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This post is going to be heavy on the Ewan drool, so if you're not a Ewan worshipper (and if not, why not?), you'll probably want to skip this one.

You see, Ewan saved the day yesterday. No, sadly my Ewan was just the standard flickering 2D version this time round (I am going to miss him after he wraps his fourth and final film here, miss him lots, miss reading about his daily antics). It was just another crappy day and I just stood up and walked out of work. I ran away for several hours and I went to see Ewan in Down With Love and I'm so glad I did because I enjoyed it so much I'm still all happy today.

I'm also happy to see it's the #2 film this week, inspite of the bad reviews, because it's a cheery little film and it was quite crowded for an afternoon session in broom closet #5, though you don't need many people to crowd broom closet #5. I hate that theatre: it's small, smelly, all the seats are broken and the screen the the size of my door. To adore the film in spite of this, well, it has to be a good film. It helped that all the other girls there were giggling along with me. In fact I don't recall people laughing in that cinema, ever.

I'm not sure how other people will take to it, but I just loved it to bits, being the devoted fan of 60s films, all 60s films, that I am (it's one of the few things people can't take away from me). Yes, I never mention it but I spend a lot of time up the clasic movie end of the dial, probably because I was never allowed to go out so all I ever saw was Doris Day films on tv anyway (besides, if I had been allowed out it would have been 80s flicks. I'm still not allowed out and was locked out and there were no leftovers, deliberately so, but I expected as much).

It kind of sat between loving homage and cheesy, winking pisstake, you know, like Austin Powers, but as that's how I watch my lovely, lurid 60s films anyway (part love, part bemusement) I didn't mind. I think I got more out of it, recognising a lot of what they were parodying, than the average person, but hey, my gain this time. It certainly hit every point on my checklist and then some: the groovy apartments, the fashions, the really bad back projection, air hostesses, gorgeous, gorgeous sets, bright colours, oh yes, and ooo er dialogue.

Renee, as they say, is no Doris Day, but Ewan, oh my, ewan was just so fucking perfect, so brilliant, and so...mmmmm. Only Ewan can wear a shiny blue suit and make it work, not to mention the endless array of tuxes and towel scenes (next time I go see it I'll byo towel) and there was one scene where he grinned and I swear I saw Renton, just for a moment. Yes, he was OTT but he does it so well, just perching on the edge of going too far, and he was so damn sexy and silly and, well, swoon.

Bloody hell, but I loved that film. It made me laugh and smile and tingle down to my toes. I thought it was just swell. I can't wait to get this puppy on dvd. Ah, but do I sit it with my Ewan films or with Charade, Funny Face et al. Maybe I should get two, because I might wear out one :) (I have worn out dvds, Death in Brunswick being the worst, it actually has lines on it).

So all praise Ewan, he who brings sunshine into my dull and otherwise barren and blighted life. Thanks mate, you cheered me up and you're better than chocolate.

In my awol adventures I also managed to find another Sherlock Holmes dvd tucked away in the hidden recesses of the ABC shop. I was pleased because I'd really enjoyed watching the last one. Of course you have to be in the right mood. It doesn't do to be after a quiet British mystery because even though I haven't seen these for ten years or read the books in twenty I still know what's going to happen. No, my time is best spent Brit thesp spotting, location spotting and rolling my eyes over Holmes and Watson, or co-dependents r us, as Bro calls them, being hugely dysfunctional in all their plush Victorian glory.

I also picked up that space series because I am desperate for a Sam fix and, as it's hard to find Sam stuff here, I am reduced to taking what I can get.

I also, sad bastard that I am, bought another copy of Jurassic Park, the book. Now I'd read it before, before I saw the film in fact (and weirdly I remember the book much better than the film) but I couldn't remember if I'd actually owned the book or if I still owned the book. In any case I couldn't find the damn book and there it was, winking at me from a shelf in WH Smith (I'd only gone in to paw at the pretty Leggy pics, I swear), so I thought what the hey, it is for research, afterall - my justification for just about anything.

Actually it was a good buy because I was flicking through it during the commericial breaks of the only tv I watched last night and I've already found several interesting bits of info/ideas.

Did love that tv, too. Shall have to buy the box set. Don't know how how I managed to get home and through the door in time for it, either. Carter will have to explain the time space distortions that enabled my miraculous passage. At least I didn't actually race home to the tv. I went awol first. Pacey would be proud :D

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