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The Brit(ish) List

Fresh from his outstanding performance at Comic Con, Mr Hiddleston is now filming extra scenes of extra Loki goodness/badness for the new Thor flick, in a rare example of the movie makers actually giving the people what they want. Here's hoping it won't be a case of being careful what we wish for. Why don't they just go for it and just do a Loki film, all Loki, all the time?

Meanwhile, Mr Bale is being offered big, big money to reprise his role as Batman in the new Supes vs Bats film. I will refrain from noting how many nurses or teachers could be hired for that same amount.

Whitechapel and Downtown Abbey have released preview trailers (huzzah and ne'er the twain should meet), and there's news about our favourite Brits in US shows, including Walking Dead, Homeland, True Blood and Grey's Anatomy. If it ain't got a Brit, it ain't legit.


Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor) as the Angel of Islington

Dying for an end (Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart)

Whitechapel Series 4 - Coming Soon

Downton Abbey series four preview: goodbye Matthew, hello electric food mixer

'Misfits' Robert Sheehan: 'I was cast as Banshee in X-Men: First Class'

Gary Oldman: Benedict Cumberbatch is the Porsche 911 of actors

Fry's Russia Winter Olympics switch call rejected by PM

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Orlando Bloom and Scott Adkins linked to Batman role in Man of Steel sequel

John Cleese and Teri Hatcher talk dreams, Planes and amoral journalism

Dominic West to sing in new film 'Pride'

Roger Moore in rare Leeds stage date

Bill Nighy turned down the role of Doctor Who

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' on DVD & Blu-Ray Now!

Christian Bale offered $40m to play Batman again: Could Welsh-born actor reprise caped crusader role?

Heads Up: Irvine Welsh's Filth comes to the big screen starring James McAvoy

Daniel Day Lewis: Shirtless Yacht Vacation in Italy!

Not quite so luvvy-able… Why Sir Laurence Olivier loathed his co-stars

Stevens enjoying life after Downton

Watson that car! Jonny Lee Miller jumps off a taxi as he shoots Elementary in New York

Poaching Wars With Tom Hardy

Clive Owen in ‘Words and Pictures’, Premiering at TIFF

Broadway gets ready as power couples heat up the stage (Daniel Craig)

Rupert Grint: 'I'm not trying to shock with risqué roles'

Alexander Armstrong: Is moving to the country like marrying your mistress?

The White Queen star Ben Lamb talks medieval torture and gets ready for his film debut opposite Kate Winslet

JJ Feild, Bret McKenzie, James Callis and Ricky Whittle Talk AUSTENLAND, Regency-Era Appeal, Wearing the Period Costumes, and Memorable Filming Moments

David Oyelowo on Working Opposite Oprah in 'The Butler'

Danny Dyer expecting third child with partner Joanne Mas

The baby keeping you up? New father Jamie Bell looks shattered as he nips out on a quick grocery run

Simon Pegg stirs Ant-Man rumour pot with tweet of artwork

TOM HIDDLESTON's Ryan Keely asks Thor: The Dark World star Tom Hiddleston (Loki) about his character.

Natalie Portman & Tom Hiddleston: 'Thor' at Disney D23 Expo!

Tom Hiddleston sings Bare Necessities with Christina Hendricks

Tom Hiddleston & Christina Hendricks: 'The Pirate Fairy' at Disney's D23 Expo!

Tom Hiddleston Breaks Out in Disney Song

Tom Hiddleston Not Returning For The Avengers Sequel

Tom Hiddleston: It's a shame Loki won't be in Avengers sequel but series needs to move on

Tom Hiddleston Explains Loki's Absence In The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Tom Hiddleston sings 'The Bare Necessities' at Disney Expo

Tom Hiddleston on performing Shakespeare in 'The Hollow Crown': TCA 2013

Tom Hiddleston Watches the Throne in 'The Hollow Crown' Trailer:

Tom Hiddleston Open to Appearing on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tom Hiddleston, the head that wears the 'Crown'

Tom Hiddleston explains why he's drawn to villains

Tom Hiddleston Talks THOR: THE DARK WORLD Reshoots, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, His Rare Olly Moss THOR Posters, and Future Projects

