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Seen in the press this week: Mr Capaldi strutting about in possession of shiny black DMs and a Tardis, Mr Stevens astride a horse, Mr Rhys in GQ, Mr Law in court, and two knights of the realm in football jerseys (bless).


Remembering Under Milk Wood at 60 (Richard Burton)

Connolly planning tour of NZ in spite of diagnosis

Ralph Fiennes on Dickens and The Invisible Woman

David Thewlis and Ben Whishaw in Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem'

Orlando Bloom takes French actress Nora Arnezeder for late-night motorcycle ride after bar date

Martin Shaw: living apart is key to happy relationship

Charlie Hunnam Braves the Cold in New York City!

Tom Riley

Tom Mison and Fox Hit's Boss Tease What's Next For Ichabod

Six of the Best: Christian Bale Performances

Sherlock Holmes' return is far from clueless (Jonny Lee Miller)

'Man of Steel' Superman Henry Cavill spotted in Detroit

Branagh: My Cinderella independent

Ewan McGregor: 'Hollywood is brutal - but now my life revolves around the kids'

Alan Cumming and Ian Rankin

Lewis books in for movie research


In case you missed it, here's the new Doctor's costume!

Peter Capaldi's 'Doctor Who' costume revealed

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who costume: 8 things we've learnt from the first official picture

Peter Capaldi's smartly dressed Time Lord embraces assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman as they film new Doctor Who scenes

'Doctor Who' first look: Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor costume revealed

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is suave as 'Rebel Time Lord' in first official look at new costume

First look at Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Costume Revealed in First Look Picture

See Doctor Who's New Doctor in Costume

'Doctor Who' new costume revealed: The Doc wears Doc Martens

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is suave as 'Rebel Time Lord' in first official look at new costume

Doctor Who, Doc Martens and All: Capaldi's Costume

Doctor Who best dressed: As Peter Capaldi's new outfit is revealed we take a look at the show's fashion highs and lows

'Doctor Who's Day Roundup: Doctor Shoe

Doctor Who: First look at Peter Capaldi's ''no frills'' Time Lord costume

Doctor Who: BBC unveils Peter Capaldi's Time Lord costume

Peter Capaldi rocks Doc Martens in Doctor Who costume

Doctor Who: First picture of Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi's Doctor gets the look

Doctor Who: First photo of Peter Capaldi's new costume released

Doctor Who and Crombie: Mod man with a box

Doctor Who, Doc Martens and All: Capaldi's Costume

'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi wears wedding ring in Season 8 - How will it be explained?

Deconstructing Doctor Who: a fashion expert analyses Peter Capaldi's new skinhead style

Meet his latest nemesis: Doctor Who begin filming haunting Jack The Ripper murder scenes for new series

First Official Image Of Peter Capaldi's Doctor In Costume

Watch Peter Capaldi filming Doctor Who series 8 in Cardiff in new video and pictures


Matt Smith to ring in the new series of Doctor Who?

'Doctor Who': Is Matt Smith appearing in the Season 8 premiere?

Watch Doctor Who star Matt Smith's very bouncy National Television Awards acceptance speech

 photo who-tvguide14-20dec13uk_0001_zpsc736e017.jpg  photo who-tvguide14-20dec13uk_0004_zps699b415a.jpg TV Guide

14-20 December 2013

 photo who_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0001_zps627abc28.jpg
 photo who_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0002_zpsf303e0a4.jpg  photo who_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0003_zpsd775e890.jpg  photo who_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0006_zpsfe30e923.jpg  photo who_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0007_zps04334e12.jpg
Radio Times

7-13 December 2013



Is David Tennant Going to Make It Back to 'Broadchurch'?

