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The Brit(ish) List

Star Trek, Superman, Spider-Man, Sherlock (x2) and Doctor Who (x2). Brit thesps - they'te not just for running about with frilly shirts in period dramas these days. Good thing or bad thing: Discuss.

They are, however, still playing moustache twirling, cape swirling baddies where lantern jawed American heroes are concerned. Damn, but I thought we'd left that particular trope behind. Ah well, one of these days.

British actors as Hollywood villains: Alan Rickman, Jason Isaacs, more

For the girls in the queue to see Richard Armitage on Wednesday:

Brit Binge Watching: Five British Costume Dramas You Can View Online


Who Is Douglas Booth?

Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, John Hurt and more join Dwayne Johnson in Hercules

Sir Roger Moore Q and A April 2013

Michael Caine Joins Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Orlando Bloom smiles proudly as he spends the day with growing son Flynn… but is upstaged by youngster on the fashion front

'Homeland's David Harewood: 'Estes role pulled me out of the gutter'

Rupert Everett: 'Sex is over. I'm not motivated by it any more'

‘Merlin’ actor Colin Morgan makes his ‘The Tempest’ debut

ITV's Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour collars more than 6m

'Game of Thrones': Meet the Hound, Scottish actor Rory McCann

Game of Thrones’ Mackenzie Crook on Playing an Eagle and Climbing Fake Ice Walls

Terence Stamp can't afford to move back to London

Gerard Butler: 'I know some things I will take to the grave'

Toby Stephens, 'Merlin's Tom Hopper in 'Black Sails' - trailer

Noel Clarke

'I'm Danny Dyer not Danny Day-Lewis': The professional geezer is an actor to be reckoned with

Image Entertainment Acquires Thriller BLOOD Starring Paul Bettany

Alex Pettyfer in Van Sant's Fifty Shades sex scene?

Pilot preview: Jason Isaacs is 'The Surgeon General' at CBS

The Americans Spoilers: Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich Talk Season 1's Epic Finish

Samuel West: Is Maria Miller leading the arts into a trap?

Actor Martin Compston makes waves as leading man

Alan Davies: I nearly quit QI after BBC axed my comedy show

Vinnie Jones Struggled With Soccer Serial Killer Role

Rupert Penry Jones


Actor Tony Curran sneaks off film set to watch the Celtic game still wearing his alien costume


Richard Armitage and The Hobbit: "It’s mind blowing the things we did"

It cost $1.6m to get a face like this! Richard Armitage's Thorin make-over for The Hobbit


Matt Smith on 'Doctor Who' 50th Proms: We're proud to be a part of it

BBC One - Doctor Who, Series 7 Part 2, The Crimson Horror, Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror

'Doctor Who' Season Finale Revealed: 'The Name Of The Doctor'

'Doctor Who' 50th: Matt Smith, David Tennant together in new pictures

Doctor Who finale will 'change course of show,' claims Steven Moffat

'Doctor Who's' Matt Smith talks the dangerous TARDIS

Matt Smith 'proud' of Doctor Who Proms

It's a Who's Who of Time Lords on location in Wales

How are they going to explain that then? David Tennant and Matt Smith seen on set together as they shoot 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who

Dr Who past and present, Matt Smith and David Tennant, film at Chepstow Castle

Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror - preview pictures

Exclusive: Doctor Who’s Matt Smith’s first word on Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut


David Tennant talks 50th: 'There's nothing quite like Doctor Who'

Broadchurch to return for second series after nearly 9m see killer unveiled

David Tennant and Emily Watson play reversed roles in gripping new BBC drama

David Tennant: I didn't find out who the killer was in Broadchurch until I got the script for the last episode

David Tennant in The Politician's Husband - preview pictures

RSC exhibition featuring costumes worn by David Tennant and Dame Judi Dench

David Tennant 'comfortable' back in Doctor Who suit

Tennant finds glamour in politics

David Tennant and Olivia Colman: the best actors on TV?

