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happy Lex dreams

A friend was telling me about the concept of being a tourist, that is, just showing up to work for the scenery. I think this is more an institutional thing, showing up because I have to, but nothing else. Oh, I've been very busy today, got lots of important stuff fixed and updated, but nothing official, if you get my drift. J Now if they can leave me be so I can finish off some more of my M7 saga I'll be happy. Yeah, I know I should be writing J/D, but like a lot of writers in that field, the whole mess has left me jaded and why should I care if Jack & Daniel make up and/or escape the cannibals if it's all for nothing, anyway? It's very hard.

I'm lucky I finished off my Wes soap before Angel went so far off the rails I was no longer able to muster up enough interest or sympathy to write in that universe. You know a show has gone bad when long term and invested fans suddenly start shutting down sites and lists. Both Angel and Stargate have degenerated to the point where this has happened this year. I don't know anyone who still watches Angel. I'm starting to feel like a black widow myself, having seen so many shows I dabbled in either die or hit the critical list. Speaking of which, Eric Close has a new series on CBS called Without a Trace. He's looking very cute and Dark Skies. I really miss Magnificent Seven and Now and Again though. Now and Again was a brilliant show, so good I was actually so busy with the plot I never noticed all the skin first time around. Truly.

Should talk about something other than tv though. Um, PC crashed again yesterday so I had a cup of tea and went home, had another cup of tea and watched the end of Buffy. God, but I miss Giles. Then I uploaded some pics to the Brit Boys page and they went up like a dream. So then I tried to print out some pics. The old printer still works, but will only print out black & white, and streaky b/w at that. Bro tried to help me with the colour thingy but ended up looking like a bank robber and still no pretty printouts of Lex. So then I tried watching my songvid cd, which involved (slowly) downloading the latest versions of all the (annoying) viewers and several (really pissing me off here) PC crashes later (what is with me and technology this week) I managed to watch some very nice and some very awful Smallville songvids. Crashed into bed and fell asleep before Angel started (but I caught the last ten minutes or so, being woken up) and had happy Lex dreams until it was time to dragged my poor cold and shellshocked body into work again to repeat the process.

By happy Lex dreams I just meant I was happy cause Lex was in them. Nothing like that, we were just planning various elaborate revenges on very deserving peoples. That was the warm happy fun part. I used to like dreaming about protectors who try to keep me from being whumped, cause all I ever do in my dreams is get chased around and beaten up, which considering I've been picked on my whole life, ain't hard to fathom why, but I do like a proactive co-conspirator instead J. For a change. So Lex and I were planning non-traceable evil against some of the Nellie Olesons in my life, both past and current and possibly future. If only. Sometimes I have the weirdest dreams but Jack was right when he took me on a walk in the snow and warned me that I'd ended up being so bored and stifled in this job. Boy, was Dream Jack on the money there. It's cold and lifeless and I'm not strong enough to deal, like I said I was, afterall. Oh well.

At least I can dream about walking in snow. Only had my first experience of snow two years ago. These poor DM's, they're so nice and they ache to go stomping about somewhere new. They want to feel the lovely crunch of snow underfoot. If only my bank balance was agreeable to that. Shame to keep my boots trapped here in nowheresville, cause they're mighty fine boots. I'm down to just two or three bandaids a day now. J



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