TV series Gracepoint begins filming in Oak Bay

Broadchurch starring David Tennant picks up best drama at The South Bank Award

Broadchurch writer on David Tennant's fears of being killed off: "He's right to be worried"

Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall: David Tennant's US accent is "fantastic"

David Tennant and Matt Smith's Doctors to return in new Doctor Who comics

'He's right to be worried...he's got a lot on his plate!' Broadchurch creator says David Tennant's character may be killed off


Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi will 'smash it' as the Doctor, says The Musketeers co-star

'Capaldi will be amazing' The Muskateers co-star Jason Flemyng praises new Doctor Who


Jude Law appears in hacking trial

Jude Law shocked to learn relative sold info to tabloid,0,5115022.story#axzz2rdK4s2X6

Jude Law Testifies at News of the World Phone Hacking Trial

Jude Law tells phone-hacking trial 'press knew secret plans'

Jude Law: Money Does Matter To Me

Phone-hacking trial: Jude Law 'didn't know family member sold his stories to NOTW'

Jude Law discovers family member sold stories to British tabloid at phone-hacking trial

Jude Law Opens Up for First Time About Affair Between Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig

Jude Law 'tried to manipulate News of the World story to look like Sienna Miller cheated first'

Jude Law goes to court; Court artist is terrible

Jude Law 'rang Daniel Craig to confront him over affair with Sienna Miller'

Jude Law's phone hack shock

Jude Law joins the in-crowd with new £15m gaff

British phone-hacking trial revelation shocks actor Jude Law,0,5348700.story

Jude Law - 'Relative sold stories'

'The media would already be there': Jude Law tells phone-hacking trial of hounding by the press

Andy Coulson heard Sienna Miller affair message and masked phone hacking: ex-News journalist

 photo law-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0011_zps31a7c438.jpg  photo law-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0013_zps4dbc3f82.jpg  photo law-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0014_zpsa784801d.jpg Radio Times

7-13 December 2013



'Sherlock': 10 Funniest Quotes from Watson's Wedding

Benedict Cumberbatch sheds the serious Sherlock to share some laughs w/ these 2

Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in 'Blood Mountain'

Benedict Cumberbatch Scales Blood Mountain

Benedict Cumberbatch's deerstalker, more celeb hats donated to charity

Benedict Cumberbatch Joins 'Blood Mountain'

Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in BLOOD MOUNTAIN

Benedict Cumberbatch Finds His Next Role In 'Blood Mountain'

Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch to star in crime thriller Blood Mountain

Benedict Cumberbatch Set for Military Thriller 'Blood Mountain'!

 photo bc-time28oct13us_0001_zps9815748f.jpg  photo bc-time28oct13us_0002_zpsde868544.jpg  photo bc-time28oct13us_0003_zps9aee496f.jpg  photo bc-time28oct13us_0004_zpse7bfe5de.jpg
 photo bc-time28oct13us_0005_zpsddda3c91.jpg  photo bc-time28oct13us_0006_zps9c4af896.jpg  photo bc-time28oct13us_0007_zpsbbd4fd02.jpg Time

28 October 2013

 photo bc-tvsat14-20dec13uk_0001_zps10d9448a.jpg  photo bc-tvsat14-20dec13uk_0002_zps4038e5d9.jpg  photo bc-tvsat14-20dec13uk_0003_zps131548eb.jpg TV and Satellite

14-20 December 2013

 photo bc-mx14nov13au_zps7fcc44e6.jpg MX

14 November 2013

 photo bc-gqjan14uk_0001_zps483e09c8.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0007_zpsdcae2073.jpg
 photo bc-gqjan14uk_0008_zps3f12c971.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0009_zpse3d73470.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0010_zpsed3d962d.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0011_zpsed548ce3.jpg
 photo bc-gqjan14uk_0012_zps63cc63f0.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0013_zpsd37956b7.jpg  photo bc-gqjan14uk_0014_zpsc078627d.jpg GQ

January 2014



Tom Hiddleston's 'Thor' Audition Gets A Shirtless GIF

Bad guy Brit actors steal show in Super Bowl ads (Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong)

Tom Hiddleston in Captain America uniform from Thor DVD extras

Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong Prove Brits Are the Best Villains in Jaguar's Super Bowl Spot

Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong in Jaguar Super Bowl advert

Tom Hiddleston Had a Hell of a Week

Ralph Fiennes books in to see Tom Hiddleston's Coriolanus

Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong team up for villainous Super Bowl ad for Jaguar


Tom Hiddleston on Coriolanus

Tom Hiddleston prepares for Coriolanus at Donmar Warehouse


10 Things About... Ben Whishaw

 photo whishaw-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0009_zps1bcfcb48.jpg Radio Times

7-13 December 2013

 photo whishaw-gq12-149-13-ru_0003_zpsc9ecc643.jpg GQ





'Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond': 'Captain America's' Dominic Cooper plays a pseudo-James Bond

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond: TV Review

Review: 'Fleming' portrays author as a preview of his Bond character,0,4696599.story#axzz2rp06dU5c

Fleming. Ian Fleming.

