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aren't you the 'good' man?

Angry possums can move really fast. I had the territorial Ms Possum growling and hissing at me through the crawl space in the bathroom, and I told her to rack off. Later, still pitch black, I went out to fill the seed tray for the forever annoyed at me parrots when a very large and growling possum raced across the yard, up the macadamia tree, shaking it like a thing possed, leaping from that to the shed to the house to lean over the gutter and snarl at me, before flicking her furry tail and scuttling off over the laundry.

So, nobody's ever been killed by a possum, right? She really does not like me, especially this week. Been home with the wotsits for a couple of days, real bad, and she's been snarling at me through the bookcase, even when I didn't have the tv on. Does not like me at all (adores Himself though, the coquette).

Anyway, yes, home sick for a couple of days. Highly unusual (I'm offended that the doctor checked re numeracy of absences) and I've had worse, but I was just having a severe case of lack of stiff upper lip (after being sick all night), completely failing to suck it up, the standing all the way to work and being yelled at and being told my job is threatened once more, oh yes, with another restructure, better and better, all after the flames of Saturday and hacking up half a forest of large fallen branches on Sunday.

So, yes, poorly and pitiful this week (to add insult to injury I accidentally left the bathroom light on all Tues night while being not well and now it's showers in the dark. What fun).

Still, there was the tv to keep me company, when I was upright enough to watch it. First there was the show that dare not be named, the one Himself declared to be closed curtain viewing, the one that should be locked in the forbidden cabinet for the obvious and merry hell its played with my poor old ovaries. This is no time to revisit girlish fancies. I blame it almost entirely for the renewed vigour of the wotsits this week. Far too much excitement for an old girl. Harrumph.

Still with the I should know better than to watch these 70s shows, I also had Logan's Run (well, wicked Amazon offered both for a discount, and I am a weak and feeble woman), and it is also of the very silly. Still, there's been a lot of familiar faces (Penny Cartwright, Horst Buchholz) and even Michael Biehn as a Sandman in the pilot. And, imo, one of the silliest episodes was also the slashiest (Francis 7 giving Logan 5 a head start, like totally closing his eyes and counting to ten, solely because they were BFFs before The Woman, just fer staters) and, to my mind, the plot was very, very, very Hunger Games. In fact, mash up a few episodes and you have Hunger Games. I do wonder...

But it's cute, kinda sweet, okay, Logan is kinda sweet (I seem to be revisiting my early tv boyfriends) and very daft (both the show and dear Logan, whose IQ seemed to go up and down like the stockmarket, but mostly down, only one episode so far has remembered that he was at very least a beat cop). But really, who doesn't love a primary coloured dystopia? Alas, diminishing returns makes me see why it, too, was cancelled. Ah well, at least I have it on dvd, at last. Quite a nice birthday present to myself.

Then there was Wednesday night. Sherlock (though you wouldn't know it given the amount of advertising, ie, none). Reasonably uncut, and, despite the multiplicity of ads, still fun to watch. This episode especially, just because I was there when they were filming it, and I remember the scene I watched them shoot while waiting for my uncle, the scene I watched from my rain smeared window, the scene where he walks out the door in the hat - I was there. It's fun to remember being there - what a thrill. I wasn't even trying to be stalky girl, either. I'd absolutely no clue they'd be there until I turned a corner, and there they were (okay, so it helps that they film around where I stay in London but I've been staying there for well over a decade now, so much so I thought all London coffee shops must look the same until it was explained to me that no, doofus, it's the same coffee shop).

The show itself? Why did I not see all the ridiculous winking Sherlock does throughout. It was starting to get on my nerves at bit, having passed quickly from thinking it was cute to thinking Benedict had developed a tic. I think it goes to my original feeling that this series had become overly smug and self indulgent. Also, I'm never sure if Benedict is referencing other characters or whether he suffers from character bleed because last time there were bits Frankenstein, this time I swear I saw that character he plays in Star Trek peep out when Mycroft was goading him.

I dunno, I had fun though. Cheery tv for the not very well.

Speaking of which, several acts of random kindness to tide me over: someone let me up in the lift early with their special pass so I could get in an early cuppa (alas some bastard had left the fridge door open all last night in the heat so it was black tea, but you know, it's the thought, etc). Technically I can sign on much, much earlier than I do but the building is locked to all those sans special passes, which are issued by rank, not to rank and file, which is silly really, because grunts like me have to be in early to make sparrow fart deadlines and high and mighties never swan in before noon. Go figure.

