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The Brit(ish) List

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(This week: Doctor Who trailer shows Peter Capaldi's dangerous edge, David Tennant explores town where Gracepoint is filmed, Eddie Redmayne puts on a dapper display at Wimbledon, Luke Evans Moves Into High Rise, Cumberbatch to make Comic-Con debut, Damian Lewis in London for Aquascutum campaign, Ewan McGregor speaks out on South Sudan, Tom Hardy cuts a dapper figure on the set of Legend, Hiddleston's worries over singing, Jude Law stars in Johnnie Walker Blue Label film, Matthew Rhys backs major Patagonia drama, Christopher Eccleston on The Leftovers, Clive Owen's drama series The Knick renewed, Raza Jaffrey joins Elementary, First Look At Ian McKellen In Mr Holmes, Sean Bean promises he won't die in new TV show Legends, Andy Serkis on motion capture, Richard Armitage happy to ditch dwarf, Samuel West reads Sassoon's uncensored poem Atrocities, Daniel Radcliffe Looking Devilish in Horns Trailer, Dan Stevens strips for new role, USA Network Announces Panel for New Event Series DIG Starring Jason Isaacs)
Tags: benedict cumberbatch, cillian muphy, damian lewis, david morrissey, david tennant, doctor who, eddie redmayne, ewan mcgregor, james mcavoy, jason isaacs, jude law, links, luke evans, matt smith, matthew rhys, michael fassbender, peter capaldi, richard armitage, samuel west, tom burke, tom hardy, tom hiddleston

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