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working in a coalmine

Hello. It's 3.30 pm and only now am I popping my head up for a cup of tea and a breather. Been buried, absolutely buried in work. Discovered one of my problems in my ability to concentrate and finish a sentence in re-writing this damn report (I've put legislation through parliament with less revisions) is the constant interuptions from the phone, email and people walking by. I find if I do my best to ignore the first two I can manage to get my head into my work enough to see where I've made some of my mistakes. My desk is work is much like my one at home: on a public thoroughfare. Okay, so bad location, constant interuptions and lack of proper sleep (qv desk problems) are responsible for some of my inexplicable carelessness and inability to pick up mistakes or write sentences that make any sort of sense.

I mean, I've had over half a dozen email alerts pop up just trying to type this. Do you have any idea how annoying and distracting that is? No wonder I can't think straight. Not that I regret being poked full of holes by the Doc on Friday night. Just in case there's more at work here. I was very ill last year after all, weirdly because I finally had everything under control after my Buffy year from hell. I took a breath and snapped like a rubber band, apparently.

Went to a new Doc, too. Accessible only by car but with much walking in the cold wet and ingenius use of bus timetables I made it there and back. My god, this is how the other half live. Well lit, heated, a fishtank (!) and not a circus freak or addict to be seen. Nice receptionists too, not like that coarse fishwife who just sits there and watches her soaps on tv very loudly. They even had piped music, though it was the sort of radio station that played Wang Chung without irony, alas.

Spent Saturday all bruised and sulky and as cold wet weather coincided with quality cable tv I hid out under the covers. I was hoping to write but the muse eluded me. Probably because of those three hours spent trying to update my pages did not go well - qv distractions, especially as Bro kept playing ye olde 80s music vids. Kinda cute watching all those pretentious types flopping about various National Trust properties. Was that Howard Castle again? J Did not do my ability to web admin any favours, though. I'll be back on the PC fixing up my mistakes again tonight.

Sunday was spent in low level duties, ie reading/sorting mags and cleaning the upstairs loo (qv Sorority Boys J) and archiving crap. The girls popped over briefly to pick up their tapes, watch a few songvids and chat. Much appreciated. Then I curled up, watched Hercules and there was my muse back at last and...interupted again! Before I'd even touched pen to paper. Gave up. Taped Rob Lowe in case anyone missed it and went to bed.

Today has been working working working but it's the first time I've really tried to be grumpy 'don't talk to me' person, and no doubt I'll get lip for ignoring the phones but I had to. Got today's draft of the report done. Time to go home now, I think. I'm knackered.



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