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Yarr me hearties, we be talking pirate today.

Well, actually, no, because it's not International Talk Like A Pirate day yet, but I did toddle down to the local flicks to treat myself to Pirates as I was feeling so miserable. It were brilliant. Well, not brilliant, but enormous fun. Jack, Orlando and Johnny, oh my.

Yep, if you want a good film, hire actors who can actually act, in other words, Brits and Aussies, and if you must have an American, then make sure he's a left of field European domiciled one. Johnny was great, and damned cute to boot. I'd heard he was meant to be absolutely outrageous in this, but I've made the aquaintance of gentlemen infinitely more fried than Jack Sparrow - grin. So, bit of an anti-climax there. The outfit made up for it though. Gracious, yes. Johhny deserves an award just for being able to carry off that ensemble.

Orlando by contrast and necessity was a bit insipid and the relentlessly straight man throughout. Thankfully towards the end young Will was able to accept those parts of himself and who he really was and come out as a pirate (chortle) and very a flamboyant one he was, too. Loved the hat, Ducks.

Jack, ah Jack. It was Stiff Upper Lip Jack this time around (as opposed to Comedy Jack in Gypsy Woman) but he was very fine, stern stuff (and just melting at the slight of Will at the end, methinks - so, where's the Pirate slash then?) and I note that the discussion post Pirates on my brit boys list has been all Jack all the time so he's obviously made quite an impression on the girls. Swoon.

I also loved it for all the ships and battles and salty nautical talk - so tragic that I understood just about all of it (I'd actually say all of it but I do hate to brag, it isn't proper). Far too much Aubrey/Maturin, but then I did swoon over the poster for Master and Commander in the foyer. What a beauty, and I'm not talking about Rusty. Oooh, yes, broadsides and sword fights. Yes please.

Oh and yes, I did spot Gareth from The Office as Comedy Evil Pirate #2. How could you not? I suppose it'd make even more sense if I'd ever been to the land of Mouse, but I haven't (my parents were both mean and poor) so I think I missed the meaning of some of the set pieces. I gather some of the scenes match parts of the ride, yes? No? Ah well, never mind, too busy drooling over pretty boys to care, really.

Yes, a great film. Not at all in that dreadfully dull pretentiously arty overly talky preferably in a foreign language kind of way, but as far as a rollicking pirate film goes, absolutely perfect.

Oh yes, when I left work early because I was very ill, I was, very, I just had to sit down for a while before I caught the bus. Err, okay, so it was in a theatre, but, hey, they were the only comfy chairs about, I swear. Besides, a little bit of rebellion is good for the soul, I always find, and oddly enough, the moral of the movie.

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  • Just to prove that adversity breeds angsty writing, here's a bitlet from part 3. To my embaressment I'm just about finished this one wheras part 2 is no where near finished. Oh dear.

    No infringement of the following characters and situations is intended.
    Warning: Rated [MA] Mature Adults only. Contains adult themes
    Title: Working Without A Net
    Series: Jurassic Park III
    Status: WIP?
    Author/pseudonym: Hellblazer
    E-mail address:
    Rating: MA
    Pairing: Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
    Date: 18 July 2003
    Disclaimers: The characters of Dr. Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, et al. are the property of Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and (in Alan's case) Michael Crichton. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
    Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, sex scenes, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes
    Spoilers: Jurassic Park III
    Summary: Dinosaurs aren't the deadliest creatures on the planet.
    Previously: In this series Billy carries the scars of Isla Surna, most noticeably in the loss of his left arm, but also emotionally. Now new horrors are about to be piled upon old and even if Billy survives, his relationship with Alan might not.


    "All I wanted was my Billy back. In all those long, terrible weeks, that's all I wanted. Only, I didn't get my Billy back, did I," he announced bitterly. "He's a stranger, and entirely different person, and I'm not sure - he's so much harder to even like. Much harder."

    Ellie bit her lip, taking this sudden news to heart. Alan had been so happy, and now he sounded so bitter. This was not the heartwarming reunion she'd hoped for. Alan had never, ever given up on Billy, until now.

    "Do you - do you want to love him?" she asked.

    "I don't know."

    She could feel the anguish and confusion in Alan's voice, and she wanted to hold him.

    "If I could see just a flash, just a piece of who he used to be in his eyes, I know I could love him again, but -"

    "Maybe you need to give him time. Maybe he's still processing what happened to him.

    "Maybe," Alan sighed. "I just don't know. I don't know anything any more. He's a complete stranger to me, going out at all hours, keeping secrets, drinking and smoking heavily and god only knows what else. He doesn't even smell or sound or taste like Billy. It's like - it's like he's an imposter. I'm not sure I can -"

    "It's up to you, Alan. If you want to try, try. If you don't, that's fine, too, but you've got to talk to Billy before you make up your mind. At least try and get through to him, make him understand how you feel. He's been through a lot, he might not even realise what he's doing."

    Alan wasn't so sure. He keenly felt that Billy had been holding him at arm's length. It felt over.

    "I'll try," he murmured, more for Ellie's sake than his.

    He put the phone down and scrubbed at his face with his hands. Now what? He still loved Billy, with all of his heart, only this creature that had returned, it wasn't Billy. It didn't even have Billy's eyes. It didn't laugh and play or smile and tease. This creature had new habits, a new tone of voice and was far more brutal and cold and unresponsive than Billy could ever be. This creature had secrets and it hid all its thoughts and feelings from Alan. This creature treated Alan as an embarrassing inconvenience, not the other part of his soul. This creature was not Billy, and Alan hated it.

    Alan sat down alone on the couch that smelled strongly of those filthy cigarettes and grieved for the Billy he'd lost and knew would never return.


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