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Even cranky one eyed parrots get the blues. Or maybe he was all sooky and wanting to snuggle because I had the blues. Big time. It's work. I know I'm not meant to talk about it, but to end up with the stuff I was trained at and liked to do given to others, and back with the deadening filing and errand running I used to do when I was 17, it's just destroying. Utterly destroying.

That said, wasn't Ripper Street a treat last night?

I really, really love that show, and not just because of the dirty, sexy Captain (I think that was how one of the dour Scottish papers got their fangirl on). Even when they're preachy and on message, they seem to do it just a bit better than others. Besides, I've got a lot of time for Joseph Merrick, being monstrous and being dealt the pointy end of life's pineapple myself (see treatment, above) and he was actually an important and wonderful character in the story - until they killed him (boo! hiss!).

And they filmed inside the glorious Dublin natural history museum, which I have been desperate to visit for years, because I like old fashioned glass cases - love 'em! Oh, I was writhing in museum envy.

We had young Flight join, cocky as hell and bound to get in all manner of strife. The best bit was just the look Jackson and Drake exchanged over his shoulder. The 'old guys' as Damien 'endearingly' just called them on Twitter. Who ya calling old, sonny?! I'll have my men any day, over cocky, callow youth (but I loved Hal so I'm sure Flight will grow on me, maybe).

And there was trouble in paradise, not just between Jackson and Susan, but Jackson and Reid too, when she dumped Jackson in it re exit strategies (what an odd little triangle they have there). Jackson's annoyance over Reid's sulking over Jackson's planned desertion was near priceless (I normally don't like a sulker, but it was cute and oddly more domestic than anything else that goes on at Chez Susan's).

There was also the Hannibal Lector type dragging out a confession from Reid about what happened to his wife: she went mad/didn't renew her contract. Either is fine with me, the intolerable shrew. More brooding from Reid, though, and Matty does brood so well. I mean, if you're gonna hire an actor known for his brooding Bryonic turns, then you must set him to brooding, and as often as possible. It only makes sense.

Hard not to compare Ripper Street with Murdoch Mysteries, though. Their episode on eugenics outed HG Wells as a proto nazi. But hey, both episodes are pretty good, and there's room on my dvd shelf for both series (because I only watch steam punk Victoriana detective shows featuring at least one former cast member of Soldier Soldier, apparently).

Ah yes, I enjoyed that episode. Also watched Dracula, and Jonathan is charmingly creepy and dangerous, but the rest of the show, and characters, desperately needs to sort itself out. Even Renfield seemed confused as to whether Drac was there for business, revenge, or stalking his ex. I know, can't it be all three? Well, yes, and well and good, but at the moment it's more meandering than moving forward. I guess if you're immortal you don't need to pick up the pace, but he needs to get on with it, at least on one of his pet projects.

Well, I suppose he has made some moves in making the very dreadful Harker his bitch (most deserving of having his throat ripped out but even Vlad has standards, I'm guessing), and blackmailing a couple of green carnation wearers (did anyone miss the Bosie/Wilde refs, because, well, really, so obvious). Jonathan is the sex though. The show really suffers when he's not on the screen (bad casting, nobody else as interesting, at least RS is a definite three, now four, hander, love those boys).

Didn't watch Sleepy Hollow because it's been shifted to the new exciting time of v.late on Wednesday nights. I guess, as there's no cultural resonance re the main themes. Personally, it's all the god bothering that bothers me. I prefer more secular entertainments.

I know, then what am I doing watching that show with the angel in it? Well, Supernatural did start out as a reasonably secular show. In fact, god killing was rather their calling card. Then it all went happy clappy. I swear, only Dean's grumpiness serves as an antidote to all the 'I do, I do believe in fairies' guff. Grumble.

But yeah, prefer more secular shows. Gimme Science! and Technology! as well as reason and enlightenment any day. Which is why Murdoch Mysteries, Ripper Street, Sherlock and Doctor Who are my faves. Gimme the brotherhood of man, gimme the Ode to Joy.

I guess it helps, growing up in a country that owes a debt to men from the Royal Society, who were here to observe the transit of Venus as much as anything, and ideas of reform and rehabilitation, rather than a country founded by whackjobs who thought puritan England wasn't judgemental enough.

Yeah, gimme your men of science, your sexy men of science and learning, over spittle flecked fruitcakes any day.

