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boots were made for sulking

I'm wearing my boots today, the ones I cursed and cursed myself for impulse buying and having to awkwardly lug all the way back from Canberra. I love them so, and they've hardly been off my feet since. I know what I like. Deep down, I do.

Had to go re-buy a book I'd reluctantly been made to relinquish earlier (why is it always my stuff that has to go in the skip), which I'm re-aquainting myself with (it's From Hell by Mr Alan Moore, if you're curious, a rather topical read for me right now, while I'm carrying Poe on the bus/train). I miss my older (more valuable) copy though.

Which is why it's hard in the latest all my stuff must go clean up, as there's not a lot of fat to be trimmed. Several dvds I had marked to give up I've snatched back. No, want, mine. Not that I ever get to watch, listen or read as unlike some who only labour two days a week (if that) and spend the rest of their days curating their iTunes playlists, I work seven days a week, twenty hours a day. I'm tired. I want to be able to curl up and read without my eyes blurring and sliding off the page from exhaustion. But I digress.

And I want to write. I want to write about annoying Americans tramping around the old ancestral neighbourhood . Well, one, very particular annoying American, at any rate. And they are ancestral lands. I think the only pub my ancestors weren't nicked in is the one opposite the cop shop. Funny that.

Speaking of annoying Americans, I think I finally get Neal. He's American. What I mean is, I'll never get him, because he's American, but I'm starting to get that now. It was that bit in the Telegraph about John Kerry calling the French 'Our oldest ally', just because they said yes to blasting Syria to bits, after over a decade of cheese eating surrender monkey smears because the French (quite rightly) baulked at the whole WMD faulty intelligence thing.

That's such a neck breaking volte-face that is just so incomprehensible in its bald faced hyprocrisy to non Americans that I'm just...staggered.

It's just a cultural difference. It's not wrong, it's just, different. No firm ethos of mateship, I get it. Finally. It explains a lot.

'In following him, I follow but myself' - Othello.

So I get Neal, and his whole imcomprehensible whichever way the wind's blowing whatever works for me right at this moment philosophy. At last I understand that standing by what was said yesterday and what will be said tomorrow is a foreign concept to some. I can't comprehend how anyone could behave like that, but I see them do it, and so I recognise it, even if I don't understand it (people wth autism tend to get confused by liars).

'Men should be what they seem;
Or those that be not, would they might seem none!'
- Othello.

But seriously, what cheek. I'm not sure its appropriate to behave like a teenaged mean girl bitch when lives and serious geo-political consequences are in the balance, but that's just me. They're with France now. For the moment. One wrong move and they'll be so dropped again. Seriously, world politics, it's like Heathers, but with nukes. (Update: I take it all back. Post election we're way bigger dicks than anyone else).

I will pretend I haven't read any 19th and 20thC politics to know where this is all heading, and instead turn back to tv land. And ain't it funny how Bomer gets more press for roles he didn't get than those he has. But never mind about that.

Man, I love Ripper Street. Even when it gets it a bit wrong. We're up to episode six (I was wondering how they were going to deal with it, by screening it at midnight, so we did get the scene, with the mighty Jackson's John Hancock).

They were doing Sidney Street, thirty years early, so a lot of stuff about strikes, continental wars and class warfare didn't quite jibe as they'd not really become a certain thing yet. Not that they weren't bubbling away, oh no, absolutely, charterists, Trafalgar riots and all that, but the script seemed to be very post 1900 in execution and emphasis. A bit too much Buchan, not enough Dickens, you know?

The Special Irish Branch show up, having dropped the 'Irish' somehow from their title (no mention of the troubles here, curiouser and curioser, because of the Irish funding mayhaps?) causing all manner of strife, playing a blundering game of Russian spies and Jewish anarchists (apparently catholics don't detonate bombs, yeah, right) because they're apparently untroubled by Fenians and clearly need something to occupy their time.

Tom broods over Russian spies running amok and trying to blow up London. I swear, one mention of Russian spies and we've got Tom back, busily brooding over the tatters of his private life while there are mad bombers on the loose needing to be caught. Dearest Tom, how lovely to see you again, but can we have Reid back? Ta, there's a love. (I love how Matty has a dedicated brooding over Russian spies while lovelorn face.)

