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thou halfpenny purse of wit, thou pigeon egg of discretion

There I was, innocently trying to plot the next bits of my Alan & Billy saga when suddenly there was Colonel Jack O'Neill in my face. Right there in my face, as if to say me, me, me, you're meant to be writing about me, you lazy sow.

We actually have tv on our buses, in case you think I've gone nuts, and it's very intrusive and I was trying to ignore it when an ad for Stargate came on (yes, EvilChannel7 has relented and is playing random episodes of Season Sux starting this Thurs) and thus my Billy thoughts were interupted, nay, banished.

I hate the tvs they have everywhere now. One cannot just think or be, which was the only plus public transport had going for it (I can't read on a bus, it's too erratic for me, I get bus sick big time). I usually try to sit right up the back as far away as possible from it but there was a rowdy road crew partying up the back this morning so I had to sit up the front. So, Jack in my face.

Just to show him, I've not even opened the file, so there. Well, actually I was busy scanning Orly before I signed on, and that was my quiet time gone.

Nice to know they're not short of an Aussie drop over at the SGC (Column 8, SMH, today):

    Squadron Leader Steve Borbiro, RAAF, on exchange in the United States, feels challenged to try the bizarrely-named Woop Woop shiraz now that it's praised by The New York Times (Column 8, yesterday).

    "I haven't yet tried it at $US11.49 ($17.28) a bottle at my local bottle shop here in Colorado Springs, but might give it a go now. I will also try the Fat Croc chardonnay and shiraz, both bargains at $US5.99 ($9)! Has Steve Irwin anything to do with this brand? Fortunately, they also have a good selection of Penfolds, Lindemans, Henschke, Rosemount and other better-known Australian wines."

Heard the most fatuous thing on E! last night (I was watching because I'd gotten home in time and they'd promised Colin). The guy was standing there saying, re Bob Hope, "I can't believe we've just celebrated his 100th birthday, and now he's dead." I mean, really. There are a lot of things that can be said to describe the passing of a 100 year old entertainer. Complete surprise, however, should not be one of them. A friend told me you don't need a journalism degree or equivalent to work on US news shows. Nor, apparently, the most basic of high school qualifications.

I know, you're thinking who am I to lecture on the proper way of doing things? Because they should have had an obit prepared, because there are proper ways to do these things, and I have to follow strict protocols all day every day (which is why I muck about here, because my LJ is mine, my little sand pit of anarchy). It was just so damn shoddy, I've seen primary school mock news shows that are more professional, in fact I've yet to see a school news panel less professional than anything E! can offer. They should be ashamed and donate their paypackets to charity.

Other than E! I didn't watch any tv. I had a stack of stuff to watch, but I was just so tired it was face plant on the mattress time. I did watch Farscape this morning though. I can't believe it's a clips show. Well, it was, but more of a flashback show and it was well done so you didn't too feel grubby and used. AP remarked that the costume and creature designers must have had a ball going to town on the freakish planet population this week.

The Herald says so long as you learn something new, no matter how small, the day isn't wasted, which is a nice thought and happily much less hypertensive than the six impossible things before breakfast regime I feel peer pressured to be living. Yes, I like that, it makes my goal of not wasting my life just a little more attaintable (and low impact). After all, doing six impossible things before breakfast takes time and money, things I'm not exactly blessed with.

Spring cheered me up by sending me another postcard, this time of the South Carolina flag. I had no idea SC was a muslim state, as indicated by the crescent moon - snigger. It actually looks like a coffee stain and a streak of bird shit, but hey, at least it's got a history.

A dear friend is busy having a very mature and reasoned rant against RPS. Yes, I've done RPS, but I was 14 or so at the time. Yes, I've used traits and faces and stories of real people to clothe OC's in, or to enliven other characters I've stolen and misppropriated. Yes I am aware of libel and copyright laws as well as morality and cultural sensitivity but I also believe in public domain, fair comment and anti-censorship, especially so far as using historical figures or fictional characters.

In other news, Josh Brolin got engaged. Not that I care one way or the other but I had to go research it for my list, so there you are.

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