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Yes, Minister

It was a choice of Stargate or Stargate last night as EC7 went up against TV1 in the schedule, or, Daniel or Non Daniel. Weirdly I chose Non Daniel which was a mistake in retrospect because, well, no Daniel, Season Six (what was I thinking?) and even though TV1 will repeat SG1 tonight (my original reasoning), I've just realised I'll probably be getting home late again and missing it. D'oh.

Jack looked hot anyway, and I've got it all on dvd so I can watch the episodes at midnight if necessary, and it usually is these days. It's like being back at uni, when I did most of my uni at night after work (I spent my twenties working and studying, sniff) and most of my tv viewing at midnight, with microwaved leftovers.

Such is my life. Still, I wrote a bit, during that unmentionable programme. Oh, okay, I was watching Pacey, alright? I like Pacey. He's funny.

Was busy organising stuff and files all through L&O, which was a pity because the Herald said it was a good one.

Oooh, chokey smokey last night and this morning. I'm being cured like a ham and I'm indoors. They're burning off again but it's really :;cough:: ::cough:: ::wheeze:: ::sneeze::

It was my favourite bus driver this morning. He's far too cheerful for that time of the morning, but at least he's nice. The happy busdrivers are all a litle bit hyper, especially the crazy Korean guy who alarms most people, but I like 'em. It's better than being scowled at and flung up the back of the bus as they take off like a rocket. Much bruising. I have a few favourite bus drivers, and I always manage a cheery good morning for them, no matter how tired I am.

Yes, it's true. If I'm grumpy with you it probably means I don't really like you. Does this make me a bad person? Probably, but I've wasted far too much time trying to be nice to people I don't like and who will never like me while neglecting the people who really are more deserving of my affections and attentions. Enough of that, I say.

I also had a good vent with Salvation Army guy, back from his fishing trip, re my work sitch. As of next week I'll be doing the work of three people (and while I've apologised to everyone in adavance for the fact that I'm going to say and do bad things under enormous stress, it's never good enough, apparently), while not getting any higher duties, overtime or training. I also had to put up with snide and unhelpful and mean and gossipy co-workers, and I'm still being denied access to drives, servers, software, hardware, protocols etc needed to do these extra duties because of silly politics like being a girl and not graded high enough and well, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!.

Oh, and I've I'm the slightest bit snippy or fed up at the situation I'm unprofessional.

Right now my so called manager is discussing important server issues with the co-worker who is leaving today and I am not invited (I asked). Okay, keep your damn boys club but see how well it works when it's just one very sleep deprived, flu ridden and hormonal chick at the wheel next week. Nor does he listen to what I, or any other woman, says. Oh, this is going to be fun.

I am so going to end up on the evening news.

Again, I apologise for anything I will say and do under such extreme stress and circumstances. Hopefully the few friends I have left will be more understanding than those fair weather others and realise that this too, shall pass.

Whoa, just had some so-and-so ring up and complain about the order in which I cc'd an email, as I'd put them second when they thought they should be first. Oh, for the love of...

It's definitely going to be a looong day and thai, Tom and tears before bedtime.

I guess the real reason I'm so upset is that nobody understands all the sacrifices I make to deliver goods and services to people. I have destroyed my own life to please others, and nobody appreciates it. People I respect and thought were my friends turn on me and hate me. Yep, I am Wesley. Sigh.

Although I'm going to try and follow SAG's advice and just do the bare necessities and nothing more (though it's hard when the Minister makes impossible demands), and not to invest myself in any of it, to channel my energies elsewhere. Yes, I know, other people have told me the same, but sometimes advice sounds better when certain people say it. I believe marketing people call this valued added. I just call it a neutral third party I respect.

My usual response is to through myself into my fic. While some people deplore the ecape into fantasy, desperate times call for desperate measures and it works for me and there might be the side benefit of fic for people to read. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good, after all.

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