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Did you know that if you go researching for prosthetic arms (more fact finding for Billy fics), you hit a shitload of anime/manga pages? It amuses me, and it probably explains where a great deal of my character whumping comes from, influence wise.

Apparently the Japanese word for prosthetic arm is dendou gishu, and you never know when little facts like that are going to come in useful, though I've not sent Billy to Japan in my fics yet (just about everywhere else but). I bet he'd be big in Japan, and it'd be amusing, but I have to finish part three of my JP3 series for that to make sense. Briefly, to say Billy has become the posterboy for palaeontology is putting it mildly.

Besides, it's fun to make Alan slightly crazy with jealousy, on both a professional and personal level. I need a bit of friction between the boys, afterall. Happy families make for a boring read.

There was something up with the birds this morning. It makes me uneasy. Sometimes it's nothing, but sometimes it's something. Hey, augery is an intuition, not a science. It'd be better if my little voice wasn't agitated, too. Eli's coming.

Do you also have any idea how hard it is to find a gift for a male that can be opened in polite society in Smallmindedville? You see the buying of the gift for the exiting co-worker fell to me by default, as it would, as no sane person would charge me with such a mission. Nevertheless I was a good girl and I phoned the Gift Guru, who suggested a comedy coffee mug. Fearless Leader wanted something that said Our Town, as co-worker is wisely escaping over the border. So I thought a souvenir mug, piece of piss. How wrong I was. After tramping the length and breath of the Hellmouth I discovered the only place that sold Smallmindedville souvenir mugs was Starbucks. Yep, if you want something local, turn to an American corporation. Oh, bitter irony.

Still, it's in the bag. Thank you Starbucks. Thank you America.

Last night's telly: Farscape was the season finale for season three. I really liked it, lots of angst (btw, Gigi was on the radio this morning, being, well, Gigi). Ivan Sergei popped up in Crossing Jordan and I watched West Wing for the first time in two years and I actually enjoyed it. I've always liked Jeremy from Sports Night and he works very well in WW. It was quite a good episode, and I'll be watching next week (unlike 6FU, which has lost me).

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