David Tennant's hit thriller TV show Broadchurch will be back for a new series after gripping 10 million viewers

David Tennant – Going From Strength To Strength

David Tennant stars in TalkTalk TV's YouView Digital Theatre on-demand channel

The Politican's Husband, David Tennant's second big drama of the week, starts tonight

The Politician's Husband: David Tennant in decent drama

David Tennant to play killer in Hannibal

TV Review: David Tennant survives one drama only to follow it with a bad hair day

Broadchurch to The Politician's Husband: Tennant's extra... we just can't get enough

Broadchurch killer: Tennant and Colman talk about top secret plot

Doctor Who 50th anniversary: David Tennant confirmed as only returning Doctor


Actor Dougray Scott on his new series Hemlock Grove and witnessing Hibs thriller at Hampden

Dougray Scott moves from Wisteria Lane to 'Hemlock Grove'

Dougray Scott takes Netflix subscribers to 'Hemlock Grove'

Doctor Who Spoilers: Call the Midwife's Jessica Raine and United's Dougray Scott to guest star in this weeks episode Hide

Doctor Who: lots and lots of Hide images

More 'Doctor Who' episode 709 images: Exploring a haunted house


Trek stars awed by Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch wants to flee TV

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his training regimen for Star Trek Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch Divides Kirk And Spock In Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Clip

I'm definitely middle class...OK maybe I'm upper middle class': From Sherlock to Star Trek, Benedict Cumberbatch on his meteoric rise to stardom

Benedict Cumberbatch Takes A Break From Sherlock Filming With Co-Stars

Chris Pine to join Benedict Cumberbatch on Graham Norton show

The Full Dynastic Heritage Of Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch's Smaug is The Hobbit's Unexpected Saviour

Benedict Cumberbatch messes with Spock's mind in new Star Trek Into Darkness clip

Cumberbatch compares Star Trek set to fairground

Benedict Cumberbatch looks sinister on new Star Trek Into Darkness poster

'You are alive only because I allow it': Captain Kirk confronts a villain on board the Enterprise in exclusive new clip from Star Trek Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals He's A 'Psychological Terrorist' In Star Trek Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch hangs from a harness as he films new scenes for Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch's Menacing 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Promo

Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch blown away in new Star Trek: Into Darkness poster, and final trailer released

Benedict Cumberbatch: My mum says I'm like Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch was caught up in 7/7 panic

Benedict Cumberbatch Interview Star Trek Into Darkness Premiere

The Perfect Benedict Cumberbatch Interview


'Sherlock': New series three image hints at wedding - picture

I'm definitely middle class...OK maybe I'm upper middle class': From Sherlock to Star Trek, Benedict Cumberbatch on his meteoric rise to stardom

'I'm definitely middle class', says actor Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch fooled by cream prank

Cumberbatch reveals hairdo fear

Star Trek Into Darkness premieres in London


Reality becomes fantasy! Martin Freeman looks set to wed real-life partner Amanda Abbington as they shoot new Sherlock scenes

Freeman: Sherlock like Beatlemania

Martin Freeman, Dr Watson, Jokes 'Sherlock' Hype Is Like Beatlemania

Martin Freeman fond of the Sherlock success

Martin Freeman Swoops In And Wins Best Hero At MTV Movie Awards!

Martin Freeman, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence take home top prizes at the MTV Movie Awards


Henry Cavill stands tall in new Man Of Steel image

Superman Henry Cavill is our shirtless Man of Steel - pictures

Ten Things About... Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon's Man of Steel Fight Scenes: No Physical Injuries, Just Mental Ones!

'The pay was pretty good, but they treat you like s**t': Man Of Steel Henry Cavill recalls the acting advice Russell Crowe gave him at age 16

Cavill: I want box office smashes

Cavill: Superman suit has powers

Man of Steel Official Trailer

Superman Henry Cavill sets sights on Daniel Craig's James Bond job

Ten Things About... Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is Superman in New Man of Steel

Henry Cavill stands strong in new Man Of Steel image

Henry Cavill: I'm proud to be me

Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon's Man of Steel Fight Scenes: No Physical Injuries, Just Mental Ones!

Henry Cavill Puts His SUPER Good Looks On Display For British GQ!

Henry Cavill - Henry Cavill an 'honest' Superman

Henry Cavill is motivated by money

Henry Cavill zooms onto a new Man Of Steel poster


Amanda Seyfried details Dominic Cooper relationship problems

Dominic Cooper's rude awakening

Dominic Cooper misses sharing home with James Corden

Dominic Cooper won't watch himself

I don't watch my own films: Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper Has Real Life Need for Speed


Adrian Lester & Rory Kinnear in Hytner's Othello's+Othello.html

Lester & Kinnear in NT Othello, Soho's Glory Dazed & Donmar's Weir,+Soho's+Glory+Dazed+&+Donmar's+Weir.html


'I had to do what I had to do', says Downton star (Dan Stevens)

Dan Stevens Ditches Downton Abbey For Brooklyn Crime Thriller

Dan Stevens May Change His Hair Color Again, Says “It's Fun to Mix It Up”

Julian Fellowes couldn't give Dan Stevens a fond farewell

Dan Stevens, Adamant About Leaving 'Downton Abbey' To Pursue Other Opportunities

'Downton Abbey' star Dan Stevens in 'Summer in February' trailer


Sherlock Holmes TV Series Heads To Cobble Hill

CBS Series 'Elementary' Filming In Cobble Hill April 17-18

Elementary holds up well for Ten

'Elementary' promo teases the hunt for Moriarty


Cillian Murphy joins Wally Pfister's 'Transcendence'


Irish actor Cillian Murphy signs on for Johnny Depp flick 'Transcendence'


Colin Farrell is thrilled about his mother's upcoming wedding.

