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why, now blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark!

What a day. And what a night. The tempest roared outside, hurling our cheap plastic chairs about, bringing down branches, rifling all the tiles and rocking the badly built house back and forth like a boat tossed at sea (needless to say, everybody else slept through this). It was neat though because the clouds tore away leaving a moon bright enough for me to do the washing by, if not for the fact that any washing hung on the line would have ended up in the next suburb. It was eerily bright - I've never seen anything like it.

A tempest raged within, too, and as it grew worse and worse, ironically matching the tempest outside for bouts of rage and calmer patches, I felt the cold fear of dread, thinking this was much, much worse than normal, wondering what if something was really, truly, terribly wrong? Though throwing up from the pain is fun, because after a couple of hours I always start to hallucinate wildly. Whee, free trip. This month is really knocking me around like a rag doll in a dog's mouth.

Well, obviously, there was a lot of tv viewing going on as sleep was impossible. First up was Without a Trace, my second dose of Mr Close for the week. True, he does lack for screen time, and gets even less in the evilchannelnine versions, but, still, he's there, though I keep missing all those plot points mentioned in the fan fic. Thank you, the hideously hetrosexual 'editor' (ie, butcher) at EC9.

The story this week involved one missing person nobody cared about: found, and a missing person that was cared about: unfound. Me, I'm still annoyed we seem to have brushed past the first episode. I'm all for straight up cop show over soap, but a little character development, please.

Next up was Enterprise, which, as I was up, I didn't tape, and dang it, cause it was Vulcan lite (yay) and an Archer/Trip adventure, which always has its moments, and it did, especially Trip dealing with the seat buddy from Hell. That was amusing. It was an el-cheapo one set episode about escaped convicts taking over a transport ship (cough) but of course, this is Trek and we can't have that, can we. Lots of grumpy, ill-used Trip though, so I was happy. An episode that actually didn't suck. It wasn't great, but it didn't suck.

Next: Roswell. The old let's through in some Native American oogedy boogedy in there episode, but great for the Max/Michael moments. Isobel is so cold and nasty to poor Alex, and she's going to live to regret that, deeply, but hey, character development. As much as the plots are deeply silly, at least the Roswell gang all have personalities, and ones that change and break out of their molds on occassion. Michael and Maria are still a joy to watch, bickering like an old screwball comedy couple. Classic.

Next: The Lost World. I was looking forward to this as it had been discussed on the MBFic list, of all places. I'm surprised I didn't wake up the household with my loud guffaws over Lani and his just fabulous little outfit in this episode. He was some sort of Aztec king and he looked, well, just fabulous, darling. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I love Lost World. It's just so cheerfully cheesy, and it has the added bonus of seeing local thesps making complete twits of themselves in some very dodgy wardrobe, bless. What's not to love?

I think I get into a lot of trouble because I'm always saying one thing and meaning quite another, and sometimes people miss that, though nobody missed my exclamation that it was a terrible shame that our fearless leader's PC was still infected. They all laughed, know my sincere regrets were nothing of the sort. I know, I shouldn't be that catty when I might not have a job next week but I'm mightily miffed over the lack of higher duties pay, again, and cramps + strong medication = even less diplomacy than usual.

Oh well. At least out here in the boonies the absolute only thing available nearby to have with my mellow yellows are sugary donuts. It's a crying shame, as my Dad used to say, meaning quite the opposite.

Re the end of Buffy: I dunno, maybe it was just the time and the place but I wasn't moved at all by the episode. Amused by the Angel/Spike bickering earlier, but that was it. The ending just felt hollow to me. It was too big. I'd have preferred a smaller, personal touch rather than grand and sweeping, but The Zeppo was always one of my favourite episodes :) I think I fall into the 'thank fuck it's over' camp. Maybe subsequent viewings will offer up a new perspective, but I'm surprised that the show ended and I didn't feel a thing.

Oh well, time for another cup of tea. I'm totally Homer Simpson at work today (ie, dozy and incompetent, only here for the donuts).

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    1. .. His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.
    2. .. I would not breed from this officer.
    3. .. This officer is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won't-be.
    4. .. When she opens her mouth, it seems that this is only to change whichever foot was previously in there.
    5. .. He has carried out each and every one of his duties to his entire satisfaction.
    6. .. He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.
    7. .. Technically sound, but socially impossible.
    8. .. This Officer reminds me very much of a gyroscope - always spinning around at a frantic pace, but not really going anywhere.
    9. .. This young lady has delusions of adequacy.
    10. .. When he joined my ship, this officer was something of a granny; since then he has aged considerably.
    11. .. This Medical Officer has used my ship to carry his genitals from port to port and my officers to carry him from bar to bar.
    12. .. Since my last report he has reached rock bottom - and has started to dig.
    13. .. She sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.
    14. .. He has the wisdom of youth and the energy of old age.
    15. .. This Officer should go far - and the sooner he starts, the better.
    16. .. In my opinion this pilot should not be authorized to fly below 250 feet.
    17. .. This man is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.
    18. .. The only ship I would recommend this man for is citizenship.
    19. .. Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap.

    Change Your Course

    This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radio conversation of a US Naval ship and the Canadians, off the coast of Newfoundland, Oct 95. Radio conversation
    released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10- 95.

    Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South, to avoid a collision.

    Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the North, to avoid a collision.

    Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

    This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.

    Negative. I say again, you will have to divert your course.


    We are a lighthouse. Your call.


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