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So I saw Hugh Laurie and his band last night, and it was fun, like jump up in your seat and dance fun. I heard somebody say a touch loudly and unkindly as we left the theatre that as a singer Hugh was a great actor. That, I thought was somewhat unfair. Okay, so he can't belt it out like the girls in the band, but who could, and he seemed so wonderfully happy to bash away at the piano it'd be churlish to deny him his very obvious joy.

Besides, it was Hugh, the Hugh I grew up with (ie, not House), so it was like 30% Bertie and 60% George (snerk). In fact I was midly disappointed he didn't do Minnie the Moocher, such was his rendition in Jeeves and Wooster I still sing it on occasion. So sweet, so funny, so goofy.

As was the show. I had a ball, I really, really did. It was just like that Caberet night last year with Barry Humphries and Meow Meow, both with sometime comedians, sometime actors taking the mic and belting out some very carefully curated and beloved vintage tunes that were quirky, darkly funny, sexy, silly or heartbreaking. It was just like that, so I was thrilled. It was like having two masterclasses with two puckish professors taking you through a very personal history of music. Only that sounds way more dry than it was. It totally rocked, like bring the house down rocked. Say what you like, but the man knows how to put on a show.

So that was fun, and I did like his admiration of the beloved old palace that is the State Theatre (where too much is never enough), and his very obvious dislike of modern boxes, the ones owned by accounting firms, and that look it. You know the sort. Ah, a kindred spirit. Not sure how much longer we can keep the State, but it's not like I don't love it with due reverence and awe every time I go there. Ya gotta see the Butterfly Room. Ya just gotta.

Anyways, that was that. What else? Took some photos of how I spent the hols (below), saw Benedict Cumberbatch up close and far away, and asked Andrew Upton a very silly question at a Q&A for Mojo.

I just wanted to know how committed they were to the quiff, as I could see no evidence thus far in the publicity photos and Ben Whishaw and Colin Morgan had really, really committed - grin - but I managed to embarrass my poor beloved Josh to a shade of beetroot, oh dear. It's yet another wig for Josh. Ooops. Can't take me anywhere.

It was a fun day off, though (in lieu of working in the hols). I had my cards read, just to fill in time, but that was fun, and finished off with a long, long walk around the harbour and quay. Broke in my brand new boots which are just about worn out a fortnight later, which is sad because they weren't cheap. Well, not cheap for me, in any case.

TV? Really into Vikings at moment (just getting S2 out here), ripped through The Musketeers on dvd (I have a new show, well, I did until 13th Street started playing Ripper Street repeats and Captain Homer Jackson is even better than I remembered, swoon, and anyway I can't decide if I like Aramis or tortured old Athos best, as always. d'Artagnan remains a dick in every version).

Possibly less of the old, as I remember watching Tom's Dad in Sherlock, the 80s version, yikes. Which he left when Tom was born. Way, way, way to make me feel old.

Grimm and DaVinci have both jumped the shark with a vengeance. DaVinci went from charmingly steampunk to the wandering the wilds of Peru (WTF) and as for teen Grimm, just get me outta here. Harumph.

So it's been a bad time for mixing wine with politics, but since I can't talk about, um...Game of Thrones spoilers, I shall tell you instead about seeing Benedict Cumberbatch on the weekend.

But first an update: phone is kaput, it has retired, gone to join the choir eternal, etc, etc. It's been playing up since Feb, refusing to send or receive messages or calls, including tweets, as I discovered the other day (bulk replies sitting in drafts, no point sending, deleted trying to save phone, to no avail). So I'm not ignoring you, my phone was in its death throes and has finally sucumbed. Boy, it sure picked its moment, is all I can say.

So, Benedict. I him advertised as appearing at a con, but I thought it was a con, as in, no way (especially as there is a long and fine tradition of con organisers skipping off to the Riviera with the funds). But it was true, and I was damn lucky to get tickets, all the way up the back, so no photos, alas, except this one, not taken by me.

 photo IMG_1128_zpsdde85a59.jpg

So there was much queuing (in the lashing rain!) and much waiting about, but Himself did indeed shake hands with the Cumberbatch, and have his photo taken with that tie (because Himself was wearing that tie and it was well worth the $$ to have the photo taken and signed, with that tie, forever).

The best bit was hearing the man himself talk. Funny, snarky, cheeky, downright rude, adorable, dorky, earnest, we seemed to get all the many moods and shades of the man. He treated fangirl requests with scorn, but his reminisces of childhood (fresh in his mind after running into an old friend in Adelaide), his insights into greedy dragons and his earnest advocacy of why everyone should know and respect the legacy of Alan Turing damn nearly brought a tear to my eye.

I was especially impressed by his dissertation on Smaug, which covered many of the same points my philosophy professor made, also using Smaug as example, though also referencing Kant and Dante, which should please the Prof no end. Basically, though BC was far more eloquent on the theme, greed ain't good.

His brief and complete history of Alan Turing was also stirring, and I was moved and delighted that he feels so strongly the project, as Alan Turing is a particular hero of mine.

He was also funny and goofy, pawing through his playlist to find his most embaressing song, singing away to his favourite (complete with Countdown waving).

I have to say, he was the most delightful, thoughtful, educational and entertaining guest I've ever seen at one of these things (and I do the STC Q&As as well as fan con ones). Proper, deeply thought out answers to serious questions, flippant and snarky responses to silly ones.