Okay, yeah, sometimes Science! and Technology! get it wrong (eugenics, global warming, nuclear war), but, hey, science doesn't kill people, it's the people who use it (well, if it works for the NRA). And it makes for really great telly shows. I mean, really, where would Doctor Who be if it didn't all go a bit wrong at times (and even that is science, everything going to shit, see thermodynamics).

Speaking of things going to shit, I was out seeing the NT Live screening of Macebeth on Saturday. Yes, I know, so many things to do, but it was Sir Ken, and Alex as Lady Macbeth. I couldn't miss that.

And it was good. Alex was a great Lady Macbeth. There was a lot of River there, but I loved her impatience with her dithering, guilt ridden husband - her bellow of 'Infirm of purpose!' made me want to use that, a lot, that very delivery. I also liked that she was possessed rather than mad at the end - well, she did invite the devil in, after all.

Ken, was, well Ken, a very sympathetic if terrible Macbeth, less angry than McAvoy, more aspirational - grin. It's hard to describe but he held me on every word and gesture so well, so completely, that the forst was on the move before I knew where we were. It was done so well that meanings that had eluded me (even after having studied the thing) suddenly became clear. I was just so into it, I really was. A powerful piece.

I also really liked the dude they had playing MacDuff. Now I've seen some MacDuffs that take the news like they've just been told their train is late, but this guy was the full rolling around on the ground in snot and spittle (mind you, that's me when I'm told my train is late).

It was well done, very effective, brutal battles in a small space (though you could tell Ken was really pulling his punches in the big fight prior to the big speech, bless, we're all getting on).

Loved it to bits (even though I was pinched and punched in the queue for the loo, which took the gloss off my day).


You know, that was more of a lament for science than a rallying cry. I mean, I knew the Mad Monk would throw us all back in the dark ages, but I had no idea it'd be so swift and rapid a fall. Science Minister, science departments and over a quarter of CSIRO gone, and that's just starting out. Oh, fuck...

I'll be being burnt at the stake before the year is out, just you watch.

It's all rather awful, especially when there's a pope on the loose who seems to have taken up the peace and love key takeaways from his guidebook, rather than all the shalt nots and burning people stuff, which the marketing department has no doubt advised is not really selling in today's market.

As someone whose family has spent the last five hundred years (and more) getting the sharp pointy end of the papist pineapple, I've gotta say, this new guy, from a purely philosophical viewpoint, this whole bit about being trying to be nicer and better, I like it, I really do. So surprising, and he's so not gonna make it, with his radical ideas of love and mercy, but, man, I'm impressed. He actually seems to be walking the walk.

Such a shame there are still so many highly influential so-called christians of a more punitive bent about the place, from the US Congress to here, alas. Hey, why can't we just all get along?

I know, never talk about politics and religion, but as the two are now once more shamefully one and the same, I can and must admit my despair and fear at the current state of affairs. It's like they've given up on the 'war on drugs' and the 'war on terror' and kicked off the 'war on sensible people' instead, and that never goes well for the reasoned person. Even in so called secular cults like Mao's China, things do not go well for the sensible, educated person. Oh dear.

Which is why I can only ask religios persons to remember peace, love and broherhood as they put another log on the fire.

So, you think I'm overstating things? Wait till you even up with President Tea Party Douche Bag Nut Ball. Then you'll have reason to be afraid. Be very afraid.

Anyway, I did watch Supernatural last night. It was the talking dog episode, and, maybe, because the reviews were all so utterly damning, I didn't find it quite as bad as that. Or, maybe,the most sterrible, yet I suspect, true thought comes to me that I (and the writer, I suspect) are old enough to remember when talking dogs were a bona fide genre (The Shaggy D.A., et al) and the reviewers and viewers of said show, were, alas, not even born then. Sigh. I do suspect it's true.

Me, I even have fond memories of such childhood tv tropes, so while it was a Very Stupid Episode, I didn't find it offensively so. That shark fin the waiter was carrying around on that plate though? Well and truly o'er leapt, methinks. Oh dear. But I've still got a lot of time for my Winchesters, even if they're just caricatures of their former selves (see also other fave shows of mine also in danger of falling into the trope trap).

Any tv port in this real life storm, right now, sounds good. Well, within reason (given up on SHEILD). Just counting down to big Blue Box day. Put away childish things? Not on your nelly. And fifty years is hardly childish. Run, you clever boy. Just you watch him run.

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