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one writ with me in sour misfortune's book

The only thing to watch this morning as I got up was Batman and, you, know, it's just too damn early in the morning for something that, ahem, flamboyant and colourful. You know, this is what the world considered the height of art and culture when I was born. Oh dear, and oh my, way, way too silly for that early in the am, unless you're just getting to bed after a particularly good night out, which I so wasn't.

It was a long, long hard day of work and then staying back to work on the Sharpe site and I don't know why I bother because in over six months I've not been able to ftp to either of my sites, sites that are costing me the trip overseas I so desperately crave. It never used to be this hard or expensive. I ring up tech support but one won't return my calls and the new one does, but none of the advice offered thus far works. If you're the extraordinarily kind person who downloaded my site for me, can you please tell me how the hell you logged into my account? Exactly?

I'm going to try another ftp prog but I don't hold out much hope. I'm really starting to want to throw things again.

I don't know why I'm so desperate to upload new fic. Nothing like posting and going TA-DA!!! and being greeted by the sound of crickets and the odd tumbleweed passing through to humble one. I suppose the Ash bit was too silly. I can re-write it if you ask me too, really I can.

Heh. They just played They Might Be Giants. Yes, I think I will just give up entirely on the idea of having a website, any website, and go visit that charming B&B in Instanbul I found. The one I really wanted to visit and was all set too before America ruined my holiday plans. Yep, that's the way to go. As soon as I replace the six grand I've spent on the web site that isn't there, that is.

I was also late. late home because the bus driver took us on a magical mystery tour, obviously speaking and reading no English as he did so he was unable to follow any of the signposts along the road or the direction from the increasingly agitated passengers, even when some where standing up the front of the bus and waving emphatically in the direction he was meant to go. I swear we wandered the outer suburbs of Brisbane at some point.

So I missed most of Charmed but I got home in time to see Leo killed off. Wail. I liked Leo. Sure he was probably getting too old and fat to do his job properly, ie be the resident meat, but still, it didn't seem fair. Dear Rose was looking a bit chubby too, so she'd better watch herself. Fat people obviously got no reason to live.

After that Brian from QAF played a flamboyant fertility cult leader nut job on SVU, much to my amusement (do you really want to give the actor who plays Brian a longer leash, I mean really?) and the scariest part was the 'please don't sue us' message that popped up. Sometimes you wish such crazed plots were just the feverish work of a drug addled scribe.

A dear friend doesn't get the Brian love in QAF. She obviously has been blessed with the extreme good fortune to have never have run into a charismatic sociopath who controls everything everyone in their group does and insists on worship and genuflection 24/7. Sad to say, creatures as souless and shallow as Brian do walk this earth. I've met one and they suck, literally. Total vampires.

Speaking before of buses it was cold this morning so we had a rattly old 70s bus again, because the new ones won't start on a frosty morning. Still, a 70s bus is luxury, sheer luxury. I used to go to school on 50s buses and even one relic from the 30s. The only other time I've ridden such vintage buses was the bus trip up to Hadrian's wall, on the very model of bus I used to catch to school, which made sense because I think the buses came from Newcastle, UK, or somewhere in the vicinity and it was rather cute, riding the school bus to see the wall. At least, it was magic for me, like my childhood dreams had really, actually come true.

My old school bus died a horrible death on Police Rescue. I spoke to a techie once who'd said how sad they were to destroy such a lovely old bus. Still, they'd patted its flanks and told it it was a good old bus before doing the deed. What better way for my old bus to go than to be chucked over a cliff in the name of art.

Ah, sweet purgatory, aka as the mind buggeringly dull task of reformatting the Sharpe site. Still going, though it's more like tilting at windmills as I just can't ftp to my site, no matter which PC I use. Worse, having to format all that fic revolving around my least favourite Sharpe character, played by Emily Mortimer. Never liked her as an actress.

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    "There is one word which begins with a C that is considered very, very rude in America," the Formula 51 star explains. "But in England we use it all the time. It's almost like a term of endearment." Mortimer, 31, learned just how bad the term was when she blurted it out… in front of her fiancé's mother! (She's planning an early 2003 wedding with Alessandro Nivola, 30, of Jurassic Park III). "One day, she asked me, `What is so-and-so like?'" Mortimer remembers. "And I said, `They're really nice, but not the kind of person you can say `c- -t' in front of." And later that night, I was like, `Oh my God... You are not the kind of person I can say that in front of!"


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