Colin Farrell Film Shoots In Fermanagh

Production begins on Farrell film in NI

Ten things you need to know about Colin Farrell


'The Following' finale spoilers: Assorted teases from James Purefoy

The Following: 7 Burning Questions for the Season Finale


Tom Hiddleston In Talks To Star In A Remake Of The Crow

Tom Hiddleston Excited By Release Of Thor: The Dark World Trailer

Tom Hiddleston circling The Crow remake

Tom Hiddleston & Hayley Atwell Up For Robert Capa Biopic

Tom Hiddleston Is The Most Evil! Wins Best Villain At MTV Movie Awards!

Tom Hiddleston: Brits always play baddies

Tom Hiddleston will play famed war photographer Robert Capa (presumably with dark hair)

Tom Hiddleston thanks Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer's dog Loki in MTV Movie Awards speech

MTV Movie Awards 2013: Tom Hiddleston thanks One Direction's Liam Payne after winning Best Villain

Tom Hiddleston in line for The Crow remake?

Thor star Tom Hiddleston back on stage 'by end of the year?''by+end+of+the+year?'.html

Hiddleston, Atwell get Close Enough


Caught in his web! Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx leap into action as they shoot dramatic scenes for new Spider-Man film

He got the memo! Andrew Garfield colour co-ordinates with girlfriend Emma Stone's coral beanie as he slips on hipster jeans

Andrew Garfield Sprints to Spidey-Car!!

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone's Breezy Big Apple Stroll

Andrew Garfield: Big Apple Breakfast

Grabbing attention! Andrew Garfield watches on as his stuntman swings into action on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Art imitating life! On and off-screen couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone can't contain their affection on set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield in Union Square

He's my favourite leading man! Emma Stone squeezes in time for lovers' stroll with her Spider-Man sweetheart Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield Supports Marriage Equality!!

Andrew Garfield Smooches Emma Stone on Spider-Man Set, Expresses Support for Marriage Equality

Emma Stone Cozies Up to Andrew Garfield in NYC

Hat's not such a Marvel-ous look, Andrew

Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx Snapped on Set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2—See the Pic!


Jude Law PETA Letter Asks WTO To Uphold European Union Seal Fur Ban

Jude Law Stops By The Ex's In London

Jude Law not one to pop pills

Jude Law writes against seal trade

Jude Law Urges Continued Ban of Seal Fur, Pens PETA Letter to WTO

Jude Law Joins Kevin Macdonald's Submarine Thriller 'Black Sea'

Jude Law Dives In To 'Black Sea'


Will spy Colin kick-ass?

Colin Firth took a swing at golf for new film

Colin Firth in talks for Matthew Vaughn's 'The Secret Service'

Firth spies Secret Service role

Colin Firth Is Not At All Optimistic About 'Bridget Jones 3′

Colin Firth to Lead Matthew Vaughn's THE SECRET SERVICE

Firth: Bridget Jones 3 is way off

Colin Firth to star in new Woody Allen film


Ewan McGregor supporting mass anti-hunger protest in London

Ewan McGregor develops big biceps for movie role

Ewan McGregor works on his muscles for Oz film role

Ewan McGregor delves into Trainspotting prequel “Skagboys”

Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor orders bespoke Derby cycle

McGregor shapes up for bad guy role

Beckham and McGregor welcome Commonwealth Games

Ewan McGregor and other Scottish links with Star Wars

Ewan McGregor wraps up filming in WA

Ewan McGregor's WA photo diary

May the Force be with Ew, Obi Wan Two

Glasgow 2014: McGregor and Beckham back Unicef link-up

Ewan Mcgregor Supporting Mass Anti-hunger Protest In London

Ewan McGregor works on his muscles for Oz film role

Ewan McGregor has no time for Seven



Tom Hardy's Travelling Life

Tom Hardy Reunites with Gary Oldman


Will ITV's Call The Midwife rival leave drama fans Breathless? (Jack Davenport)

This Life stars Jack Davenport and Natasha Little to reunite in ITV drama Breathless


Dianna Agron and Boyfriend Christian Get Cozy In Venice! (Cooke)

Dianna Agron: Venice Vixen


Olivia Colman and Sheridan Smith are love rivals in new drama

David Morrissey, Sheridan Smith, Olivia Colman & Sean Maguire Cast In BBC One's 'The 7.39?

