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Yesterday's highlight was a picture of Sam Neill in the paper. He looked good, really, really good (I'd include an url but alas I couldn't find said pic online, anywhere - pout). And I'll stop there before I disgrace mself any further. Been watching a little too much Reilly lately. Hubba hubba.

Alas, that was the only highlight, unless you count the server going down for two hours. I might get Mansfield Park finished after all - grin. Although I spent just as much time with the film trivia book that came with the UK version of Empire (twice the price but it actually had pictures of actors I like, unlike the local version, which never does).

There was no tv last night. I'd didn't settle in front of the box until Law & Order and ten minutes later I was out for the count, so no two hour Jack fest, dammit. Not that it matters, as I have both episodes on dvd (Prometheus and Forever In a Day), but still, it would have been nice, as I doubt I'll get time to reschedule.

Prometheus isn't the best episode, though it does have the highlight of sucking most of the NSA plot out an airlock into empty space. Not before time, I say.

I'm worried though that the evil film crew gave me ideas for my current fic, as only one poor person on my fictional BBC film crew, Tel, is an actual employee of the BBC and nothing more (though I think Spooks is more to blame). Oh dear, though not so far fetched considering recent news reports. The story had stalled until I relented because Matthew Muse wanted in (and greedy pig because he's already up on my slash page) but there he is. This is unfortunate because I wanted to leave it as strictly subtext and inference as to what happened and with whom but Matt Muse is insisting on textual subplot. Bugger. Indeed.

Today's highlight was catching Jason Isaacs and Michael Rosenbaum in Sweet November. Just yesterday I was feeling the need for a Jase fix, and there he was. The rest of the movie sucks but the boys are just gorgeous.

It was sunny and warm this morning, and I was actually out in it, too, as between the Doc being late and buses being non existant I ended up spending nearly and hour and a half at the bus stop, and as I usually transit in darkness I was ill prepared and I'm pretty sure I'm sunburnt now (working in IT as I do I'm more sun sensitive than a vampire).

Not to worry. Silly parts of myself thought I was off on adventure, being on a bus in broad daylight, but no, just into work. I get to be stuck like a pin cushion tomorrow, joy. Apparently my hormones are all out of whack. Couldn't be stress now, could it? Nah....

Ooops, just got in trouble for being overly snarky again. Been very bitchy all week. Can't help it. A: Hormones and B: I'm not at all happy at being left to manage all by myself and if it slips out as cattiness, so be it. Better that than the bleeding nose I've had for the last half hour.

I wonder if NYC will have a baby boom like they had in that blackout back in '76, was it, the last big northern hemisphere heatwave?

Oh, blast and bugger, forgot to watch Robson on telly last night too. Oh well, just wasn't my day, I guess.

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