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This week we've got interviews with two Hobbit boys (Mr Evans and Mr Armitage), two duelling Richards (Mr Freeman and Mr Cumberbatch), two new Doctor Who guest stars (Mr Riley and Mr Miller) and a handful of X-dudes. Enjoy.

(Oh, and sorry that the tottering pile of increasingly archival stuff to be scanned is gathering more dust this week, it's been a week and three quarters).


Television Awards: Nominations Announced,346,SNS.html

Olivier awards 2014: Almeida theatre defeats West End giants

Review: Tom Hollander as Dylan Thomas

Tom Mison on Ichabod’s Season 2 Troubles, Why He Trusts the Writers, and More

The acting roles of Richard Attenborough

'Game of Thrones': Actors Charles Dance and Diana Rigg discuss the show

Rediscovered Hancock's Half Hour episodes to be rerecorded with Kevin McNally

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart bromance continues: X-Men star gushes about 'pussy cat' BFF Patrick Stewart

Philip Glenister and Rupert Penry-Jones compete for detective drama

Noel Clarke, Ian Somerhalder in first The Anomaly trailer

Madden: Branagh made me charming

Ewan McGregor to Narrate BBC Radio 2 Show About Ford, April 17

The Importance of Rehearsal (Simon Russell Beale)

Grint secures Macbeth film funding

Private Lives review: Cinema Live's version hammy, overblown (Toby Stephens)

Timothy Spall to star in Sucker

1st Night Photos: Eddie Redmayne reunites with Eton teacher at Arcola

Andy Serkis on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: 'Caesar is Don Corleone now'

Daniel Radcliffe Takes a Much Deserved Bow in Official Broadway Return with 'Cripple of Inishmaan'!

Gerard Butler Faces Geostorm

David Suchet to play Wilde's Lady Bracknell in West End

Thrones fans leave Ciarán Hinds in peace

In Performance: Adrian Lester

Maggie Gyllenhaal Debuts Dyed Blonde Pixie Hairdo at MIPTV 2014! (Andrew Buchan)

Ralph Fiennes on villainy and the Victorians


Luke Evans misses out on romance in Hobbit


Evans: I dream of directing films

Luke Evans gets in The Hobbit of using Welsh accent as Bard the Bowman in Desolation of Smaug

Luke Evans speaks on the Hobbit and Bard the Bowman's Welsh accent.

Luke Evans talks to

Before they were really famous: 19 pictures Welsh actors would prefer you didn't see (Luke Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Rhys, Rhys Ifans, Michael Sheen, Christian Bale)

Evans: I dream of directing films

Luke Evans misses out on romance in Hobbit

Luke Evans Admits The Hobbit Has ‘Totally Changed’ His Life

Luke Evans planning short film as directorial debut

Luke Evans: Weird being recognised in public

Bard The Bowman Luke Evans makes young Hobbit fan’s day

Luke Evans Calls Dracula Untold A 'Sweeping Story'

Luke Evans says his 'life has changed' thanks to the Hobbit movies


Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch to play Richard III for BBC

Benedict Cumberbatch To Play A Rival ‘Richard III’ To Martin Freeman

Benedict Cumberbatch takes on royal BBC Two role

Benedict Cumberbatch: no Star Wars or Doctor Who, but a licence to thrill?

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Richard III on BBC2

Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Richard III

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Richard III in Neal Street's film for BBC

Benedict Cumberbatch shuns Hollywood for Shakespeare's Richard III

Hollywood actors who started their journey from television (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Benedict Cumberbatch likes to 'live on the edge'

Benedict Cumberbatch: “I’d hate to think anyone is sick of the sight of me”

Benedict Cumberbatch fears being 'overexposed'

Benedict Cumberbatch talks cars, Sherlock and why David Coulthard's job is safe

Benedict Cumberbatch to star in BBC's Richard III

Benedict Cumberbatch to play Richard III in BBC Two Shakespeare plays

10 Things We Learned from Benedict Cumberbatch at Oz Comic-Con Adelaide

Benedict Cumberbatch: “I Won’t Be In ‘Doctor Who’ OR ‘Star Wars’”

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch rules out roles in Star Wars and Doctor Who

Benedict Cumberbatch Apparently Told A Crowd Of Fans He Isn't In 'Star Wars'

Benedict Cumberbatch rules himself out of Star Wars Episode 7: ‘Sadly it won’t happen’

