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sky darkens

Found a window in this crazy 70s building that pointed east, and, with my hastily constructed diy projector, obeerved the eclipse. Managed to attract a small crowd of curious onlookers - should have charged a penny a peep - grin.

Otherwise, still struggling with an overwhelming array of adjustments, from coping with well over thirty years worth of upgrades when totalled up, to now having to walk 1.5km from the bus stop, having a trestle of a table of a desk stuck in the corridor, where no desks were before (with good reason, I say. I'm austic, I don't do desks in heavily trafficked corridors) to having nowhere to put my teapot. So no teapot. As you might imagine, things are grim.

Nor is there anywhere that sells milk for my tea, but sans pot, that's neither here nor there, but still, for shame. And it's taken me days to find a fruit stand to sell me my brekkie banana (I tried buying one in Coles but they only have the self scanners on at that time and my banana had no barcode, so that was that, and no, they don't sell quarts of milk, either, and I know it's supposed to be metric but it's still a quart and what do I want with two litres, like I'm going to donate it to this office, as if, ever).

The lack of tea, as you might imagine, bites hard in these challenging times. In fact, the next person who refers to it as a 'challenge', 'adjustment' or remark that change is in anyway a good thing will be thoroughly dotted, because I'm austic and I don't do change, and I'm tired and fed up and I haven't had any tea.

So no, not happy, and there won't be a time when I am. I won't settle. I don't do corridors. I can't bear it. It's like being stuck in the middle of a plane on a long haul flight to LA. In economy. With no inflight entertainment or drinks service. And the worst people ever constantly kicking the back of your seat. Every day. It is, for me, unendurable torture.

But hey, at least I get back to the old place every so often. Met up with some mates, bought my favourite sandwich, rolled in the grass (at the park), picked up some magazines. It doesn't take much to have me wagging my tail, you know.

Miss that park. You know I've not set pen to paper since my last lunchbreak there. Sigh.

In the meantime, tv? Um, nothing I want to admit to, and I'm not watching what I should. In fact, I'm hardly watching anything. Had a dreadful lurgy all week, so the only thing I saw, on Monday, at midday, when I was tucked up in bed feeling quite pipped, was Grimm. Which was okay but I feel they are struggling to include some characters in the story these days. You know I'm heartily against exiting characters for cheap shock value, but sometimes, well, if they've served their purpose, it's time to let them go. Unless they can think of a decent purpose for some of these follks by series end, I really think, you know.

Same goes for other shows, unless it's a character I actually like dangling by the thread of sentimentality. Of course, it's entirely different then.

Books? Ploughing through an indifferent Wodehouse right now. I know, plough? Indifferent? Well, I think I'm all cross and not in the mood. I should have put it aside but I'm on the last few pages now. Next up? A homework text, I should think, if I'm going to be all grouchy.

Which is why I loved the theatre last week. Often I'm going to stuff I only picked to round out the subscription or it's something I think I ought to see, always feeling the shameful sting of my inadequate education, but last week I picked two things that I really wanted to see, and I loved them to bits. Such a difference to my usual experience. It wasn't homework, it was fun.

And that was brilliant, and different.

This week, though, sucks.

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Matthew Bomer Talks "Superman: Unbound"

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