mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

six whacks of a winchester

Still with the allergies in extremis, and hacking away at all the weeds and scrubbing away at the mould is supposed to help but in action is really, really not. Didn't get to the scanning as planned because the weather report said apocalyptic storms At Any Minute! What we got was a sprinkle of rain that would have struggled to dampen a tissue.

Instead I'd settled down to the classic old Hitchcock version of 39 Steps and a wicked box of chocs, achieved because I'd idly bet a box of chocs on a completely predictable outcome to the Newsroom finale (yay) and Himself thought he'd better pay up after my rant about other people welching on a bet made fairly and squarely and even written down. I reserve the right to use this further example of lowdown dirty behavour as irrefutable proof that the sods are indeed villainous scum deserving of my scorn and contempt. Fair enough, right? I mean, what would Nucky do?

So, after some frantic drudge work, me, couch, chocs and the wonderful Robert Donat. Hey, a gal's gotta have some happy time. It is the best version of the tale ever filmed, I really love it, and so ripped off some scenes were they were almost unfairly comical in a 'that old trope' kind of way, even though this was the original, or near enough. There were two scenes seemingly straight out of Bond flicks that had me thinking 'hmmmm'.

Okay, so I wasn't watching it properly (I blame the boxset of Rifftrax I was sent on Friday) but it was all 'Richard Hannay, confirmed bachelor' after that sculpture in his hallway, and the scene where he and Mrs Scottish Farmer stare at the page of the newspaper in horror, the page advertising HP Sauce, which got us onto HP Sauce speakeasys and Nucky standing on the beach while squarish bottles tumble ashore. Like I said, not watching it properly. Being very silly. And loving it.

Missed White Collar because they said 'pod' on Doctor Who, and pods on Doctor Who beat just about anything in my book. Twas the big mean green thing episode, the crinoid one, and after wrestling giants weeds in the back yard, I was all for smacking the beast in his green shaggy chops.

Also watched Sleepy Hollow, because amongst all the meh reviews the LA Times went all squee, so I was curious, and I don't mind Tom Mison. It wasn't bad. Not sure where they're going with all the biblical stuff (American death cults, so over it) but it had some cute moments and the two leads had an instant rapport which was nice. Boo hiss over killing my beloved Clancy Brown, though. I was all yay...noooooo!.

It looks very silly, and overloaded with biblical conspiracy stuff (yawn), but what they hey, I'm in, for now. Cop buddy shows are thin on the ground these days.

Newsroom finished off by dismissing the political arc and indulging in the rom com that it wants to be, and I was happy, even if nobody else was. Some great lines, mainly from Tom, Jane and Sam. My heroes.

The Peanut Gallery described Sunday's episode of Ripper Street as like watching Waiting for Godot, where Jackson was mentioned a lot but rarely appeared. I do not know why someone at Ten has a set against Mr Rothenberg, but it did make for a surreal viewing experience. Thank goodness I have the dvds. It was the one where Jackson's past catches up with him, or that was the gist, just a B plot in passing on the Ten version. Poor little Hobbs was quickly despatched, and it was cut so badly that how the bobbies got from plot point A to plot point B is a mystery to all, but never mind. At least we had the gunfight at the end. My dear boy.

Next week he's nabbed as the Ripper, and more than casual reading would have alerted me to Jackson hitting the profile of Ripper suspects pretty hard (leather apron, good with a knife, mad doctor, American...) but just about every baddie so far has been loosely based on one suspect or another, thanks to a handly list I found, because the writers have been more clever than I thought, and I felt ashamed that I hadn't done the reading, so I'm trying to catch up now.

I do like a show that is smart without being smug, and one that promotes further reading and research, not just a few Cliff Notes references thrown into the script to look clever, without any real context. Nor is it a show that assumes you know this stuff, and puts you down, soundly, if you don't. The reading isn't strictly required, it just happens to be more fun, that's all. Now, at last, I can see what they did there.

So yeah, Rippert Street, so obvious but I missed it. I blame the Ten editing, and I can and I will. Because, well, dammit, man.

Six whacks of a Winchester:

It was, quite frankly, enormous, and, as I live in a country reknown for its spiders, when I say it was on the large size, I do mean it sincerely. It took a good six whacks just to stun the bastard, and another half a dozen to finish the bastard off (see also that scene in Dr No). Oh, cruel, you say, could you not scoot it out? Too far, too big, too frisky and too many obstacles.