So that old addage about never meeting your heroes, it applies, unless of course they're Benedict Cumberbatch. Very impressive performance. Especially as he was obviously a bit tired by the end of it. Worth all the $$ and waiting about on such a wet weekend.

Also saw Toby Stephens, not in person, natch, but a screening of Noel Coward's Private Lives. This was the second production I'd seen of Private Lives, the last being at the Belvoir with Toby Schmitz, who is in Black Sails with Toby Stephens, so we started riffing on Pirate Lives, as in 'Whose yacht is that in the harbour? Can we board 'er Cap'n? Yarrrr!' and so forth, because we were being silly and the theatre bar was closed, for shame, though we did get some Maltesers from the poor girl alone on the desk, which we were still munching through the Festival of the Cumberbatch (well, there were lots of boring bits, waiting around).

Now I was really, really waiting to see this production, but, to be honest, I think I preferred the Belvoir one in retrospect. I know, right. But I did. I adore Anna and Toby, but it seemed quite, um, large, on the small screen. I don't suppose it's fair to compare a filmed performance to a live one, but just so, I liked the Belvoir version more. T Stephens just seemed so much more oily than T Schmitz in the role, who was more hilariously out of his depth. Ah, well.

I'm curious now to see both boys in their pirate show. Will it ever screen here, I wonder? Looks like I'm going to have to investigate alternate avenues for viewing, once more. Yarrrr.

Oh, we also had yum cha (where Borders used to be is now a yum cha barn) and popped into our favourite record (yes record) store and curated vintage curiosity shop, where I picked up a coat that is so 1982 you won't believe it. It almost demands that I cut and dye my hair before I wear it. Heh. And it's properly British, the sort of coat I could have never have owned in 1982. At last, at last. I'm ready for my Smash Hits cover now - grin.

This week I also bought some new boots. Proper boots. I've not bought any for years and years and years. Not cheap, but they were on special. I'd had my eye on them since, well, ages. I finally bought them because i was so rudley insulted, then insulted again. So it didn't make me feel any better, alas, but at least I have new boots.

I'm often asked what it's like working where I work. It's okay, the building is old but cute, if you like freaky high 70s retro, which I do, but the people, if you could call them that, they are shockers. You wonder why I have such almighty chips on my shoulder, this is why. The abuse I have to put up with daily, being treated as subhuman, all because my lazy Dad bought a house close to the office, in the wrong postcode, instead of living somewhere nice, just because he loathed a commute.

Anyways, it goes like this. I was stopped by this 'person' who makes Joffrey look reasonable and well mannered, and she tells me she likes my dress. Startled by this unexpected statement I stop and fall into her trap. Of course, she says, she can only wear pure silk or soft wool, it's a personal failing with her. But this, she says, grabbing my dress and pinching it, where she comes from, she reminds me, she'd only dress the maid in such cheap rayon, polyester or whatever it is, she pronounces with a shudder, letting the offending material drop from her hand.

Ouch. Put in my place and then some. And it was my pretty purplely dress, too.

Meanwhile, Huff'n'Puff'n'Stuff, the wizened old prune who huffs and sighs so audibly every time she sees me, when I type, answer the phone, staple, write, open a drawer, make a cup of tea, answer a question, move, breathe, exist, it's really quite miserable. My continued and loathed existence pains her terribly, and I feel it most heavily. Anyways, when I got up to leave earlier than usual, having been so mortified by the previous critique, she let out such an enormous wooft of relief at seeing the back of me that if she had been a piece of Victorian machinery, for that is what she sounds like daily, I should have had to fetch the most senior engineer.

So, doubly insulted. Yep, I hate it there.

Then there was the fire drill down fifty floors. Feel the burn, like, seriously. Circle of Hell stuff, this is (I'm studying Dante at the moment, so I'm fairly sure of my correlation betweeb real life punishments and the whole running in circles bit).

Anyways, I did work at the show over the holidays, and that I liked, though it was hard on the old plates of meat. And I did see the Royals. Well, an elbow of one, the ear of another, as the went past. Best day was my last day, really quiet, and I went early with the old Olympus and finally, finally got some shots worth posting (no royals, sorry, I was on duty at the time).

 photo P4231648_zps65a89a9e.jpg

 photo P4231632_zps50e9524a.jpg

 photo P4231628_zps26f32561.jpg

 photo P4231625_zps1cca1345.jpg

 photo P4231616_zpsd7961ccc.jpg

 photo P4231607_zps879f10a8.jpg

 photo P4231605_zps628941d4.jpg

 photo P4231603_zps15bc0c15.jpg

 photo P4231595_zpsb754aeb8.jpg

 photo P4231585_zps36d2b0c4.jpg

 photo P4231577_zps73e07bfe.jpg

 photo P4231573_zps6263cc7d.jpg

 photo P4231570_zpse893cfae.jpg

 photo P4181552_zps4d381793.jpg

 photo P4131539_zpsa6889602.jpg

Oh, after about six months of faffing about, I finally got a new phone from Optus. Well, it's not new, as always it's six years old, at least, because new phones don't work where I live (peasant, peasant, peasant), but it's a phone that makes and receives calls, I think, I hope. Haven't really tried it out and as no one has had a call/msg answered in months, due to phone in death throes, and, well, you know. Silence has fallen.

Ah well. TV last night? Watching Burn Gorman get the sword through the face several times. Yeah, well, I'm having the sort of week where a tax audit is not the worst thing I have to worry about. Let's hit that rewind button again....

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