Thor: The Dark World's Tom Hiddleston earns extra screen time

The Dark World now contains even more Loki

'Thor: The Dark World's Tom Hiddleston films extra Loki scenes

 photo tomh-ew1271-9aug13us_0007_zps10646c65.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013

 photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0009_zps8964e4a1.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0008_zps467c5caa.jpg
 photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0007_zps5e3544f0.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0006_zps74e298c3.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0005_zps97ee13fd.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0004_zpsb050f373.jpg
 photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0003_zps21ecd566.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0002_zpsc18c7733.jpg  photo tomh-ew1270-2aug13us_0001_zpsd4215e61.jpg Entertainment Weekly


2 August 2013

 photo tomh-glamour148jul13uk_0001_zpsa9493ab9.jpg  photo tomh-glamour148jul13uk_0002_zps0ed3e9f5.jpg  photo tomh-glamour148jul13uk_0005_zps6109c1d7.jpg  photo tomh-glamour148jul13uk_0003_zpsce9a9167.jpg


July 2013



Eye-Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield turns tourist as he snaps away on camera during London outing with friends

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' New PHOTOS, Sequel Movie


Matthew Rhys In Masterpiece 'Pemberley'; Jack Davenport In PBS 'Breathless'

Meet Matthew Rhys - the new Mr Darcy

 photo rhys-glamour148jul13uk_0009_zpsad807eb5.jpg Glamour


July 2013

 photo rhys-redaug13uk_0001_zps690c1bb8.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0003_zpsd1b6f9ad.jpg
 photo rhys-redaug13uk_0004_zps2c4cd8cb.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0005_zpsf9e43315.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0006_zps5e641804.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0007_zpsc9150cee.jpg
 photo rhys-redaug13uk_0008_zps9854dfba.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0009_zps9a5b902f.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0010_zps35165b24.jpg  photo rhys-redaug13uk_0011_zpsf395bd05.jpg
 photo rhys-redaug13uk_0012_zpsc85e4551.jpg Red

August 2013


At a loose end: Matt Smith spends the day alone as he reads through film scripts... days after Peter Capaldi is announced at the new Doctor

Matt Smith Rides in Rickshaw After Clubbing with Friends

I ordered the Tardis! Matt Smith takes a humble rickshaw ride through London after a late night at the Groucho Club

Whovians Await The Reveal Of The New Doctor, But Matt Smith Already Loves Him/Her


Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn get to work on the set of bloody new series Ripper Street... as 19th century London is recreated in Dublin

Matthew Macfadyen shares all the GORY details from his new TV series Ripper Street

It will be gruesome this Christmas... Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn in first official stills for Ripper Street

Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg show Irish Minister for Arts Jimmy Deenihan around the deadly Dublin set of Ripper Street

The boys are back: Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn begin filming grisly scenes for Ripper Street series two

Game of Thrones: Benjen Stark may be missing in Westeros, but I know where he is. He's in Ripper Street (Joseph Mawle)


Benedict Cumberbatch Girlfriend 2013: Not Mystery Redhead, Just Old Friends? 'Star Trek' Actor 'Can Wait' For Love

Benedict Cumberbatch: I'm not intelligent

Benedict Cumberbatch signs up for Penguins of Madagascar

Sherlock homes in on village

 photo bcew1271-9aug13us_0005_zpsec3c1cda.jpg  photo bc-ew1271-9aug13us_0006_zpsefdff427.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013



Mark Strong Talks LOW WINTER SUN, Revisiting the Role, Working in Detroit, Future Seasons, and More

Strong had doubts over US show

AMC's 'Low Winter Sun' comes on strong, stays solid,0,1378363.story?track=lat-email-latimesentertainment

 photo stromg-ew1271-9aug13us_0003_zps5c3f02d7.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013



'Game of Thrones' couple Kit Harington, Rose Leslie 'end relationship'

Kit Harington: New Game Of Thrones series is my favourite so far

 photo harington-ew1270-2aug13us_0012_zps385c3a28.jpg Entertainment Weekly


2 August 2013

 photo harington-ew1271-9aug13us_0002_zpsbe65b77b.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013



Ex-EastEnder Rob's steamy True Blood sex

True Blood's Rob Kazinsky: 'There Are Multiple Deaths This Season!'

