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'Let's get gay', decided the erstwhile hero of the book I'm reading right now. It's page 162 and I'm thinking, well, you know what I'm thinking.

It isn't just the lashings of Edwardian slang that makes it almost feel like one is ploughing through a novel in some devilish version of Polari or Nadsat (and there's an episode of Doctor Who where the aliens are actually speaking Polari, and the Tardis doesn't translate it. What up with that, then?).

It's just that these jolly old boys own adventures, which I picked up for at a remainder bookshop, well, they're jolly fun, but man, do they lend themselves to a certain reading, with the whole chaps only all boys together thing. I'm sure you understand, my dear old bean.

That minor eyebrow raise aside, they're still rollicking fun (so long as one takes all the king and country larks with lashings of salt and ginger beer) and have brightened my mornings on the bus (because sometimes I'm not in the mood to struggle through a homework text before dawn). And they'd never be printed in Russia anyway, if the rabidly tory opinions of the protagonists are anything to go by (not a fan of the ragged trousered radical, by any stretch, for his lack of style as much as his politics, old bean).

Meanwhile I'm bemused at just how my Victorian detective novels (1860s-1900) are surprisingly lacking in the sexism, racism and any other ism you'd expect that are so very pronounced in novels from the mid 20thC. Okay, there's some, and anyone who is vaguely German or a fiendish gipsie is immediately suspect, as is right and proper, but they're just not so in your face -ist as novels written a century later. Surprisingly so.

It's like the Peanut Gallery tried to explain, it's not a thing until it becomes a thing. You know, like the war on women, gays and the secularly orientated going on outside right this minute, just because there's been some legal progress in those areas.

Still, reading proto Mrs Peels from the 1860s (and Mrs Paschal so is), has been educational and fun. Chasing criminals through London sewers in crinolines? Now that's hardcore.

Still enjoying my Ripper Street viewing. It's on tap. No, seriously, I was putting the dvd in the pvr on Saturday night but before I hit play, there were the opening titles (to my momentary confusion). Turns out it was starting up on One anyway, so I watched that, and saved the poor pvr another session (which is starting to make unhappy noises). This bemused me very much, as other shows I like can't be viewed here for love or money.

Skipping ahead slightly, I'm still bemused, at the expense of poor Drake, that his request for the smallest raise was laughed out of the office, budgetery concerns were cited. The same budgetery concerns that seemingly vanished when creating The Best Morgue In The World for Jackson, no expense spared. Guess who's the favourite. Heh. Or maybe it was just bad timing on Drake's part. Should have asked for that raise before Reid went nuts trying to impress that shady American.

But seriously, how else am I suppose to watch that scene? Lookit what I've made for you, please, please, please be my special friend. Too cute.

Last night's ep wasn't so cute, and best dinner was done with before sitting down to watch it, oh my, yes, and, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed it was a bog standard serial poisoner (if they want serial poisoners, best to be looking at housewives and their rat problems, or maybe that's more of a 1900s-1950s thing), but never mind. We got to see Jackson be the cleverclogs Reid so admires (the scenes of sleaze are excised from the Ten versions, which isn't half as much fun, and it undercuts the dark duality of the man), and I loved the scene where they did the whole 'he's American' thing, as implied threat (well, he's certainly not gun shy).

Drake I remain desperately fond of, but Jerome has always brought a surprising degree of sensitivity and heard to his big lugs (come on, like I'm pretend I didn't OD on Soldier Soldier in the 90s?) and I was pleased to see Patrick Baladi show up. Oh, the horror on his face when he, too, caught sight of Reid's backhair. Come on, man, you know what the sugar paste is for. I'm sure Rose would do it if you paid her. Jackson, too, since he seemed to know all about it. Smooth, snakehipped...stop it.

Okay, I'm back. Sort of. Rest of weekend blah. Attacked the rose garden, or rather the reverse, tottered about from job to job, tried to write in breaks inbetween, but nothing of sense or use. Sigh.

I wish there were more episodes, but perhaps not, they're already hitting the tropes pretty hard. They've even dusted off the old crazy vet trope, and it's only series one, ferkrissakes. Even f it does star The Magnificent And Wonderful Iain Glen, it was pretty awful. Like those crap episodes of Robin Hood where they let the barrow they were pushing run roughshod over character and plot (such as they were).

Not that I don't have great sympathy for the message, that is, the treatment of soldiers coming home from pointless foreign wars, I do get it, you didn't need to hammer it home quite so hard (hell, my ancestors have fought in nearly every battle going). Please don't turn my Ripper Street into an episode of Quincy. Not a fan of the shrill message episode.

Ah well, at least they have favourite and beloved actors. Unlike certain American shows who have hired the worst non actors ever, for no adequately explained reason. I could barely watch it today - I've heard better line readings from my map app. Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

Back to my book and our Very British Hero has fallen in with a flash American, as they will do. First they giddily exchange case notes, then it's off to a fine dinner together and then our hero is getting into bed. As I wrench my eyebrows back down onto my head I read on to find the hero is alone, despite the sudden jump cut edit, oh, no, wait, there's a chap with a blow dart in the room as well. Business as usual, in other words. The American does end up in the room at the end of it. We fade to black. I'm sure it was all whisky and cards. Hee.

Yes, reading it wrong, very much so, but the whole no chicks thing, well, it's just asking for it, really.

And Ripper Street? There's no need to stay on message all the time. Leave the rants to The Newsroom. I prefer a more historical touch, like Hell on Wheels, which I enjoy so much. Explain how modern London came to be, that's a far more interesting story, and let the parallels fall naturally. Don't force the issue. It's a tv show, not an editorial.

There are plenty of stories to tell: Burkers, spiritualists and mesmerists, tennis, matchgirls, theatre, football, tiddlywinks. Heh. Yes, I'm sure I'm it was a game of tiddlywinks that occupied my hero.

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