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The worst is not, so long as we can say, 'This is the worst.'

I clicked on the ol IMDB and the film of the day is...Laurel Canyon. This amused me, especially as I had the cd sitting beside me. I wasn't allowed to play it: I'd put a bit on and Bro had sniffed and said it sounded like James Marsters. Nooooo! Say it ain't so. James bad. Sandro good. At least, I thought Sandro sounded better than a good deal of the proper rock gods I have on cd. Hmph. Mean, nasty, catty Bro. He is soooo out of my will.

Bro redeemed himself though by playing me an olde punk song all about the land of the long white cloud which just screams silly LOTR sogvid. Insert evil cackling here. Oh yes indeedy. No, no way am I telling you which band or what song. Mine! Mine! Mine! My precious....

My poor Del Boy lost its MacGyver cherry last night, too, poor thing. It was the Sam Neill episode of The Simpsons (hence the obligatory and ritual Kiwi bashing) and I just had to get the wav of Sam saying: "Selma, my dear-- your lock of MacGyver's hair." So, poor pootie now has macgyver.wav sitting in its innards. The really sad thing was that I didn't have to google for it. Oh no, I knew exactly where to find it.

It's probably for this poor karma form that after spending 4 hours last night uploading my pages to my alleged and very expensive new site, I tested it last night and it all worked. Tonight it's wiped again. I want to cry. I just want to cry. I was so happy - well, we can't have that, obviously.

So I didn't watch any telly as I was uploading, aside from Sam on The Simpsons, but I did get to see muppet sex on Farscape this morning. I don't think there'll ever be a right time of the day to view such a spectacle, but, well, ewww (cue Meet The Feebles flashbacks, thankyou very much, Peter Jackson). Some nice heartbreaky stuff with JC and even a bit of shirts off. Very nice.

Or, as we say here, gorn, show us ya tits. :P

In other news, looks like my account was maliciously hacked. Which is somehow so much worse than technical incompetence. Now I really want to cry. Why do people hate me so much? I've never nailed a puppy to a door. Not even close.

In still other news, management has decided to let go all the contractors which means as of September I will be the IT dept, and they can't send me out for training because who will answer the phones? I already work 12-14 hour days. I think I'm going to have that embolism now.

Damn, I wish I could get that Laurel Canyon trailer to work through the firewall, I could really use some Sandro right now.

Nearly all the links below were kindly supplied by The Stranger, and I appreciate it, very much so. Especially as I've been too busy beating my head against solid objects today to go find my own. Such is my life.

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  • From Empire Magazine:

    Seventies Haircuts For Episode III?
    Lucas in talks with 'specialist' hairdressers

    For all the talk of Pincess Leia's haircuts in the original Star Wars trilogy, barely a column inch is spared for the spectacular barnets of the films' male stars. From Luke's proto-mullet to Han's shaggy mop, the unavailability of modern hair-styling products is painfully obvious throughout the trilogy. However, as Episode III reaches the point where events flow into its seventies predecessor, steps are being taken to ensure that at least their haircuts won't look amiss.

    According to the Sydney Morning Herald, stylists specialising in retro coiffures have been drafted to ensure that the styles on display are in-keeping with the 1977 original. "George realised there were going to be real continuity problems with hair," said 'an insider'. "He’s got the best hairdressers he can find to work with the actors and make sure they at least reflect the way Han Solo and Luke Skywalker looked back then, without making them look too ridiculous". Given the 'do' sported By Ewan McGregor in The Phantom Menace and his obligatory Force Mullet™ in Attack Of The Clones we'd think the actors would be used to receiving the odd titter by now.
    Thanks to Dark Horizons.


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