Benedict Cumberbatch fans enter online bidding war over BA magazine


Both Sherlock and Dr Watson to play Richard III

Martin Freeman set to appear in Shakespearean role

Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in the first seven minutes of ‘Fargo’

Martin Freeman on why he normally would have turned down 'Fargo'

Martin Freeman: Why the Coen Brothers’ movie Fargo works as a TV series

Freeman doesn't want to live in a role forever


Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx try their hands at cricket in Singapore

Andrew Garfield makes surprise cameo on the London stage

Andrew Garfield surprises Punchdrunk audience with unannounced cameo

Garfield fan of Spider-Man outfit

Lovers Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone make loving superhero movies easy

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Get Webbed at 'Spider-Man 2' Photo Call in Tokyo!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are far from loved-up as they arrive at LAX

Andrew Garfield Loves Being Naked & Isn't Afraid to Admit It!

Andrew Garfield Playfully Tells Reporter To 'F--k Off' When Asked About Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield Makes Surprise Cameo in London Play

Andrew Garfield Has Had A Very Good Day

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Go on a Romantic Vespa Ride!

Andrew Garfield uncomfortable in Spandex -- and in Los Angeles,0,864654.story#axzz2yzmZDRdC

Garfield is glad he wasn't a famous teenager

Andrew Garfield: I love being naked, it’s nothing to be shy over

Andrew Garfield on How a Bully Helped Turn Him Into ‘Spider-Man’

Andrew Garfield—Dressed as Spider-Man—Plays Basketball With Kids!


Jamie Bell on Playing Spy Games in AMC's Turn

Jamie Bell Talks TURN, Coming to Television, Physical Challenges, Researching the Historical Setting, and More

Jamie Bell's honourable spy helps TV turn to face the light

@1jamiebell Jamie Bell for Vanity Fair

Jamie Bell Goes All James Bond on the Redcoats in ‘Turn’ Behind-the-Scenes Clip


Peter Capaldi, Tom Riley film new Doctor Who - pictures

Tom Baker on Sarah Jane Adventures guest stint: "It was being mooted"

Tom Baker: I’d do more Doctor Who

Doctor Who's Tom Baker: BBC bosses were monsters – but I'd come back

Matt Smith thanks Doctor Who fans

Matt Smith ‘surprised’ at Doctor Who regeneration

Matt Smith thanks Doctor Who fans in clip from farewell documentary

Matt Smith wanted 'different' Doctor Who exit

Doctor Who stars Karen Gillan, Matt Smith reunite at Oculus premiere

Matt Smith thanks Doctor Who fans in clip from farewell documentary

Doctor Who Series 8: Tom Baker admits ‘I’d blow up the BBC if I had the chance’. And then reveals he’d be up for starring in new series. On the BBC

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: TARDISes Everywhere!


The da Vinci mode: The historical basis for Tom Riley's unusual portrayal of Leonardo

Tom Riley to star in new series of Doctor Who

Tom tells Access Hollywood about impersonating Riario

Acting as Da Vinci

Tom Riley's favourite TV

Robin Hood (and drinks bottle) arrive, doctor who filming (Tom Riley)


Tom Hardy confirms he will play BOTH Kray twins in new gangster biopic Legend

Tom Hardy's twin role as the Kray brothers

Tom Hardy to play both Kray twins

Tom Hardy: Locke is a triumph of experimental cinema

Tom Hardy: A Viewer's Guide

Tom Hardy Slicks Back His Hair for 'Locke' UK Premiere!

Tom Hardy Poses Shirtless on Esquire Cover, Opens Up About Past Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Tom Hardy ditches shirt for Esquire cover, says he's 'always been frightened with men': 'I don't feel very manly'

Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott Team on Steven Knight’s ‘Taboo’

Tom Hardy & James Gandolfini in First Trailer for 'The Drop'

Tom Hardy to Star in Ridley Scott-Produced BBC Series Taboo

Tom Hardy: I was "out of my depth" filming Star Trek: Nemesis

Tom Hardy was terrified filming Star Trek: Nemesis

Tom Hardy on being "terrified" on Star Trek: Nemesis

Tom Hardy opens up about 'feud' with Charlize Theron

Tom Hardy Poses Shirtless on Esquire Cover, Opens Up About Past Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Tom Hardy ditches shirt for Esquire cover, says he's 'always been frightened with men': 'I don't feel very manly'


Tom Hiddleston & Charlie Hunnam Make Period Costumes Look Sexy!