Then, sitting miserable with my hot water bottle, hunched over a miserable cup of black tea, someone else plonked down a steaming cup of congee, my favourite #4. Just exactly what I wanted and needed at that very moment (shoulda wished for Tom Hiddleston, if wishes were being granted, but the congee was more practical). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Oh, and Himself is back from his speaking engagement in Auckland, so I've got the lightbulb changed in the bathroom at last. Being a small, cramped, badly designed bathroom of the broom closet type you find in your lesser three star hotel, it requires a small troupe of circus acrobats to change it, as there's no way to bring in the step ladder properly so you sort of have to have a foot on the step ladder, a knee on the sink, an elbow on the shower stall and then lean back over the toilet bowl. As I was in no fit state to attempt it, I was on standby duty ready to dial 000 and render first aid. But it's done now. Really distressingly bright bulb, too (Dorian Gray moment with mirror).


So, finally I can tell you something I didn't that wasn't being yelled at, even though I probably always deserve it, like casually mentioning there was one slice of farewell cake (re the restructures mentioned previously) in the kitchen and watched chaos ensue. It was like throwing a chip at a pack of seagulls at Manly. Had the whole floor in an uproar when I left, no doubt irking the puckered shrew, who hisses like a goose at my very existence, even further. Ah, and I was trying so hard to behave, too. Tried so hard I burst. Still, to annoy that many people by just mentioning there was a sole slice of cake in the kitchen, there's a beautiful Machiavellian econmy to it.

Nor will I bore you with my 70s dvd purchases, which I'm enjoying rather too much (help, I've started using bad campy tv again after several years of being HBO and BBC sober).

Not to make light of PSH, at all, because I did actually see in Death of a Salesman and I will remember it until those neurons burn out because it was so omg and I think it's a damn fucking shame.

No, but I'm loving it, my bad telly. Just weird the way my door opens and closes everytime I pop the dvd. I'm sure I just lean on the magic floorboard when I hit the eject button, but it doesn't happen when I'm just watching some dour historical drama. Yes, I've been banished to my room to watch the little yellow shorts, etc. If only I could be sure I was watching solo. Oh dear.

Anyhoo, still with the ever so slightly though hugely stylised campy retro SF fun, I went to a lecture on Blade Runner , which I thought was pretty neat until I found out that it's on the set list for this year's HSC. Oh, that hurt. Age does come into it, but mainly for the long remembered and still winced over bollocking I got for going to see it instead of spending every waking moment I wasn't in school or being the maid actually studying my eyeballs out. And now it's flippin' being studied for the HSC. Still not sure who gets the last laugh here. As I'm still using a cushion to sit down on the back deck here, I'm not sure it's me.

Way, way back when, in the land before time, there used to be a drive-in not far away, on the next line of hills, and I could see over the valley inbetween and watch it, like a large silent telly, hovering over the backyard. Back in the 70s, a different time you will never understand if you weren't actually there, they used to play soft core, yes, really, and Dad was forever bemused at giant boobs looming over the back fence like a pink wobbling double moon at night when he was outside having a quiet smoke. I know, porn, actual porn, broadcast to hundreds of backyards, for free, every Saturday night. The Seventies, bless 'em. Different times, my friends, different times (I find the present prudery confusing, like an Elizabethan who woke up hungover and surrounded by Puritans).

Anyways, they also played SF films, lots of Arnold (no real need for dialogue there) and Blade Runner, which I loved so much and was so beautiful to look at I used to just sit on the back steps and watch, often with a record playing softly in the background, often Japan's Gentlemen Take Polaroids. I always thought I was weird, and I am, but one woman in the class wished she could have done that.

So, yeah, the course, much discussion over imagery, waking up, idenity, self and what is a good man. And, yeah, Roy is totally the hero of the piece. Lots of Aristotle, Kant, Descartes and Heidegger, all actually quoted in the flim, as well as Blake.

I came home so full of thoughts I couldn't sleep at all.

So that's it. Now I'm just here, on the old crumbling deck MK II, typing, washing on the line, angry birds sleeping off the heat somewhere., Justified, which I had to see in bits, and the second half first, because I'm not allowed to watch tv, unless I sneak it at midnight. Other people have never worked a proper job in their life, but apparently the universe falls if I knock off for a single hour of telly. Harumph.