'True Blood': Rob Kazinsky promises Warlow's love for Sookie is authentic

'True Blood' star Rob Kazinsky: 'Ryan Kwanten was best on-screen kiss'

Robert Kazinsky: I cry over spiders

Rob Kazinsky Dishes On Shooting True Blood Sex Scenes

 photo robk-ew1270-2aug13us_0010_zps8d22ab4a.jpg Entertainment Weekly


2 August 2013



British actors are checking their accents at the door|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Walking Drop Dead gorgeous: Andrew Lincoln shows off buff beach body as he takes to Caribbean sea with rocker wife

'Walking Dead' Season 4 spoilers: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and more cast and crew talk what's next

'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln says Rick will be 'in a completely different place' in season 4

Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln, Chad Coleman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert on Season 4

Now Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln enjoys an action-packed day of water sports on his Caribbean holiday with wife Gael

 photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0008_zps28e563c6.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0007_zpscc62cb44.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0006_zps956682e2.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0005_zps1da7ae14.jpg
 photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0004_zps92d21a51.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0003_zpsa18cffeb.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0002_zps345b55e4.jpg  photo lincoln-ew1269-26jul13us_0001_zps58bc5c4a.jpg
Entertainment Weekly


26 July 2013



David Morrissey on 'Walking Dead': 'I was surprised Governor survived'

David Morrissey 'Field of Blood' Q&A: 'I'm very committed to UK drama'

David Morrissey In 'Field Of Blood' Sees A New Challenge For The Glaswegian Newsroom


Henry Cavill, Orlando Bloom and Andrew ­Garfield: How Britons are the new superheroes


What a Super night out! Henry Cavill puts recent split behind him as he parties until the early hours

 photo cavill-instylejun13us_0001_zps87b49e50.jpg  photo cavill-instylejun13us_0002_zps7e9eb666.jpg  photo cavill-instylejun13us_0005_zps901be27b.jpg  photo cavill-instylejun13us_0003_zpsd619d878.jpg
 photo cavill-instylejun13us_00042_zpse51add8e.jpg  photo cavill-instylejun13us_0004_zpsd76299d9.jpg InStyle

June 2013

 photo cavill-ew1261-1262-31may-7jun13us_0002_zps1ebef33c.jpg
Entertainment Weekly


31 May - 7 June




David Tennant returns to RSC in Stratford

After the Doctor and a Prince, He's a Cop

David Tennant and Billie Piper return to Doctor Who for 50th anniversary

The American Premiere Of 'Broadchurch' Introduces The Cult Crime Drama To A Whole New Audience

 photo tennant-ew1271-9aug13us_0001_zps48749d8f.jpg  photo tennant-ew1271-9aug13us_0009_zps4c974122.jpg  photo tennant-ew1271-9aug13us_0010_zps9cfbfa19.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013



Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult reunite

Gemma Arterton, Nicholas Hoult to Voice 'Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen'

 photo hoult-ew1271-9aug13us_0004_zps434b0b5a.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013



When Harry (Potter) met Sally: Daniel Radcliffe takes inspiration from classic movie in first look at his new rom-com The F Word

On and off stage drama! Daniel Radcliffe is oblivious as he exits the theatre moments after handbag thief is arrested outside

Music man: Video footage emerges of a dishevelled Daniel Radcliffe enthusiastically playing the bongos during wild night out

Daniel Radcliffe Celebrates His 24th Birthday Today

Daniel Radcliffe: 'The F Word' Will Screen at Toronto Film Festival!

He needs his invisibility cloak: Daniel Radcliffe tries to hide from the cameras as he climbs into car with mystery girl

 photo radcliffe-ew1271-9aug13us_0008_zpsf733b8c9.jpg Entertainment Weekly


9 August 2013

 photo radcliffe-glamour148jul13uk_0006_zpsac6e64ea.jpg  photo radcliffe-glamour148jul13uk_0008_zps17ee3466.jpg
 photo radcliffe-glamour148jul13uk_0007_zps7c5f1f40.jpg Glamour


July 2013



Jack Davenport In PBS 'Breathless', Matthew Rhys In Masterpiece 'Pemberley'

Pirates of the Caribbean star Jack Davenport finally turns up for University of East Anglia graduation ceremony

 photo davenport-radiotimes26sep-2oct09uk_0003_zpsc75c175e.jpg Radio Times

26 September -

2 October 2009



Love/Hate's Aidan Gillen is 'drawn to the good bad guys'

Aidan Gillen set for IFI preview screening

 photo gillen-redaug13uk_0002_zps9e5183b7.jpg Red

August 2013


We ask Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chris Mintz-Plasse to win us over to their side for 'Kick-Ass 2'

