the doors open any more.

The only other grumble was getting from this place to that, with staircases blocked off and the main doors blocked by food stalls and gamer areas. Darn dangerous, never mind trying, if you ask me.

The rest of the con was fun, fun, fun. Cool guests, nice folks (Victorians, South Australians and Western Australians are laid back dudes), and I found the perfect goggles for my hat, the ones Jennfer Morrison just loved to bits (nothing quite like a tv hero fawning over your best hat, imo).

 photo hat.jpg

I managed to get my Veronica Mars dvd signed by Jason Dohring, Aaron Ashmore and Sam Huntington. The panel itself was a bit of a shambles, with Jason taking it seriously, Sam so very not, and Aaron stuck in the middle, but hey, I justed wanted to be there.

 photo P7051836_zpseb6a13df.jpg

Arthur Darvill was also pretty serious, and he played a tune on Sunday, bless. I like Arthur so I won't comment (though he was halfway through before anyone recognised it, oh dear), and he said the Roman costume was his favourite but it was so noisy he was like a walking on man band.

 photo P7061902_zps45fcc393.jpg
 photo P7051851_zps4955623e.jpg

Jennifer Morrison was pretty serios the first day but was more relaxed the second. She's a huge Princess Bride fan (yay) and when Hook said 'As you wish' that was her Buttercup moment. Bless.

 photo P7051880_zpsd816a675.jpg

Aaron Ashmore had a sad tale about walking past the Toronto studios after Warehouse 13 was axed and seeing all the shelves from the warehouse in the skip. [Pout].

 photo P7051891_zps805d13ce.jpg

Tom Skerrit was wonderfully trippy like any actor who's lived through LA in the 70s but he had wonderful affirming things to say about writing your own story, whatever it might be. Sweet guy.

Dean O'Gorman had a lot of dwarf gossip, possibly none of which can be repeated, including some glorious drinking stories that involved Aidan turner and Jimmy Nesbitt. You get the idea.

Missed most of Shawn's panel (see getting from A to B), ditto the Thrones one, but hey, at least the queues were do-able, as opposed to Sydney (see also Game of Thrones).

So yeah, it was cold, but I came and saw and did everything I wanted to, or most of it, so I was pleased. Call that mission accomplished. I dunno, I usually find cons fraught because I have a certain number of goals I need to achieve, and a very limited time in which to do it. This was a much better con, but I think I enjoyed Supanova more because I wasn't quite so invested in the guests. Does that make sense?

Never mind, it was a most excellent excursion. After a rocky start (the taxi I caught reeked of sick, and thus my most favourite coat, now and forever), it started kicking off in fine style. My favourite cafe was pleased to see me and had clam chowder on the specials board. My first chowder since San Francisco like three or four years ago, so, score. My other favourite cafe was not overcrowded with students this time, so, score.

I went to my favourite record store and there was a band setting up on their tiny stage in the corner. I stayed and they rocked, they really did. I bought the CD and the band all signed it for me. That was outstanding and fun. So Melbs.

 photo basement band

I also did a turn around the NGV. Alas, poor NGV, so much stuff is now disputed and dodgy there's only one floor of permanent displays, rather than the three there used to be.

I did wonder if it would ever become a problem, all that maginificent stuff they bought for cheap in the 30s (I could tell you why dodgy cheap 30s purchases aren't a problem here but it would involve outing the extreme views of the persons involved and we can't have that. No, sod 'em, let the world know they were armband wearing blackshirts who refused to buy anything that had been created by a Jew or owned by a Jew so unlike other galleries with problematic assets acquired in forced sales and worse, none of that in the local gallery thanks to their frightful and rampant antisemitism).

Alas, poor NGV. So no more Modernists, except for a bequest from the 1970s, which is a let down (not the bequest, which is brilliant, but the missing works I'd loved so much, hey, at least they were saved, unlike the owners, ooops).

