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men in black

men in black

My day off on Monday was all for nothing. Got in trouble for taking too many sick days and I still spat the dummy, loudly, before I went home. You see the sys admin won't give me a log in account so I can't do any part of my job. It's so frustrating. I don't know why. I used to run departmental websites all by myself with no bother. I hate them all.

So I went home, later than I intended but I still caught the last ten minutes of Buffy, with Angel. Thin Angel with cheekbones, no less. Ah, remember when J. Set the tape for West Wing and cued it up and caught the last ten minutes or so of 6FU. This also cheered me up. Gave up all thought of doing anything at all and settled in for some fine and woeful viewing and a bit of even more woeful fic writing. Ended up watching some M7 cause I just couldn't get the mood right. Put in a tape for pot luck and it was Chinatown. Oh my, I'd forgotten just how pretty dear Ezra is. And there was Chris, stalking about in his not-blankie, doing the whole man with no name bit, when he wasn't doing Unforgiven. It's actually canon to cram as many Clint Eastwood movies you can into 40 minutes or so. Poor Chris. But, oooh, Chris. Yeah, I might have been distracted from my Michael Biehn obession but I ain't forgotten it. Just the other week I picked up a mag for Smallville and there was a short interview with MB within (he's in Clockstoppers, yea gods). This session of tv inspired lust took me right up to Angel, alas six years later and twice the man he used to be, and they stopped the demons cutting Fred's head off (can anyone actually stand her?) but, hey, after all that Ezra, Chris, Buck & Vin, I wasn't going to sleep any time soon so I ended up watching it. Trivia: when Lorne says Wesley's papers are online at, he's not kidding.

Forgot to mention some of the con gossip. There wasn't much as the lads knew all too well how things get back, alas (once upon a time the distance to an Oz con guarranteed the guest unloading on everything). Alexis apparently did dreadful things to the fake baby in scenes and they all had to be told when the real baby was on the set, in case they played football with it. Andy expressed delight at watching Amy Acker take a header of the staircase mid line and Charisma take a flying header down the steps in her gold bikiini in the Pylea episodes. That's about it, really. Like I said, they were very aware that everything utterance was being recorded. Too bad, really. What's the point if you don't get any really evil gossip - and there wasn't the opportunity to get them drunk and winkle out what they really think of Actor X. Bugger.

>> Click here to see some of my con photos.



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