Reid shakes back into action to snip at Abberline, who apparently gossips like an old lady, and you wonder what Special Not Irish Branch had on him, but he does have the desperate air of a man easily corrupted because he's too weak to do anything else (not that I've seen such men, oh no).

The best bit of course is when Special No Irish Problem Here Branch come for Jackson. O Captain, my Captain.

This scene was magnificent, and I was so sure they'd cut it, like they've cut everything else so far, but no, here we have him, Homer Jackson, pretty much fighting to be Homer Jackson, giving the, ahem, ballsiest reponse to threat and intimidation ever. It really was pretty damn wonderful. Such a man. And then he still manages to stagger to the station AND defuse a Very Big Ticking Bomb with a matchstick. It'd be so OTT if they didn't sell it so well.

I'm even willing to forgive them the magnificently old school yet overly complex ticky tocky bomb, because it looked cool and absurdly steampunk in a show which has thus far avoided extreme steampunkery, unlike Murdoch over in Toronto. (The only real anvil dropping example of futurism was Reid telling poor Hobbs he'd have to wait 120 years or so for a decent search engine). I guess they had to do something since they had no coloured wires to mess with, and no internet porn to upload (Chuck ref, I miss it).

So yes, some back story of Jackson and his history as a reluctant strike breaker (up the workers!), some bits about Tom's, I mean Reid's guilty secret, not to mention poor Drake's jaw dropping through the floor when he discovered his beloved Inspector gnashing on the comely orphan minding Jewess in a mad moment of 'my wife doesn't understand me'. Oh dear. Taking a turn for the soapy, but I don't mind (that Emily is a shrew and deserves to be kicked to the curb anyway).

Ah, my boys. So happy to see there's another series coming. I love this show, even when it's being silly, improbable and historically inaccurate. Because I love the characters. Homer Jackson is the best character I've seen in ages. If he hadn't won me over before his little postscript, well, he's got me hook, line and sinker now.

You know, sitting here and thinking 'what would Jackson do' isn't the slightest bit helpful, but it is fun. Oh my boy. Only two episodes to go, and then what will I do (especially with no hope of decent broadband after Saturday).

Still, I trust my Jackson to eventually do the right thing when the situation requires it. Hell, I even trust Eric Northman before I'd trust other characters on shows I watch, but I digress (but man, snake in the grass, dirty rotten scoundrel, fiend).

Anyways, after feeling scuzzy all week I woke up with spots, again. Bright red spots. I'm hoping it's just a reaction to something in the environment (washing powder, the industrial defoliant the neighbours spray about, Ross River fever) rather than something really nasty. Never the less, it gave me an excuse to sulk in my room for a couple of hours with my comic book. Because I had spots.

And I got a few pages down. I'm up to this bit: 'I knew it! I knew it! Well, not in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn't know.'. I'll let you guess who's playing Willow in the scene. Heh.

No, it's not the slightest bit original (I'm about to, um, homage the heck out of Patrick O'Brian, because I've already acknowledged that Jackson is ticking all my Maturin boxes, big time) and so tropey I'd be ashamed, even if I was writing about a police dog (yeah, I know, Jackson is the dog), but still, I needed some wireframe to slap squishy scenes onto. It'll grow its own flesh soon, it always does.

Meanwhile, this is the most adorable thing I've seen all week. The god of mischief teases baked goods:

And lei bombing should become a thing. Lei lines: Samoan artist says it with flowers in vivid interpretation of Pacific culture

Also, having fun with the US branch of the family. Two great uncles left the ancestral to go to Canada, crossed the border and ended up all over the place, including Gettysburg! One was a US army surgeon treating confederate prisoners, then Union soldiers for the pox and locals shot by injuns. Descendants ended up even being US army surgeons in the Korean War (huh?). Love the year book entry for one distant cuz: 'can cuss on demand'. Oh yeah, he's family.

Other branches get even more interesting, but I'll tell ya later. More interesting than the Kiwis, well, no, there was that riot, started by the Rev, and pig at the picnic...

It makes the lot left in Blighty positively yawnworthy.

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