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Oy, I've had more crashes than hot cups of tea this morning so this probably isn't going to be as cheery as I wrote it out in my head on the day. So you'll be wanting to know about the Angel con last weekend, right?

Less than a month after the last con you wouldn't think I hated myself so much as to go and to be unwell, again. And this time there was no good food, good fine and good company to paper over the cracks. It was cheaper though, and closer. Got to give them that. Went home early on Friday, and isn't that going to cause problems because I just couldn't go on. And I'll be re-writing that reporet again. Arrrgh. Missed the cocktail party, not that they'd ever sell me tockets and not that I was in any shape to go. Stayed abed as long as I could on Saturday, seriously questioned my sanity in dragging myself out of bed on a cold and unhappy morning. Caught a taxi and got there an hour late, missing the queues. Popped into the dealers room but there was nothing there from either my own or my friend's shopping lists so that was a bust.

The guests though, complete fruitcakes, the lot of them. Especially Andy & Mark - they were Colin Class guests.J. Who are these guys, as none of my friends seem to know, well, they're better known as Gunn, Lorne & Groo from Angel, if you're still watching it. Okay, J was funny, relaxed and not at all an arsehole. I'm so glad. After my experience with the Buffy cast I was beginning to despair. These guys were nuts. J was mainly out here because his girlfriend wanted a free trip to Sydney but he did sterling duty, and even did the now traditional tim tam suck on stage, though they weren't my tim tams and I'm furious that somebody stole my schtick. No fair. Pout.

Andy & Mark, though. Heh. Firstly, Mark came out as Andy's, ahem "partner." You know, cause they get a ticket for two. Not that there's anything wrong with that. They spent the whole weekend describing each other's apartments and doing Paul Lind impersonations, but they're not gay. They live next door to each other and go shopping togeher on Hollywood Blvd, but they're not gay. When packing for this trip they realised to their collective horror there'd be no one to tape vintage celebrity squares - but they're not gay. J. Okay, whatever you say, boys. J. Time to embrace that rainbow, methinks. J. Hilarious. I loved them both. They were a scream. And cute as the dickens, too.

There were a few friends at the con, and it was great to say hi, but there weren't any real opportunities to lounge about and chat, though I wasn't in my best party mood anyway, being bereft of my hot water bottle. Met one guy there who was an artist, watched all the same shows I did, read all the same comics I did and just went weak at the knees at the very thought of Tom Welling. Uh huh. Okay, moving on...

Spent Monday in bed, though I think I'd have been better served swapping it with today, as I feel worse. Prolly because I was up late watching Dark Angel, Alias, SVU (two shots of Munch as I'd caught Homicide that afternoon), Buffy and Six Feet Under and joting down notes about Ezra. I'm fretting over Ezra. Now that he's stopped pursuing Vin he seems to be devoting himself to his ambition of becoming a nineteenth century Lex Luthor and being quite a ruthless chap about it too. Bad Ezra. No Biscuit. Buck still loves him to bits though and hopefully Ezra won't go completely bad. Sigh. It was meant to be a happy arc and Ezra's gone dark side on me.

See I was writing Ezra, then read a few Lex articles that made me go hmmm.

Spent the whole day bundled up in lieu of the last four days being all lazy, but I thought it best to ease up - the old glandular fever was making its presence felt again, most unhappily. Watched Sam in Quincy, then he turned up an hour later in the X Files, being evil this time. Amusing how the Japanese went from being a quaint peoples with all their funny little ways to the embodiment of evil in the twenty years between the two programs. Scarier was how Get Smart was still relevant, with Max joking that CONTROL's policy was to bomb everyone to keep the peace. Is Max setting US foreign policy now? Seems like.

Um, not that I think while watching tv (or write or read). Wouldn't what you getting that impression. Me dumb chick. Apparently having thoughts will never get me a man, so I gotta stop that. Sigh. It's Pride and Prejudice all over again, without any sort of Mr Darcy on the horizon, but an oversupply of Mr Collins.



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