INTERVIEW: 'Kick-Ass 2's Aaron Taylor-Johnson Finds Interest In Age Difference With Wife Sam Taylor-Johnson 'Bizarre'

Film interview: Kick-Ass star reveals he has four children and he's only 23

Kick-Ass 2 Exclusive Interview With Chloe Moretz & Aaron Taylor-Johnson

How I unwind: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Kick-Ass 2 star Aaron Taylor-Johnson: 'I'm too young to play Christian Grey'

Family man: Aaron Taylor-Johnson on juggling nannies, self-obsessed actors, and being hitched to a Brit Artist

That's a Kick-Ass suit! Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the modern businessman in new magazine shoot

 photo aaron-totalfilm209aug13uk_0001_zps41a1e56b.jpg  photo aaron-totalfilm209aug13uk_0002_zps4f88dd90.jpg Total Film


August 2013



Michael Fassbender tipped for Oscar for 'The Counsellor' and '12 Years A Slave'

Michael Fassbender Flirts With Extreme Danger In Three New Clips From The Counselor

Brad Pitt & Michael Fassbender: 'Counselor' Trailer

 photo mf-totalfilm209aug13uk_0005_zps69105c80.jpg Total Film


August 2013



Douglas Booth at Sea for Hugo Boss

The GQ+A: Douglas Booth is Romeo

'Romeo & Juliet': Hailee Steinfeld & Douglas Booth Star As Fated Lovers

Douglas Booth sets sail

Pocket Power: Fall's Best Cargo Pants, Starring Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth's top ten hottest moments in the new Romeo & Juliet trailer

What a Romeo! Douglas Booth gets hearts aflutter as he models in a countryside fashion shoot ahead of playing the Shakespearean role in his new film

Douglas Booth at Sea for Hugo Boss

The Times Diary (TMS): Douglas Booth back at sea, the secret of a bestseller and Jane Austen’s topaz crosses

 photo booth-esquireaug13uk_0001_zps34ec6d3b.jpg Esquire

August 2013



Peter Mullan - he's a nasty piece of work

Cannes: Peter Mullan's 'Paradise' Creates Buyer Buzz

Peter Mullan: 'Richie is a maniac in charge of an empire'

Peter Mullan, prince of darkness

 photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0002_zps53afe1ec.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0003_zps3fe8aa7e.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0004_zps0da69bec.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0005_zpsa02636ba.jpg
 photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0006_zps4e106c56.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0007_zpsb62c408a.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0008_zpsf81eaa67.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0009_zps644b8af5.jpg
 photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0010_zps1648cdad.jpg  photo mullen-esquireaug13uk_0011_zpsef0e47cf.jpg Esquire

August 2013



Kevin Macdonald begins UK shoot for Black Sea, starring Law

Hollywood hunk Jude Law spotted filming in Medway

Actor Jude Law spotted filming Hollywood movie Black Sea on the River Medway in Strood

Jude Law leads in newest Kent film project

Jude Law films with children from St Albans talent agency


'Homeland's' Damian Lewis reveals next season's emotional trauma,0,5650749.story?track=lat-email-latimesentertainment

Damian Lewis Says 'Homeland' Season 3 Will Reveals Brody Ties To CIA And His Motivations

First action-packed Homeland trailer shows Claire Danes crying in handcuffs and shaven-headed Damian Lewis wounded on the run

Away from his Homeland! Damian Lewis arrives for a summer break in Ibiza with his wife Helen McCrory and two children

Damian Lewis: Shirtless Ibiza Family Vacation!


Paul Bettany Directing Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie in “Shelter”

'Blood,' 'I Give It a Year,' movie reviews


Steve Coogan: bewildered by his own success

Alan Partridge sings Roachford Cuddly Toy in Alpha Papa scene


Skyfall Star Ben Whishaw Comes Out as Gay!

James Bond star Ben Whishaw confirms he's gay and married


British actor Idris Elba roles both on and off the screen

Elba 'fancies Inbetweeners role'

Idris Elba 'keen on Inbetweeners Movie 2 role'

Idris Elba Tempted By Inbetweeners 2

Idris Elba will 'do anything' to be in Inbetweeners sequel


Martin Clunes plays doctor for real to aid wife

Martin Clunes used Doc Martin knowledge to stop 'nonsensical' operation being performed on his wife


'Grey's Anatomy's' Kevin McKidd on Sandra Oh's Exit and Exploring Owen Without Cristina

This 'Grey's' star is happy to be staying put

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