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I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one day at a time

Cute guy was on the bus again this morning. I am doubly blessed. This time he sat in front of me so I could stare to my heart's content. I know, way, way out of my league, but there's no harm in looking, like looking at a fine house that is also way out of my league.

I'm wrong though, cause I was sitting thinking oooh, look at that strong back and those shoulders, and those lovely arms. I was thinking of a hundred uses for the lad around the house and not one of them had to do with sex. Sad, sad, sad.

Yesterday and the war turned cold. All communications are made via email, which is really good because it keeps everything in writing, saves on personal flourishes, keeps them on their side of the partition and I actually managed to finish a cup of tea uninterrupted. Mercy!

Went home early, as I'd stayed back very late the day before, and enjoyed some quality time with Del Boy. Typed up fic during Roswell and Buffy and all was well.

Unfortunately I ate tea, which was a mistake, but it kept me up for Without a Trace, Reilly, Enterprise and Lost World.

Without A Trace I'd seen before thanks to K. and because this episode was Martin-centric, there was less Martin censoring on the part of EC9. Yay! Sadly it did not show Martin in his best light and there was much quiet angsting on the part of Jack.

Reilly: Ace of Spies. Oh yes, please. Mmmmmmm, Sam. Yummy, wicked, ruthless Sam. This was the series that turned this young girl's head way back when and it's a joy and a pleasure to have it screening again. Spot the Bond influences (IF admits as such) and more importantly, spot how relevant it still is - scary. In fact, everything Sidney does here leads to the events in the previous Without A Trace, so how's that for resonance?

But never mind that. Sam in a tux. Sam naked. Whoo hoo!

Then it was the last bit of Enterprise. Missed the plot, if there was one, but caught Archer's speech on how it's okay to interfere in other cultures on Earth but not off Earth. Huh? Here we see the Trek franchise struggle between the current US policy and mood and the former themes of the agonisingly PC TNG. Ironically or tragically, classic Trek is more in line with current American foreign policy, ie my way or the highway, follow the Federation or eat phaser. Still, with Trip being lectured about interfering in foreign cultures (and the problems this causes) it sort of ties into tonight's theme.

There was also a huge, major, unresolved rift between Trip and Archer, with much pouting, scowling and sulking on both sides. No cuddles for Trip tonight, methinks.

Of course next up was The Lost World with headhunters, cave-ins, lost cities of gold and lost subteranean albino tribes of fundamentalist nutters which sounds a lot like current US politics but by that point, having seen this episode several times before (it's one of those repeats you see over and over while missing the rest of the series) I fell asleep at last.

Whoo hoo. My very first cease and desist letter. Of course it would be re the Sharpe page, the only one I decided to keep going (at great expense). Oh well, I guess this frees up my alloted space for a cut down version of the Brit boys which I'd been considering. Besides I just can't leave it. I was thinking of keeping just half a dozen or so choice articles or less per actor. Of course this requires time, effort, money and thought, things I have in very short supply, but the intention is there.

You know you're lonely and miserable at work when you ring up your old job and are moved to hear familiar voices on the other end of the line. I've updated my resume and I'm looking around. Right now it's just from curiosity but if this situation gets worse, and I feel worse is yet to come, then from necessity. My horoscope swears there's light at the end of the tunnel but I fear it's just another oncoming train.

Big thankyou to those kind souls who emailed me yesterday (no, not you, BC, you're a prick), but everyone else, thanks. I needed a little social interaction yesterday and you duly provided. I'm a solitary child but I do get lonely at times.

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