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Last night was Reilly night, and I'd waited all day for my tv treat, and it was worth waiting for. Mmmm, sexy spy Sam. Lovely. We were in Port Arthur and we got to see Reilly on horseback, Reilly try to seduce his wife, Reilly being frustrated, Reilly the betrayer, Reilly sulking and pouting and getting quite put out, old chap, and Reilly escaping almost certain death. In other words lots of Sam standing about scowling in Edwardian clobber. I was in heaven.

Reilly holds up surprisingly well. I was afeared the quality would suck but no, they spent quite a lot of money on it at the time and there's none of that horrible flat video tape under a single fluorescent bulb stuff that marrs so much Brit telly from the 70s and 80s. Nope, we have film, real locations, Verity Lambert, Martin Campbell and of course, dear, dear Sam. A solid, professional, thoroughly entertaining, still alarmingly relevant dramatic piece that has endured. Wonderful stuff.

Yes, sad that it was the highlight of my day, but my life is so limited these days, and one takes one's small pleasures where one can.

Speaking of Verity Lambert, I was also treated to the first ever Dalek episodes on Doctor Who - and weren't the Thrals a mardi gras parade in search of a float? Loved the outfits, just ducky. It'd help if the actors weren't so arch and luvvy on top of their QAF leather trews. I was thoroughly entertained. I often find early Who heavy going (Zarbi!), especially suffering through the Repertory Caveman Theatre last week, but the Daleks are enormous fun. Whee!

Wednesday night is suddenly tv night these days for it also offered up Without a Trace, with precious little use of the boys, alas. Then there was some washing up followed by Reilly and, since I was up, Enterprise, which revisted the Borg, playing with the timeline again, though they didn't completely disregard canon this time around like they have before. Trip and Archer appear on speaking terms again, though less buddy buddy, though it was more of a 'lookit, borg' episode anyways. Next up we had the very fun Lost World, this time throwing Samurais into the mix as well as some truly awful local soapie actors. I love this show. It's so silly it's brilliant. It is what it is, and I like that about a show. No pretensions of grandeur or import.

Ack, yum cha has been cancelled. Whimper. Pout. My life sucks.

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