Tom Hiddleston & Mia Wasikowska Don Period Attire for 'Crimson Peak'

5 ways to distract Tom Hiddleston in an interview

Tom Hiddleston: “It’s An Ambition Of Mine To Wear Jeans.”

Tom Hiddleston Discusses Singing On Screen & Playing Captain Hook In THE PIRATE FAIRY

Tom Hiddleston Threatens to One Day Play a Normal Guy

Tom Hiddleston on playing a moody vampire in ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’

Tom Hiddleston Loses at the Olivier Awards, But He's a Winner in Our Eyes!

Tom Hiddleston 'Very Much' Wants to Play a Normal Character Who Wears Jeans!

Which Poem Makes Tom Hiddleston Cry? This One…

Jaguar British Villains sees Tom Hiddleston and F-TYPE Coupe in ‘The Art of Villainy’

Tom Hiddleston New Movie Clips: Sexy ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ And Adorable ‘The Pirate Fairy’ Videos Released!

Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch: who said what?


Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Make Rare Joint Red Carpet Appearance at Night of Opportunity Gala

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Make It a 'Night of Opportunity' By Holding Hands!

Daniel Craig Will Be Defending Gabriel Basso in 'Whole Truth'!

Craig quits thriller Whole Truth

Daniel Craig leaves Boston for gala in NYC

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Make Rare Joint Red Carpet Appearance at Night of Opportunity Gala

Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz make rare red carpet appearance together at charity gala in New York

Daniel Craig abruptly drops out of new film The Whole Truth

Daniel Craig Pulls Out of 'The Whole Truth'


Ben Miller added to Doctor Who series 8

Ben Miller to guest star in new series of Doctor Who

Ben Miller To Guest Star In ‘Doctor Who’

Ben Miller confirmed to star in Doctor Who

Doctor Who series 8: Ben Miller joins cast as villain

Doctor Who Casts Ben Miller as 'Storming Villain'


Richard Armitage to lead cast of The Crucible on London stage


Richard Armitage to star in The Crucible at Old Vic

The Hobbit's Richard Armitage to star with Samantha Colley in The Crucible

Richard Armitage praises The Hobbit's Peter Jackson for creating 'strong' female character

Hobbit actor Richard Armitage tempted by Game of Thrones

Richard Armitage Twitter Q&A: 'The Hobbit 3 is a tragic story'

Richard Armitage on Game of Thrones: Hobbit star could be tempted by role in 'brilliant' show

Armitage: Hobbit 3 will be a homage

Leicestershire actor Richard Armitage in The Hobbit trilogy

Richard Armitage discusses The Hobbit: There and Back Again

Video: Richard Armitage: Hobbit 3 will be an homage

Richard Armitage on "kung fu ninja" Martin Freeman and "extraordinary" Benedict Cumberbatch


Nick Frost & Rashida Jones Talk CUBAN FURY, Cuban Furry, Cute and Furry, Moms vs. Bullies, SOBER COMPANION, TRIBECA and More

Nick Frost Talks 'Cuban Fury', Dance Prison, And Drunk Emails

Frost to direct short horror film


Ray Winstone heads for the surf with Point Break remake

Ray Winstone joins Gerard Butler in Point Break remake

Winstone: I've made some bad films

Ray Winstone On For Point Break Remake

Winstone tipped for Point Break


Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender! Stay Hot, You Sexy Ginger

Judi Dench, Michael Fassbender win at Irish Film and TV Awards (Jeremy Irons)

Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender dance to Blurred Lines on set

Fassbender gives X-rated impression

Fassbender to attend Frank premiere in Dublin

James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender Attempt Impersonations of ‘X-Men’ Castmates

Form an orderly queue! Michael Fassbender flying home for premiere


Jude Law explodes as hot-headed safecracker in 'Dom Hemingway'

Dom Com: Here's How Jude Law Dominates the Comedy Dom Hemingway

Is 'Dom Hemingway' Star Jude Law One Of Hollywood's Best Actors?

