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I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed

Friday: ah, bliss. A minor Alessandro festival that finished just in time to catch dear little Colin on Leno. Timing.

I loved Laurel Canyon, which was your usual quirky indy US film, though the cast was very Brits ahoy. However I Want You sucked like a giant sucking thing. It was bad, really bad, the way only small Brit films from the mid 90s can be (and believe me, I've sat through a few). The only thing going for it was Sandro pouting moodily throughout and dropping trou more often than not. So it's a keeper for the perve factor, but it has nothing else to recommend it. And he ended up dating Rachel after this film? How sick is that?

Laurel Canyon I watched twice. Sandro is just so very, very and Christian is lovely in it, too. I really liked it. Varina8 should try and rent this, cause she's into the whole Janis Joplin thing (went right over my head but I was just there for the pretty boys anyway).

Still, not forgiving Sandro any time soon for "I Want you". Right up there with some of the Ewan and Jude stuff I've endured over the years. Yikes.

And a part of me wonders what is the point of having a collection of my fave boys, naked, in scenes that'd probably get the film banned here these days, if I'm not allowed to do anything with them. No more black label screen cap sites, that's for certain, though if you think I've turned a moral corner let me assure you it it's purely from a lack of web site perspective. It's more of a case of just because my shiny new pc can doesn't mean I can be arsed. Whether I should or not never enters into it. I've never had a problem of sharing screen caps of actors, who've consented to be filmed naked, with like minded folks who share my appreciation of the male nude (okay, Sean Bean getting upset because he never imagined dvd quality stills of his jiggly bits when he made the film over ten years ago, fair point, but Sandro getting it out there in 2002? Asking for it, quite frankly).

And male nude night it was as I'd chosen well from my library (quite by accident I assure you but you'll never believe me). Nekkid Sandro in Laurel Canyon and I Want You, and nekkid Sam in Reilly. More naked arse scenes than I actually wanted or needed, almost a glut, and I feel like I did eating too many of those cherry ripe chocettes yesterday. Too much of a good thing. Sugar overload.

Jane Austen must be depressing me (overidentify much?) because Friday was an astoundingly good day. Turned out I had an excuse for my ecclectic fashion choices. A co-worker brought in chocolate to share, the boss wasn't in, AP gave me money for my Friday night Thai and Bro taped Colin on E! for me. There was cracking good telly, then a nekkid Sandro fest and finally Colin on Leno. A good day, and yet...

I took some joy from the day, but not as much as I should, in my smorgasbord of simple pleasures. Is somebody sprinkling prozac on my weeties again?

Still, free chocolate is always good, the Thai place spoiled me by making me a special order (I'm officially a regular) and tv was of the good.

Stargate: Demons. I've never taken to this episode but tonight I did. Daniel was cute, playing devil's advocate, cough, and exposition boy. There was some evidence of research in this story and, well, hey, boys in chains. I think this is actually the episode where Jack gets his scar, not 1969, as we'd thought. Cause he got whacked in this one and the scar is very there in the trailer for next week.

Someone on brit-actors said Spooks was everything the New Professionals should have been but very much wasn't. Funnily enough that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Tonight's episode (sorry, too much Quinn Martin in my diet) was a neatly convoluted tale of high finance, swindling, the Russian mafia and, best of all, screwing the Yanks. Heh.

Saturday: One film I did enjoy was American Outlaws. Not a bad western, though it's hard to go wrong with a western in my book. People have called it unoriginal but it hit everything on my checklist so I was happy. Okay, so it tried too hard with the Woo-like action scenes, but it had Colin, a very young Colin, it had a good plot albeit loosely based on the known (and disputed) facts. It had horses, it had shootouts, it had bank hold ups, railway heists and baddies in black hats and it had the obligatory shirtless fixing the fence/wagon scene. I even enjoyed Timothy Dalton popping up as Pinkerton, this time with a reasonably authentic Scots accent (he sounded just like my Dad at times, it was spooky).

So, a good western in my book. Certainly thematically similiar to Ned Kelly but heaps better, and I do so enjoy the sight of good ol southern boys sticking it to the man these days. It ended abruptly but I guess they couldn't sell the real unhappy ending to the targeted teen audience (it really felt like the last reel was missing). Nevertheless young shirtless Colin + blazing guns western = happiness.

Sunday was spent in hard labour, so much so that I turned the towl brown when I had my bath, grot that I am. Still, I've got all the tiles back and it wasn't half as hard as all that other stuff where I have to work looking up, not down. Found some cool stuff too: bones, buttons, glass, crockery, chess pieces, marbles etc and I buried it all back under the tiles. One of the tiles used to have foreign coins hidden under it, until AP had them all dug up.

Alas I'll be back up the ladder next week with the putty pot because while trying to brush away the cobwebs indoors I accidentally knocked down a bit of plaster facing. I swear it was only being held up by cobwebs and goodwill but I am so not getting off probation anytime soon (cf the weekend my life turned into one of those horrid Fox reality shows). I hate falling down houses.

I know, you've probably got servants to do all that. Well, that's why they call it the working classes, because I'm working, 24/7.

Still, after sunset I managed some precious moments with Reilly, so wickedly ruthless, and Sherlock Holmes. The Jeremy Brett version, of course, nothing else. So nice to see somebody else being the buttmonkey for a change. Poor Watson, so put upon, so manipulated, so belittled, so much the doormat. Remind me to scan my pic from the Holmes museum sometime, the one that had a co-worker in fits of the giggles (back when I worked in places with senses of humour). This episode was noticeable for the inclusion of a young James Purefoy - he looks so much better now with a few years under his belt.

What's the opposite to motivated? Dragged myself into work today because I'm Captain IT today, ie all by myself, again. Usually a happy occassion but between a bad head cold, cold weather, cold hands, cold feet and cold burning resentment I'm not feeling terribly productive. Another bare minimum day, I suspect. Even in regard to thinking up Billy plot.

Happily I'm not as bored with Billy as I feared I was last night. At least, Sandro pulled a guest spot in my dream last night (the old can't get anywhere by public transport I'm stranded and I'm going to have to walk through strange and hostile territory to get where I want to go dream). So, Sandro showed up at one point, in the trickster role, and what was with the red cordial addiction, I do wonder? My brain is a strange place at night.

Still, I was so dippy to see him, so I know I'm not over the boy yet. I'm going to blame my cold. Hmmmm, could my PC crash one more time? Sheesh, looks like I'm not the only one here in a mood, eh, Sweets? Sigh, not even looking at Colin pictures brings me joy. Cue Marvin the Paranoid Android grumblings:

"Pardon me for breathing, which I never do any way so I don't know why I bother to say it, oh God, I'm so depressed."

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