Anyways, I saw pics of Damon Herriman all over the Sunday papers and was wondering WTF, and the read on to discover he was in that INXS mini-series, which I am so not watching (still too raw), but there he was. I love Dewey Crowe. I shouldn't, but I do, he brings such pathos to being pathetic.

In fact, aside from Raylan being walking sex, I think my favourites have to be Boyd, Dewey and Art, and a good thing, too, sine Raylan seems to be reduced to a minor role in his own drama these days, but what can you do with a screen full of colourful characters? Dear Raylan, with his seemingly two driving impulses, seems 2D by comparison. He doesn't even have the aspirations of the hillbilly gangsters he mixes with.

Ah, Raylan and Boyd. Well, you know what they say about the devil getting the best lines, but it's not just that. Boyd has loyalties, a wish to better himself and leads an examined life and is far more aware than Raylan ever seems to manage. According to Aristotle, who, I wonder, is the better man?

Or should I stop caring and just watch Raylan? Oh, baby.

And is there a term for when the supposed main character of a show or film, supposedly occupying the centre frame, cedes it to other, often more intriguing, characters? (Yep, naturally thinking of Blade Runner again, do note the parallels).

Also did watch Rake (it was after sunset, the slave was done for the day). Alas, due to so many things, I just cannot possibly comment, I mean, so cannot, omg, no, but foxy Roxy was pretty neat.

Other than that, well, trying to stay away from the processed tv cheese, and even my beloved 19thC set shows are falling foul of that (like totally forgot I was supposed to be watching Hell On Wheels last night, d'oh). Failing and/or falling so hard.

Well, within some limits. The NAB has an ad at the moment, borrowing footage from Warner Brothers, with two brothers tooling around the countryside in what Crowley would call a phallus on wheels. Well, at least I don't watch rubbish like that any more, I congratulated myself as I settled down to watch Supernatural, which is back on screen at last. Oh Dean, oh Cas, oh Crowley, oh joy. Oh, and Sam, I suppose.

More Dean angst (really, kids, it is starting to get a bit old) but basically, if they keep throwing in bits like Cas and Crowley fighting over who gets to sit up front, I'll keep watching. Seriously, if you can't/won't give me any more Dean/Cas/Crowley roadtrips, then at least give me Cas and Crowley, the spinoff (cue the Odd Couple theme right now).

Oh, and still stuck in the 70s place, Warehouse 13 rolled onto the tv while unattended, and Himself suddenly became even more limpet like in his sweaty chair when Lindsay Wagner came on. Good grief, Chuck style stunt casting, silly plots and Sasha Roiz, I may have a new show here, completely by accident (as so often happens). Okay, I know I've had friends into it for ages but everytime I've turned it on I found it meh and sub-Torchwood fare, but lately, maybe because my recent dvd indulgences have lowered the bar so far Grandpa Simpson could shuffle over it, I found I kinda liked it. Enjoyed it, even.

And Himself is right, Linday Wagner was holding the screen so much we wondered why we'd not seen her in more stuff. That's the problem with 70s tv. Most if not all of it was disgracefully dire and they should all be deeply ashamed of themselves for filling the screens with such swill, but some actors just do not get the respect or recognition they deserve for shovelling so much shit uphill.

I'd love to see some of the actors I really liked given a second chance, not just in the Chuck style stunt genre casting stakes, but in Game of Thrones and its ilk. Because seriously, I swear sometimes I'm just watching for Dame Diana to roll on and swat a few flies with her put downs. Love to see her in a dame off with Maggie.

And still with the tv deep fried cheese, the Poirot they played on Saturday night, The Big Four. It took seconds, mere seconds, to detect whose hand was at the keyboard for that one. Never has the phrase 'no shit, Sherlock', been more apt. (In other words, Mark Gatiss, hitting his usual tropes like a frantic game of Whac-A-Mole).

And it now occurs to me that two of the cast of Blade Runner have appeared in True Blood...

(And I could explain why I witter on about stupid tv, you'd understand if I could explain it, how soul-crushingly pointless it all is, but I'm not allowed to talk about work, so I can't tell you how...insert Malcolm Tucker rant here).

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