As Jude Law grows older, the roles get better, he says

‘Dom Hemingway’: Jude Law as far-from-pretty-boy con


Orlando Bloom interview: 'No more family films. Now it’s grittier roles'

Bloom uncertain about Romeo movie

Orlando Bloom is a 'Great Dad,' Miranda Kerr Says

Orlando Bloom Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan with UNICEF

Orlando Bloom WINS Best Fight at MTV Movie Awards 2014


Sam Claflin Promotes 'The Quiet Ones' at His 'Meet The Actors' Session in NYC!

Claflin not afraid of horror set

Sam Claflin on Mockingjay: 'I'm best of mates with Stef Dawson'

British actor Sam Claflin's hunger for change

Sam Claflin Brings Lovely Wife Laura Haddock to MTV Movie Awards 2014!


Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman talk snogging and bunk beds

Lerman: Russell scarier than Ray

Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Talk Getting Emma Watson Wet

Noah stars Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman on puppies, godly hair and snogging Emma Watson


Marc Warren to play a "dashing and persuasive aristocrat" in The Musketeers series two

Musketeers role for Marc Warren


Sean Bean Kicks Around A Soccer Ball On Legends

Sean Bean Promoting ‘Legends’ At WonderCon 2014

Sean Bean lends his voice to album

Dyer, Bean and Fry in WWI tribute

8 Reasons Sean Bean Can't Have Nice Things


X-Men stars Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy have new starring role - on the side of a train

McAvoy: Honour to work with Stewart

James McAvoy: I tan myself up with St Tropez before going naked on screen - I'm milk bottle white

James McAvoy Honoured To Work With Patrick Stewart

James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender Attempt Impersonations of ‘X-Men’ Castmates

James McAvoy: Potty mouth

Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy to Return for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Hugh Jackman & Michael Fassbender Give Their Best Ian McKellen Impression While James McAvoy Takes on Patrick Stewart


Matthew Rhys Talks Season 2 of 'The Americans'

Matthew Rhys

The Americans- The Deal: Matthew Rhys shines in a thought-provoking instalment

'The Americans' - spy vs. spy!

Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Continue To Spark Dating Rumors


Jeremy Irvine for gay rights movie

Colin Firth & Jeremy Irvine Bring 'Railway Man' to NYC!

Jeremy Irvine Climbs Stonewall


10 Things About... Chiwetel Ejiofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor's post Oscars plans are low-budget

Chiwetel Ejiofor interview: ‘I’m still not sure I feel like a movie star’

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Judi Dench Win Irish Academy Awards


Pierce Brosnan: My 'tame' James Bond was 'never good enough'

Pierce Brosnan: I can't watch myself as James Bond 'cause it's just never good enough'


James Corden on presenting Brit Awards: 'It was horrid'

James Corden and Gary Barlow to take road trip for BBC One documentary


Harris: Doing horror can feel silly

Jared Harris interview: 'My father made drinking look like fun'


Charlie Hunnam Spends His Birthday Filming a Funeral Scene in Canada

Charlie Hunnam Turns 34 on 'Crimson Peak' Set - First Photos!


Simon Pegg and Monty Python's Terry Jones team up on film

Simon Pegg: Python film is my dream


Bettany confirms Avengers: Age of Ultron casting

Paul Bettany regrets 'waster' ways

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Paul Bettany confirms role as The Vision


Colin Morgan for The Fall season 2

‘Merlin’s Colin Morgan Joins The Cast Of ‘The Fall’ For Season Two

Merlin star Colin Morgan lands lead role in the second series of award-winning BBC drama The Fall


Henry Cavill 'Terrific' In The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Henry 'a surprise' as Napoleon Solo

Henry 'a surprise' as Napoleon Solo


Hugh Laurie pokes fun at Kiwi accent

The magical sound that turned actor Hugh Laurie into a musician

Review: Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band


Actors and authors gather in book protest outside Pentonville Prison (Samuel West)

Samuel West launches '50p for culture' campaign

Culture secretary must recognise arts’ benefits on health and education – Samuel West


Damian Lewis shoots new movie at Arsenal Football Club in North London

Damian Lewis looks dapper as he shoots night scenes for movie Our Kind of Traitor (Mark Gatiss)


Idris Elba Welcomes Baby Winston

Idris Elba At Glastonbury 2014: 'Luther' Actor Confirms Festival DJ Set


Richard E Grant to star in Water Babies musical

Richard E. Grant on his Dirty Weekenders in France


Jamie Dornan Is Red Hot on a Lunch Date With His Wife

Jamie Dornan hides behind sunglasses morning after double award success

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