Review: 'Fleming' portrays author as a preview of his Bond character,0,4696599.story

Dominic Cooper on playing 007 creator Ian Fleming

I want to be the next James Bond: Dominic Cooper smoulders as 007 creator Ian Fleming... but it's Daniel Craig's job he's really after

Fleming star Dominic Cooper talks to SWM about roles he's missed

Dominic Cooper predicts storm over Ian Fleming drama

Dominic Cooper stars as Fleming, Ian Fleming in 'The Man Who Would Be Bond'


Idris Elba Brings Special Guest to 'Mandela' Berlin Premiere: Nelson Mandela's Daughter Zindzi!

Idris Elba: Nelson Mandela Charity Gala with Zindzi Mandela!

Why do black actors like Idris Elba have to go to the US for success?

He's got extra special support! Idris Elba puts his arm around Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi at Berlin premiere of biopic Long Walk To Freedom


Four Exclusive X-Men: Days Of Future Past Stills (Ian McKellen)

Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto & Singer On Latest X-MEN: DOFP Covers (McAvoy, McKellan)

X-Men Bromances: An Ode to Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

Daily News' exclusive live chat with Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Are Ready for the Super Bowl

Sirs Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Love Football In All Its Forms

Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart reveal their Super Bowl loyalties

Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart reveal their Super Bowl loyalties


Michael Fassbender Spends Entire Movie Inside a Big Fake Head

Sundance: Magnolia Acquires Michael Fassbender's 'Frank'

 photo mf-wdec13-jan14us_zps06879f2d.jpg W

December 201313

- January 2014

 photo mf-gqnov13us_0001_zps8b4565c0.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0002_zpsec893d7e.jpg
 photo mf-gqnov13us_0003_zps3be449ba.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0004_zps336a5d13.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0005_zpsb07fc314.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0006_zps9a420779.jpg
 photo mf-gqnov13us_0007_zps690029dc.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0008_zpscfdedf84.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0009_zps36522adf.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0010_zps2a789029.jpg
 photo mf-gqnov13us_0011_zpsfa4ccb56.jpg  photo mf-gqnov13us_0012_zps85b63e82.jpg GQ

November 2013

 photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0001_zps9a955a0e.jpg
 photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0002_zps0f66c9fa.jpg  photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0004_zpsfac8e993.jpg  photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0005_zps8c861e4e.jpg  photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0006_zps572a2527.jpg
 photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0007_zps986a0e27.jpg  photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0008_zpsae01b059.jpg  photo mf-gq12-149-13-ru_0010_zps45fff2b5.jpg GQ



 photo mf-elledec13uk_0001_zps8f538800.jpg  photo mf-elledec13uk_0002_zpse4a17fde.jpg  photo mf-elledec13uk_0003_zpsbdb11e39.jpg  photo mf-elledec13uk_0004_zpsba6a299f.jpg
 photo mf-elledec13uk_0005_zps021b5d1f.jpg  photo mf-elledec13uk_0006_zps6b37fcdd.jpg  photo mf-elledec13uk_0007_zps0ddf62aa.jpg Elle

December 2013

 photo mf-foxteljan14au_0002_zps4a91ada9.jpg Foxtel Magazine

January 2014



Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound discuss Gene Kelly and con men at Dirty Rotten Scoundrels launch

In Pictures: Scoundrels press launch (Robert Lindsay)


'Black Sails' Was The Biggest Series Debut In Starz History

'Black Sails' star Toby Stephens treasures his 'Star Wars' VHS that 'hasn't been tampered with by George Lucas'

Toby Stephens suits up for Canali

Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens in Private Lives at the Regent

CBR TV | Steinberg & Stephens Talk 'Treasure Island's' Influence on 'Black Sails'


Watch New 'The Americans' Season 2 Video Of Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys In Bed Together

'She beats me in real life, too!' Americans star Keri Russell shows who's in control in racy shoot with co-star Matthew Rhys

Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys Get Sexy for 'GQ'

Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys look hot in GQ magazine


Emma Watson, Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman star in first Super Bowl TV spot for 'Noah'

Douglas is far too pretty for Winston

Douglas Booth & Luke Evans: London Collections Closing Dinner

Douglas Booth: Bring Me Challenging Roles!

