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Donald Where's Your Troosers?

I was just reading about profiles and segments and I was thinking, yeah, well, I'd like to see an algorithm keep up with my ecclectic tastes. I swear I must have done some damage to the poor Amazon filter by ordering Jane Eyre and Nabonga (smirk). Mind you, my latest purchases have removed all the Shakespeare and Dickens from my recs and re-instated The Mighty Isis.

Sigh. I will keep doing that to myself. Or the truth will out, or some such. It's like the playlist you never want anyone to ever see, the stuff that you love that is so deeply, deeply uncool and indefensible. Or maybe that's just me. There's my profile, daggy down to my dirty boots, never mind my pretensions to trying to reading Victorian novels, which are only just a step above penny dreadfuls anyway, if at all.

Still, that young lad I saw on stage in Othello and Ivanov now ponces about in Marvel movies wearing a very silly hat. And even my two latest dvds, one of which I will admit to featuring a certain Fitzwilliam Darcy, couldn't possibly have anything, anything at all in common, until I thought of that one word: pond.

Oh dear, I do have a type. I am a profile. Insert the usual rant here.

But I shan't complain any further about what I've done to my preferences. I did it and I have to live with. It's like people complaining about the ads they're served up - one wonders what they were looking at or doing online to get tagged as an afficiando. Heh.

That said, all that trashy 70s tv means I can't help but smirk at the so 70s it hurts building I work in (it screams the Seventies so loud you can hear it from space), especially since they've started putting back the enormous and odd flower arrangements. Couldn't be any more Logan's Run if it tried. No wonder they keep old buggers like me in the back room and out of sight. There's a building close by of a similiar vintage, which is just crying out to have Straker's car parked out the front of it.

Oooh, I'd watch me some UFO if a) Benedict's mum didn't terrify me, and has done so since I was wee, and b) she has the exact same 'fer fek's sake' face and it makes me giggle too much if I'm watching Sherlock at the same time, which I am (Channel Nine coughed up another episode last night, only 40 minutes after the advertised start time, the wedding one, still daft and overindulgent and more a love letter to the Cumberbatch cheekbones than anything else, but I'm a subscriber so it'd be disingenuous to complain too much about scanty plotiness or crime solving).

I know. Must quit it with the crap telly. A couple more episodes of plunging the depths of the 70s to go (whimper) and I'll be back with Twinkle tout suite.

Or maybe move onto the S4 Mavericks that I picked up on Monday. Someone had opened the package and rejected them, harumph. Not worth stealing indeed. Okay, so by S4 we're into diminishing returns, but an average Maverick episode is still spun gold compared to other shows, and they decided to import a pretty Britisher to liven up the proceedings, especially when the oh so pretty English boy is none other than Sir Roger Moore at his most coltish. Sweet, silly boy.

 photo P4280765.jpg

The American west

Ahem, maybe that. Time to get back to my westerns and my steampunk detectives, though Ripper Street is pretty much just an eastend Gunsmoke, oh so very very. Whitechapel as Dodge City? Pretty much. In fact more tv Dodge City than actual Whitechapel, but I'm reasonably cool with that (if it wasn't the ancestral lands, I shouldn't know better or care).

Hardly Dodge City these days, old Whitechapel, though where I live still is. Yep, I've actually been to Dodge City, though no one ever believes it. Tis true. It was a stop on the train route from Chicago to Los Angeles, and we pulled up there for a while because there was a hurricane up ahead. No one believes that either, but it's true.

 photo P4270667.jpg

Bits of car in tree

Okay, so it was like 4am and everything was shuttered and I only went so far as to peek onto the road outside the station, so it's not like I stayed there for years and grew peaches, but I came, I saw. It was a dump. Looked just like my home town when we drive into it coming up on the bus from Canberra. Just like. In other words, a dump.

Meanwhile, finally some sympathy for my tortured attempt to get to Ballater trek, from Ian Rankin, no less. He's my new BFF, just cause he always replies to my tweets, the dear boy.

 photo rankin-tweet01_zps690fbd96.jpg

So it's International Singles Awareness Day, according to my hairdresser (guess where I was last night), otherwise known as V Day to the rest of ya. Harumph. Really been bombarded with the ads on my feeds this year, hence the huffiness. Don't know why they think I care. Clearly the g+ profiling isn't as slick as folks say it is, because unless you want to count an unhealthy obssession with certain dvds as a relationship, I'm as gruesome a spinster that ever did haunt the daylight.

Also, advertisers, no kids, no parents, no nuffink, so knock it off, and leave me to my miserable alienation. Thank you.

Well, okay, there is the Peanut Gallery, who was in fine form yesterday with the zingers. We had Foyle's War on while waiting up for Sherlock to start (yes, I have the dvd, but I wanted to watch it, just cause) and I mentioned how it was Colossus's 70th birthday last week, and how they'd had a re-enactment and everything.

Oy, 70 years of updates, shuddered the Peanut Gallery.

I continued to witter on about Colossus's place in history, being the computer that beat the Nazis, afterall. Though, I mused, can't have been too hard if SAP is the best German engineers can manage (SAP is the singlemost cause of misery in the household, forever witholding necessary expenses and leave).

That's it! declared the Peanut Gallery. That's what we need to sort out SAP, Colossus and the Bletchley Park girls.

Tee hee. Too true, too true.

Dear American newspaper editors, when discussing issues of equality in Kentucky, please spell out the state in full, because, and I am truly sorry for this, but if you put KY and gay in the same header as I'm scrolling through my feed, I'm afraid legislation isn't the first thing I think of. Again, truly sorry.

So, still eschewing my steampunk detectives (though I've got them lined up and ready to go) for tv trash. I'm sorry, it's been a long, long week (the server was throwing up fatal errors with thre exclamation marks while I had three deadlines. just fer starters).

Actually, rather glad that show went for sea monsters, and sea monstes less convincing than Sigmund at that, rather than Dr Jones style eco agitprop. Not when there are floods, storms, droughts and volcanoes going on outside.

And if you don't know why Indonesian volanoes are a worry, go to any gallery in the world, find any landscape painted between 1883 and about WWI, and look at the sky. If you're wondering wtf is up with all the magenta, that's Krakatoa you're looking at.

Meanwhile, back on Logan's Run, every day is mardi gras, costume wise, and trousers are disturningly optional. Very optional. Two episodes in and I'm humming an ode to pants again. And every episode it's like 'thanks for destroying my dystopian society, the minions are totally going to eat me now, bye'.

Oh, says the Peanut Gallery, you mean they show up, destroy the infrastructure, create a power vacuum and then piss off, assuming everything will just be fine? Why it's the American Way! he declares, snapping off a smart salute.

Quite. The Dr Evil approach: walk away and assume it's all gone to plan. The naïveté would be endearing if it wasn't so bloody dangerous.

But yeah, that's Logan's Run, destablising societies wherever they go. Cheers. And put some bloody pants on.

But going trouser-free is a SF trope. Why, even on Warehouse 13 this week we were going sans trou. sigh. Still, very slly episode. If there had bee a pop culture reference counter in the corner it would have exploded. It was the Trek ref that really had me rolling, and showing my great age. Ah well. I have a new show. Not omg eat/sleep/read/dream it like Ripper Street, but I'm up to the record when I'm out stage. After a week. Good grief.

Never fear, I promise cheerless theatre soon...oops, gotta go, I've got a large white cockatoo rattling the doorknob. Yes, really. Whenever it rains the ex-pets always want back in.

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