Olivia Colman and Sheridan Smith to star as love rivals in new David Nicholls BBC drama The 7.39


Casting Net: Michael Fassbender for 'Macbeth'

Michael Fassbender to Star in Macbeth Film

Michael Fassbender to play Macbeth

Michael Fassbender's a spectacular creature - set to star in “Twelve Years a Slave” with Brad Pitt

Michael Fassbender, See Saw partner on Macbeth

Michael Fassbender to star in Macbeth

Will Michael Fassbender Play Macbeth?

Michael Fassbender to Star in Justin Kurzel's Adaptation of MACBETH

Fassbender to play Macbeth in film

Michael Fassbender Will Be Macbeth

Snowtown's Kurzel to direct Fassbender, Portman in big-screen Macbeth


Doctor Who and Broadchurch actor Arthur Darvill to star in Broadway production of Once

Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill to play Guy in Broadway musical Once


James McAvoy loves seeing actors sweat blood

James Mcavoy Predicts Theatre Awards Loss

James McAvoy: 'I love to see actors sweat blood'

In a 'Trance' with James McAvoy


Playing House was a nightmare says Hugh Laurie (who made £250,000 an episode)

Hugh Laurie wanted accident to avoid House

House was not a home for Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie interview for Didn't It Rain


Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi join forces in Vicious Humour

Vicious comedy starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi: sneak peek

A rather limp landmark

Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi on new sitcom Vicious

Sir Ian McKellen on sitcom 'Vicious': 'It's not an exposé of gay life'

Will new ITV sitcom Vicious starring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi prove a watershed for gay relationships in TV drama?


Damian Lewis Brings British Quirk to Jaguar Short 'Desire'

The new transporter! Forget Jason Statham... Damian Lewis stylishly delivers in Jaguar's short film Desire

Damian Lewis Appears at HemiHelp's CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN CONCERT Tonight

Olivier Theatre Awards Sees Daniel Radcliffe, Damian Lewis and Myleene Klass Arrive

Damian Lewis plays smooth-talking criminal in new short film for Jaguar F-type

'Homeland' Lead Damian Lewis Stars In This 13-Minute Ad For A $100K Jaguar

Jaguar F-Type, Damian Lewis "Desire" Short Film Launched

Damian Lewis Stars in 12-Minute Jaguar Commercial

Homeland: Hunt for Brody is on


Pierce Brosnan warns against game and movie violence

Pierce Brosnan, interview for Love Is All You Need


One Mad Power Grab, Many Dramatic Roles

Alan Cumming to return to Cabaret for Broadway revival

“The Insane Root That Takes the Reason Prisoner” (Alan Cumming)


'The Borgias' Jeremy Irons: Pope Alexander VI 'was a hot-blooded Mediterranean man'

Jeremy Irons backtracks on gay marriage comments

Jeremy Irons models for Berluti


John Barrowman: 'I'm upset to miss out on Doctor Who 50th anniversary'

'Doctor Who' John Barrowman wants Captain Jack, River Song spinoff

'I wasn't asked' John Barrowman snubbed for Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode


Scots star John Hannah admits Spartacus show shocked his dad so much he didn't recognise his own son

John Hannah on the best cycling routes


Guest host Ray Winstone divides Have I Got News For You fans

Ray Winstone calls Scots 'tramps' on TV quiz show


Iwan Rheon: Misfits the movie?

Iwan Rheon: 'I'd be an idiot not to do a Misfits movie'


Woman in Black sequel casts Jeremy Irvine as lead

Jeremy Irvine to lead 'Woman in Black' sequel


Happy families: Billie Piper goes for a sunshine stroll with Laurence Fox and their young sons... as she gears up for Doctor Who filming

Billie Piper and Laurence Fox leave the babies at home, look super glam at Olivier Awards


Interview: Russell Tovey's work experience

Russell Tovey Sets Sights on States


Daniel Radcliffe Appears Dwarfed by Wedding Pals—See the Phot

Daniel Radcliffe lands thrilling new role in Tokyo Vice film adaptation


Hop Fuzz: Crocked actor Simon Pegg caned on film set

Star Trek cast had 'mad night out'
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