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being popular is the most important thing in the world! - Homer

Well, just had a fire drill. Left co-worker with broken leg to burn, as one should - evil grin. I know, bad karma, but hey, it was just a drill. He's Austrian, she offers, by way of explanation. That was today's exercise though (much stair walking) :)

Didn't do anything exciting yesterday, at all. Worked, uploaded stuff, watched tv. Roswell was the rather sweet one with Alex's ghost in it, which I really liked the first time I saw it. I was a little too tired last night, but it's still a good episode.

Now and Again made a rather preachy play for Family Show of the Year, gag, retch. The only thing to recommend it was Dr Theo outrageously indulging his little frankenpuppet. That's Dr Theo, all bark, very little bite. The sparring of the two is what really makes the show. More of that, less wholesome family goodness and it might have made second season. Grump. Eric Close was very pretty though so it wasn't like I'd entirely wasted an hour of my life.

Meant to spend several hours typing up fic last night but I was kept back at work so I would have been starting when I wanted to be finishing and walking into walls tired does not go well with the laptop, especially as I'm still hamfisted with My First TouchPad, and I keep moving, changing and deleting files I don't want to. Not what you want when typing up rare never to be repeated in the moment fic. I've got lots of fic to type up, too, which is something at least.

Alan is fun to write, and I really play with his insecurities in the next two. What was the line: "[Alan] had all the attendant anxieties and insecurities that came with taking a much younger and very handsome lover". Having known people who've won and lost young and pretty lovers, and being influenced by a number of books and films (especially Laurel Canyon), it's a rich field to play in, and it explains why Alan snaps at Billy at times.

A friend wrote: "... Shame about Billy's could wicked person ;) I can see you are living up to your reputation as Evil..."

You know, she's the only person to take me to task on that so far ;D. Everybody else must have missed that fact. I didn't intend to, it was just the way the first scene popped into my head, but I rewatched the film and Billy was pretty banged up and there was a lot of blood in the water and what is more fun than have Alan reminded of what he said to make Billy jump every damn time he looks at him. Lasting guilt and angst - priceless.

At least Part Two is a much happier story, with the two boys shagging their way through Scotland :) You know what's really funny? There was an ad in a gay magazine advocating that very use for video phones several weeks after I posted that scene - grin.

I was thinking maybe Teddy was hoarding Ioan Gruffudd, rather than Damian. Fine, Teddy is welcome to Ioan, cause I don't want him. Not that I've got anything against Ioan himself, lovely chap, but his fans are complete freaking psychos and the sole reason I'm shutting down my page. I'm sick of the hate mail.

I've always been happy to share my photos with other pages but one girl has gone and set up and I'm not at all happy about that. Use the scans, fine, but the League was mine. Was being the operative word. I don't know why but I'm deeply queasy and unhappy and goddamn miserable about this development. Sure, the page will still be there, but somebody else will be running it and getting all the kudos for my hard work. Just like work, I suppose, but still, I don't like it. Not one bit.

Some people just go too far. You know, I try to be generous, I try to share, but stealing the site wholesale, that's not nice. Not nice at all. I mean, if she took everything, but called it something else, I'd still be okay with that. But calling it the League of Obscure British Actors, well, I just hate that. I'm more upset that I ever imagined possible. Oh, and yes, she is American. Ain't almost always the way, sigh. Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile (see, Imperial measurements, even).

This is what I get for being easy going and sharing. Sometimes I really do wonder why I bother.

At least I know why I bother with the fic. The pleasure of Alan and Billy's company is reward enough. Everything else is just gravy, as a friend of mine often says.

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    Column 8 19 August 2003

    Life imitates art etc. Michael Miller, of Mona Vale, on Friday night watched Spooks on Channel 2. "The story centred on a visit by President Bush to the UK," he says, "but a subplot related to a clandestine meeting between Mr Bush and Libyans to discuss admitting responsibility and paying compensation for the Lockerbie disaster, in order to be welcomed back into the bosom of the free world. On Saturday came the news that Libya had admitted responsibility for Lockerbie, and was preparing to pay compensation. Is Spooks the ABC's contribution to reality TV?"


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