Besides, it was breaking the law. I have a law in my room that, so long as the spiders lurk quietly and silently behind bookcases, wardrobes and art prints it's all live and let live, and we've abided in this state of détente for years, but every now and then, one of them will get chippy and think he can lurk with menances above my bed. Think again, arachnid fiend (and sod your blue crystals).

Why Winchesters? Because that's what I had in my hand when I walked in the door and switched on the light, a box set of Supernatural. It was the second indignity suffered by the boys that night, as I came home to find the box from Amazon had arrived, but had been opened - and then resealed again. Not worth stealing! Oh, my boys, my boys, my poor boys. Not worth stealing (whereas I don't even bother to try ordering Downton any more, so I can say I'm living Downton free, at least, because after three orders got nicked, I, and Amazon, gave up). Oh, the shame, the indignity. Not worth stealing.

So really, using them as a spider swatter was just gravy, really. Spider gravy.

That was my day, blah blah, blah, stuff happened, tried writing but I was so tired it was a stilted clumsy third person account of the scenes that had unspooled in my head while strap hanging on the bus (and I only got one scene down, a dozen more to be forgotten forever). Remind me that there was a snark about 'that infernal American' in there somewhere (oversexed, overpaid and over here).

Watched White Collar, but still find it so cynical and disturbing. Never mind, I've found some buddy cops shows that aren't afraid to be buddy cop shows, hello Ripper Street and Sleepy Hollow. Hell, Sleepy Hollow even has the old angry police captain trope, as beloved of 70s cop shows. Proper, that is (and when you're dealing with silly ghostly witchy apocalyptical biblical masonic revolutionary time travelling crime fighters, it's helps to ground the thing with a few traditional tropes, I feel).

Oh, and Poirot was battling Eygptian curses over on 13th Street. Win, win, win.

'I think you're experiencing Captain envy':

Butchery, thy name is Ripper Street. I think we all know where Jack ended up - he's in the Ten editing room. Seriously, W and TF. I mean, by now I thought I knew what to expect, and I knew my very favourite scene, with Reid and Jackson drinking together twixt the prison bars, was toast, just because it's totes adorbs, but everything else? Sheesh. So we had lots of significant looks and reactions to scenes excised (in the Ten version, Reid is not an adulterer, and Drake is broody for no good reason), and they even cut out the classic Avengers assembled scene where Reid just sweeps Jackson's feet off his desk (because Jackson has made himself right at home in Reid's office, uh huh, oh yeah). Seriously, Ten?

So I can't really tell you what happened, because, well F knows, though why the white slaver was calling himself after a famous Australian cricketer I'll never know (sore winners, those Brits), and how bad is Jackson's room that nobody noticed there were decaying dead girl bits under the floorboards until old Abberline was tipped off? Oh, that Jackson, what a keeper - grin. Still, being scruffy was a plot point (one of the few allowed to be screened), so, I guess he really is quite the catch.

Doesn't put Reid off, though. He'll fight the whole damn world to save his American. Awww. That's lurrrve, that is. I love the way poor Reid can't understand why no one else thinks Jackson is the most wonderful, brilliant, perfect, fantastic being in the whole of creation. I swear, the poor man has it so bad he doodles love hearts around Jackson's name in every report.

Ah, hell, if Ten won't let me watch it properly, why should I watch it properly? Besides, pre Oscar Wilde, as we are, just, it's still all 'don't ask, don't tell'.

Speaking of the period, ok, I admit it, they did their homework (and now I'm doing mine). Apparently there really were body parts of a prozzer fished out of the Thames, but they never said in the show (at least in the Ten version), where they found the torso - in the cellar of the construction site of the new Thames embankment police HQ. Crazy or what?

Ok, so I cheated on Captain Jackson, just a little bit. They were playing The Empty Child on UKTV, the one where they first introduce Captain Jack Harkness, and, really, it's the best. Such a rogue. They were lucky to get a handsome actor who had an American accent and knew Doctor Who, like, old school, so he walks on and pitches it perfectly (if you want to see how not to fit in with an ensemble, watch last Friday's episode of Phryne, oy...).

