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some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them

Reasons to be cheerful: Well for today, the drop dead gorgeous guy who got on the bus this morning. We never, ever have handsome chaps like that around the place so it is noteworthy, and it certainly brightened my day. Think Gerard Butler. Yummy.

Two: Care package, frankly enormous care package full of weird and wonderfuls from varina8 & co. Thanks, mate. Just what I needed.

Three: shiny silver are package from the stranger. Oooh, thankee, thankee.

Four: something from Blackstar I'd forgotten I'd ordered months ago. Something cheap and nasty from the Sam Neill ouvre.

Which is all good because yesterday was an absolute pig of a day and it was tears before bedtime. Open warfare has broken out at work and that evil bitch is writing reports on me, and making a great show of it, on everything from my dress, to my tone of voice to my unappreciated sense of humour etc and so on and so forth. I'm hoping that either she'll submit so many reports they'll dismiss her as the crackpot she is or sack me, which would be disasterous as far as paying the bills go but probably just the life change I need.

I don't know how I shall get through today as I'm still so wobbly and fuzzy headed and if I dare complain about her constant harrassment it'll be another report. Sigh. I hate her so very, very much and it makes all my attempts at being civil near impossible. Another report. I've never had anyone be so nasty to me in my working life. Some have made my life hell, given me the crappiest jobs and denied me promotion, but it has never been this one on one non stop pick, pick, pick before. In the job before, it was fine, differences of opinion on occasion but nothing ever malicious, and before that, there were places to hide and file. Here, there is no escape. I'm five years old again and I hate it.

Missed Batfink, missed Doctor Who, missed Relic Hunter. Did see Farscape, which I enjoyed. It was the one where they meet up with D'Argo, the old woman et al on the planet with the Stargate relics. Crichton has just done the old leap into the gap and it's to be continued. There was Sam, too, but my vcr watched it for me. I may play it back tonight while I wait up for Reilly. I need my Sam.

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