I was just getting into the Modernists, now I understand the context in which they messed with convention (I had no idea what the convention was, it just seemed like chaos to me, but now I know the rules). But the 19thC British stuff has its own rooms now. That's no bad thing if you're into bonnet dramas, as I am. At least the British stuff is 'safe'. Unless you want to start considering colonialism, imperialism, industrialisation...oh dear.

It's like the human misery involved in a simple cup of tea (slavery, opium wars...). Sometimes it's all too hard and I just want to look at the pretty things.

 photo picnic

But yeah, aside from the dark subtext (and the disturbing amount of putti), the gallery was fun and educational as always. Reading the Iliad? Check out a couple of Greek pots (something I cannot do here). Check of the still extant faves, saw a few new hangs, found the Pamelas.

 photo vase

 photo troy

It was a good morning. The whole trip was just one happy event after another.

 photo statue

 photo austen
Mocking French cartoons of British fashions. Mind you, they had a point...

 photo chair
Frank Lloyd Wright from New York. Looks comfy.

 photo ceiling

 photo creepy
Plate, plate, teapot, WTF....

 photo DJ
DJ's has escaped

 photo arthur
Arthurian tiles from the 1860s.

 photo 60s
It came from the 1960s

Oh yeah, and there was the mysterious upgrade to business class on the flight home. I wasn't going to argue, and the check-in girl leant in and told me to go left to the lounge where the champagne was free. Right she was. So I sat in the liunge chair with my bubbly, reading the Iliad, and feeling ever so cosmopolitan. That was fun.

 photo gog
Gog and Magog

The whole thing was fun. And then I came back to Sydney. Game over.


So James Garner died. As you might be aware, I was a big fan, and Maverick remains one of my most beloved shows. Hell, I was on my knees trying to take a photo of the hat in that museum display in LA. It makes me sad, and none of the obits even mentioned his effigy in wood, such was the man's wide ranging influence.

Still, it's the long tail of his influence that warms me. He might not have invented the scoundrel as hero, but he certainly stamped it on popular culture. Through Mr Garner, via Maverick and Rockford, we have Han Solo, and from Han Solo to Guardians of the Galaxy (which I am eager to see).

Maverick lives, you see, so I'm sad, and not sad. Happy crying, as the Doctor would say.

In other news, they're remaking Manimal. Like W and TF? Not to say I didn't click on the news, and was caught reading it red handed as my preferred seat was occupied this morning so I couldn't read my feed with my back to the wall, and it was all Manimal and Doctor Who today, good grief. Still, I can only hope that they couldn't see what I was reading and neither knew nor cared.

I do not like the people in this building. The other day one poor woman was struggling to get an entire stand's worth of display martials up in the lift and two 'gentlemen' refused to help point blank. I got her up there, but still. The people in this building are not nice.

In other words, I don't fit in. They wear suits worth more than I earn in a year, I'm reading articles about Manimal on an old phone. I so don't fit in. Sigh.

Too Scottish, probably, if the dancing Tunnocks teacakes at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony is any sample of a shared sense of whimsy. And a love of Tunnocks teacakes. Himself found a packet on Monday that did not taste like they'd spent six very sad and unhappy months at sea, as they usually do, and I'd been so happy all week, playing with the shiny red and silver wrappers, so imagine my delight when I saw that.

And I don't care about the uproar over John Barrowman. He's a sweetie and he can do what he likes, and besides, I think I now know far more about his marriage to Scotty than I ever needed to. Those two, they just made that con for me. It was like the John and Scott sitcom, live onstage. Now there's a thought...Episode One: The Shitty Kitty (I'm not even going to try finding a link, you simply just had to be there, dahlings).


