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bugpowder dust and mugwump jism

When I dig myself out of the financial hole this whole website mess has landed me in I think I'll indulge in some more CSI: Baker Street, because I really enjoyed that little dvd treat. Sure, I miss my old Holmes watching buddy, but my brother has more than ably stepped into the breech: "Don't do it, Watson. You're just enabling his life script."

As much as I tell myself I'm not upset over losing the Brit boys site (I'd tell other people, but nobody cares), if those feverish nightmares last night are anything to go by, or the tightness in my chest now, no, I'm not really reconciled to it. Not at all, though it must be done. Dreamed last night that the PKs took all my magazine boxes, disks and tapes as well. Whimper. I couldn't even download trailers.

No wait, that's real life (but that adsl connection will have to wait til next year).

I have been gratified/relieved to have a (meagre) few folks requesting images for their own pages, but I'm thinking instead of just blindly copying the cds so kindly made for me I'll have to carefully tailor the info I put on the cds, otherwise people'll be getting a lot of bugpowder dust and mugwump jism that they otherwise might not be expecting - grin.

Yesterday was not a good day, nor is today. Crawled into bed. Didn't watch Farscape until this morning. Was amused that the cafe in Farscape was owned by that Greek with the big hair mullet from Death In Brunswick. The very one. It was a cute episode, and AP reckoned the spazzed out hold up dudes sounded like dingoes, and it reminded me of some film, maybe Dog Day Afternoon, but I couldn't really place it. I'm sure somebody somewhere on some web site has. Me, I'm too far gone on mellow yellows and cramps to really care one way or the other. It was all a little too hyper and brightly coloured for this poor girl today (I mean, I spent Sunday and Monday seeking out Brit telly because it was much quieter than US telly).

At least the weather suits my mood, all grey and mustard coloured skies and I can watch the rain squalls roll in. I'll miss the view if they put any more buildings up. Six months ago there were none, now I have one of the few windows without a building slapped in front of it.

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