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The Brit(ish) List

 photo cavill-gqjun13uk_0010_zps1b32fe42.jpg  photo barnes-sfx187oct09uk_0010_zps517e8b3f.jpg  photo moyer_redsep13uk_0001_zps3836d251.jpg

(This week: Matt Smith bows out of Doctor Who after filming final scenes as Time Lord, Tom Hiddleston Discusses Coriolanus, James McAvoy proud of his Filth performance, Jack Davenport's 1960s drama will leave you Breathless, Benedict Cumberbatch voted sexiest actor in the world, David Tennant set to star in US Broadchurch, Daniel Craig on Pinter's pauses, Henry Cavill channels James Bond on Man from UNCLE, Eddie Redmayne Greets Stephen Hawking on Movie Set, Simon Pegg farewells WA after film shoot, Jamie Dornan's Killer Instincts, Damian Lewis Mastered Tap-dancing During Homeland Shoot, Jude Law opens the Peace One Day celebration concert, Booth missing wild nights, Martin Freeman to star in US TV series Fargo, Tom Mison's instant fan connection on Sleepy Hollow)
Tags: andrew scott, ben whishaw, benedict cumberbatch, damian lewis kevin mckidd, dan stevens, daniel craig, david tennant, dominic cooper, eddie redmayne, ewan mcgregor, henry cavill, jack davenport, james mcavoy, jonny lee miller, jude law, links, magazine scans, michael fassbender, tom hiddleston, tom mison

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