mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

The Brit(ish) List

(This week: Matt Smith thanks Doctor Who fans, Henry Cavill says Justice League film not on way soon, Jamie Dornan to be a father, Dominic Cooper's with Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, Damian Lewis sports shaved head for new role, Aaron Taylor-Johnson eyed for Avengers 2, James McAvoy Loses His Mind In Latest Trailer For Filth, Stephen Moyer has a passion for musicals, Jude Law joins cast of Treadaway's fundraiser A Curious Night at the Theatre, Sir Roger Moore joins Sir Michael Caine for Michael Winner memorial, Orlando Bloom Says Goodbye to Legolas With Viral Video, Billy Connolly and David Tennant filming in Milngavie, Paul Bettany on new thriller Blood, Ben Whishaw silences Doctor Who gossip, Idris Elba delivers impassioned speech in new trailer for Pacific Rim, Rhys Ifans to Play Mycroft on Elementary, Jonny Lee Miller Revels in the Idiosyncrasies of Sherlock Holmes, Dougray Scott and A A Gill model the English Gentleman look, Ewan McGregor open to Trainspotting sequel role, Matthew Rhys opens Welsh festival, Jack Davenport To Star in PBS Masterpiece Drama Breathless, Andrew Garfield signs on for two more Spider-Man sequels)
Tags: aaron taylor-johnson, benedict cumberbatch, damian lewis, dan stevens, david tennant, dominic cooper, douglas booth, eddie redmayne, james mcavoy, jamie dornan, jude law, magazine scans, matt smith, richard armitage, roger moore, rufus sewell, stephen moyer

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