Douglas Booth: 'Rollacoaster' Feature!

 photo booth-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0008_zps320ed6b1.jpg Radio Times

7-13 December 2013



Kit Harington: 'Pompeii' Philadelphia Screening!

'Game of Thrones': 15 New Photos From Season 4

 photo harington-foxteljan14au_0001_zpsab761c86.jpg Foxtel Magazine

January 2014



Hugh Grant Welcomes Love Child

Hugh Grant fathers a third child — this time with Swedish TV producer

About ANOTHER boy: Hugh Grant 'has third secret love child with Swedish TV boss'


Luke Evans: 'The Weir' Press Night Performance!

Luke Evans talks about starring in The Crow reboot

Luke Evans Talks About Adapting 'The Crow' And Starring In 'Dracula Untold'

Evans: Crow remake a responsibility

 photo evans-tvguide14-20dec13uk_0002_zps57b75a7f.jpg  photo evans-tvguide14-20dec13uk_0003_zps0f36b431.jpg TV Guide

14-20 December 2013

 photo evans_gqjan14uk_0003_zps17a05fc6.jpg
 photo evans_gqjan14uk_0004_zps583ff9f0.jpg  photo evans_gqjan14uk_0005_zps393f0cc2.jpg  photo evans_gqjan14uk_0006_zps478217c6.jpg GQ

January 2014



Laurence Fox: 'When I'm having a bad day, I phone mum'

 photo fox-radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0010_zps7b1e0904.jpg Radio Times

7-13 December 2013



Jamie Dornan Runs in the Rain for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'!

Fifty Shades of Grey filming: See Jamie Dornan get wet and sweaty during downpour


TV Listings | It's a righteous ripper!

A ripper tale from Jerome Flynn

 photo jerome_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0017_zps4cdfe399.jpg  photo jerome_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0016_zps4227bb7f.jpg  photo jerome_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0015_zpsccbad6d4.jpg  photo jerome_radiotimes7-13dec13uk_0018_zps1e5f2eae.jpg
Radio Times

7-13 December 2013



Sam Troughton misses King Lear performances after being 'struck dumb'

Sam Mendes's King Lear renders leading actor speechless


'Harry Potter' actor Jason Isaacs joins 'Rosemary's Baby' TV miniseries

Jason Isaacs To Portray Cult Leader In 'Rosemary's Baby' Remake


Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens goes psycho in The Guest

Downton Dreamboat Tackles Homer,,20778651,00.html

Knight At The Museum! Dan Stevens gallops onto the London set as Sir Lancelot in third installment of action franchise with Ben Stiller


James Purefoy teases "slow burn" for The Following season two

James Purefoy Interview from Late Night

'The Following's' James Purefoy: Less of a psychopath than Anderson Cooper


James Purefoy: More US opportunities for British actors

James Purefoy: More US opportunities for British actors

Brit stars 'are attracted to US ambition' says Yeovil's James Purefoy

Actor argues schools must report claims


Dr. No No NO: Bond star Daniel Craig sports shapeless slacks, braces and garish pink laces for day out in Los Angeles

Daniel Craig Wants The Whole Truth

UK phone-hacking trial: Sienna Miller unhappy 'titillating' Daniel Craig voicemail made public


The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln in new behind-the-scenes clip

'The Walking Dead' season 4 spoilers: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, and 'After' scoop

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln in new behind-the-scenes clip


Peaky Blinders stars Cillian Murphy & Helen McCrory Confirmed to return for Series Two as both actors pick up Major Awards At FIPA

Cillian Murphy and Bryce Dallas Howard Take THE FREE WORLD


Liam Neeson back making phone calls in first Non-Stop clip

Liam Neeson Joins Scorsese's Silence


All-American(o) hero: Gerard Butler takes some respite from his Hollywood schedule with a high-street coffee break

Gerard Butler Steps Out as 'Gods of Egypt' Casts More Actors!

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