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Second morning teas: it's even enough to make this hormonal little hobbit happy. Just had two meetings and they both served cakes. Yes! Hey, it's the small things, and as I so need a sweetie (or two, or three) today, don't mind if I do.

So I'll skip the bit where I was going to complain that the skirt that fitted perfectly well on Monday with room to spare this morning had me almost rolling around on the floor trying to squeeze into it. I think we all know how this unfortunate chain of events unfolded. Tsk. I'll have to be on ships rations all weekend now. Pout. Grizzle.

I am a little dismayed however that nobody commented on the bad LOTR art that I posted, going out of my way as I did to get the photo. Oh well. The few people I did make go look at it were horrified/amused. Some people thought it was a wolfman, some thought it was Jesus, but they all agreed it certainly didn't look like Aragorn.

I managed more than my usual 3-5 hours sleep last night, so I'm more than "nonfunctional but upright", as a friend most accurately put it. I'm even on speaking terms with AlanMuse again. Lovely.

I did sleep through WaT though, and my VCR didn't wake me up. Hopefully I just slept through it, rather than having mucked up the timer. We'll see, or not, as the case may be.

Smog over the M4, otherwise a clear and blue day, redux. Ah, unchanging weather conditions. I like it. It means I get two wears out of my clothes, carefully hung up on the back door of the bathroom, before flinging them in the washing. This is very important, as I find 2-3 shirts makes a difference to 5-6, especially regards hanging them on the line :) Anything that halves a workload is good, including being a stinky slob - grin.

All my mates are going off to places far. Here's a hint: I love postcards and emails from afar, though postcards especially. Dad always sent me postcards and I think I caught my wanderlust right there, flicking through the pages of my album. He went to cool places, too, like Tunisia and Hong Kong and Amersterdam....

Definitely on my lust, I mean list of must sees sometime :) Somebody please gift me a large inheritance that I can fritter away on airfares and lodgings. A holiday would be nice. I think I need to go play with my postcard collection again, and just dream of faraway places.

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