mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

The Brit(ish) List

(This week: Tom Hiddleston happy to continue playing Loki, Daniel Craig Confirmed To Return As Bond By 2016, BBC denies reports of Matt Smith's departure from Doctor Who, Ewan Mcgregor Defends James Mcavoy Over Theatre Criticism, Damian Lewis Gets Presented With Freedom Of The City of London Award, Stephen Fry to make US Sitcom, Top award for Sheffield actor Sean Bean, Michael Kitchen is set to face a chilling new enemy, Rafe Spall in maths genius film, Hurt joins Johnson in Hercules, Simon Pegg discusses The World's End characters, Jude Law Drops Out of Film Jane Got a Gun, Gerard Butler looks to Washington for box-office bailout, Clive Mantle Has Ear Partially Bitten Off, Richard Armitage hopes film will stand test of time, Peter Capaldi on life after The Thick of It, Matthew Rhys on The Americans, Benedict Cumberbatch is sexy and totally evil in Star Trek Into Darkness, Jason Statham and Tom Hardy in a battle of the Brits to star in Escape From New York, Tom Hardy Kisses Up to a Dog, David Tennant's ITV drama off to a solid start, Simon Russell Beale and John Simm in Pinter's Hothouse, Charlie Hunnam covers GQ Style, Kit Harington Talks Game Of Thrones, Ben Whishaw is so irredeemably moist that he could do with sponging)
Tags: ben whishaw, benedict cumberbatch, colin morgan, damian lewis, dan stevens, daniel craig, david morrissey, david tennant, doctor who, ewan mcgregor, henry cavill, james mcavoy, john simm, jude law, links, magazine scans, matt smith, matthew rhys, michael fassbender, peter capaldi, richard armitage, tom hardy, tom hiddleston

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