I think I totally forgot to mention that we did Vivid. Not well because faulty intel caused me to have to double back several times, and I was snarled at quite badly as my poor blown ankle refused to keep up as much as I tried (took three days for the swelling to go down). But yeah, just the light installations, none of the shows this time (sold out or not interested) and the lights were a bit meh this year (oooh, lookit, geometric shapes projected onto a wall, how novel, for the 57th time), except for the tree in Martin Place and the giant bunnies under the bridge. Those were cool.

 photo P6061798_zps37b0464e.jpg

 photo P6061789_zps7d654071.jpg

 photo P6061787_zps128b117b.jpg

 photo P6061777_zpse3f66891.jpg

 photo P6061772_zps5918b13a.jpg

 photo P6061771_zpsb142530f.jpg

 photo P6061764_zps4a963a36.jpg

 photo P6061756_zps78b7b63e.jpg

 photo P6061729_zps7a7fdc1b.jpg

 photo P6061723_zpsc018c8d1.jpg

 photo P6061715_zpsdb81b1f0.jpg

 photo 20140602_181542_zpssykecjbx.jpg

Also went off to see Lloyd Cole at The Basement. Now I've been looking forward to this for ages, having missed him the last time he played there (sold out) and so, best seats in the house ($$$), favourite troubadour, a great night out?

Nope. Himself was in such a mood he banged violently on the table when our entree failed to appear, communed with his iphone all night, and, well, misery, really. I was shamed in front of the people sharing our table (I think we ruined their night, too. In fact, I'm sure of it).

Small wonder I spent most of the next day home alone, scrubbing out the kitchen.

So I also tried to go and see the NT Live screening of King Lear. Again, hugely looking forward to it on account of the reviews, but no, someone is reeeking so badly of cheap perfume I have to change seats in the interval. At least I enjoyed the second half, sitting up by myself.

Despite my discomfort, it really was a top notch production, flying along (I've sat though some televised Lears that lasted 70 years, or felt like it) and perfectly judged (imho) in all the main beats (or at least, they played the parts I'd once written essays about the way I understood them), and my gosh, little Sam Troughton can play an evil bastard when he wants to. Ah, Edmund, putting the bastard back into bastard and bastardry. Complete and utter, utter bastard (yes, still mourning Rik, dear god, I can't believe he's gone).

And yes, the cast, as per the wee interval film, did have a point, if only Cordelia had toed the party line. But maybe she couldn't. I have always understood and sympathised, entirely lacking the ability to brown nose myself (today being a case in point, oy...). Maybe poor truth speaking Cordelia was an aspie, as much as they identify Lear with the obvious signs of dementia (and, oh my, spot on from my POV these days, right down to the cruelty, capriciousness, misbehaviour and hallucinations).

Maybe it's just age and experience that makes me appreciate and understand it more, the motivations and machinations, than I did as an ignorant youth forced to examine issues I had absolutely no context with.

But yeah, it's amazing what a glass of cheap red and a box of malteasers can do to lift a mood. Oh, and classy British theatre, of course.

I think this flu has finally crawled up in my head. I've been feeling weird and disconnected for days, but this morning, well, I can only blame the flu for this morning. Feeling as floppy as wet noodle I was doing the usual trudge all alone through the underground arcade, which was really pumping out the thumping disco this morning, and loud, and I was possessed of an impish impulse to drop my bag and dance it out for the security cameras.

Fortunately not. Right now I'd really like to dump paint all over someone's desk space, but again, I resist the urge.

Winter is icumen in. Well, it's been unseasonably warmish all 'winter' so an artic blast can hardly be complained about, but nevertheless, for a gal from a city where everyone breaks out the artic gear if it falls below 25C, 11C as it allegedly was when I set out for the bus stop this morning definitely comes under the meaning of the word parky (a word I picked up in my travels in Yorkshire).

The song, Sumer Is Icumen In, is one of my favourite songs. One of the oldest surviving examples of lyrics written down with little dots to denote the notes so that one can produce a reasonably faithful rendition of an actual mediaeval tune. Well, that and the verse about deer farting. I'd pay good money to see mediaeval dudes singing a round about deer farting, but I'm weird like that. You know this.

Anyways, now my mind has drifted to mediaeval priests, I think I'll sit and have a minor meditation on how gosh darn cute little Æthelstan is. Sigh.

Anyways, haven't watched anything of note, or tv at all, of late, due to very long days and being too tired to do anything except for working for other people for peanuts, doing things I don't approve of and am not happy about, with people who can't stand me. Sigh.

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