Two episodes of thoroughly good Doctor Who goodness. So yeah, went a bit giddy over Captain Jack, but that was fine, because I wasn't well and I needed the welcome distraction of a handsome rogue in uniform.

Oh, there was also, thank you 13th Street, vintage Fassy in an old episode of Poirot. The one with the scene where he wanders in, grabs a prop crocodile, reclines louchely on the stairs in the back, smoking languidly, with prop croc still tucked under his arm, stealing the scene and stealing my heart.

I mean, I'd sat up and noticed him big time in Hex and Murphy's Law (the stuff we got out here), but this was the scene that did it, the one where I became his for life. Because he's just so wonderful. Cue glitter pen and bad poetry (I can only assume poor old Reid had a similiar moment of transportation).

Real life right now is more arrrgh arrrgh arrrgh than blah blah blah, and I'd usually shrug and say it can't be helped, but it really can. Seriously being messed about but doing my best to roll with the punches, ninja style. The complete and total absence of thought re my existence/wants/needs/plans is the most galling thing.

One of these days old reliable dog geyser person is going to tell em' to shove it sideways, and hard. One of these days (but I tell ya, the ticking time bomb that is long suffering me is at five minutes to midnight).

Later: So there was more Doctor Who (the one with the silicon based gender swapping Eldrad and my beloved Sarah Jane being shipped off to Not South Croydon - and how many decades did I have to wait to get closure on that one?). There was also the last ep of S3 White Collar, another episode of Sleepy Hollow (young Mr Mison will always be the best Bingley ever as far as I'm concerned) and, yeah, I played back ep 1 of Ripper Street (because I found a copy of the script somewhere on the BBC site and I wanted to compare and contrast, I think the scripted omissions were right, and having read a previous interview with Keeley I know why Reid isn't sporting a high Victorian porn 'tache as advertised - grin).

Also popped in a disk of Maverick from S2 and, golly, an episode I'd never, ever seen. It was a touch racy (strongly suggested adultery, a lot more than the Ten version of Ripper Street ever bothered with) so I can guess why it wasn't in the syndication package. But, golly, new Maverick. Bliss (rather like the new Troughton Doctor Who we watched the other week, the newly released, for here, Ice Warrior one, which suddenly explained a lot in the Matt Smith episode which made no sense before, and no fair going all JNT on me and referencing episodes I've never seen or had access to).

So, yay Maverick. I forget how clever and funny and sexy it can be. Why'd they stop writing tv like that? (I know, blacklist, blacklist, blacklist, or something like that. From Maverick to Macgyver and the slow climb back - discuss).

I know, that's a lot of telly watching. Well, you might guess that I decided to hang it all and spend some quality time chillin' with my hot water bottle and the tv remote. Best for all concerned, I should think.

Also had a spread of books across the bed, looking up this and that (because books are more fun and I had no bandwidth yesterday, none, couldn't even open an email). Man, just one day and I'd made myself a comfy little nest of books, dvds and empty cups. Sigh. Books are definitely fun. It's the serendipity of just having them fall open at a random page and having that 'aha!' moment. Books are fun. Happy would I be if I could curl up with my little library for just a day.

Ok, everyone stop saying Jeff Daniels's Emmy win was an 'upset'. My boy won, deal. I'm perfectly ok with that. For the amount of time we've spent giggling over the washing up repeating lines from The Newsroom, I'm totally and completely ok with that.

Meanwhile, why, oh why, is trying to get an urgent reply via email/twitter/etc to a very urgent question out of a Brit is like asking a Vogon? Why can they not simply reply? Especially when it's really, really important? (Yes, phoning is difficult when it's the middle of the night and the most expensive phone call you will ever make, usually a week's wages, for me, so answer the friggin' email, fer fek's sake).

I swear, if you swapped Brit for Vogon in the Douglas Adams quote below, it'd still be spot on (harumph):

Here is what to do if you want to get a lift from a Vogon: forget it. They are one of the most unpleasant races in the Galaxy- not actually evil, but bad-tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous. They wouldn't even lift a finger to save their own grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without orders signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters.

The best way to get a drink out of a Vogon is to stick your finger down his throat, and the best way to irritate him is to feed his grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

On no account allow a Vogon to read poetry at you.

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