mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

The Brit(ish) List

(This week: David Tennant to star in new drama Escape Artist, Eddie Redmayne dances with bear, Jude Law gets into The Act at Palazzo, Damian Lewis drives slowest ever lap, Nicholas Hoult is Hollywood's new it boy, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to reprise Godot roles on Broadway, David Bradley to play William Hartnell in 50th biopic, Jason Isaacs and Ed Harris star in Logan and Noah Miller's Western, Sean Pertwee to appear in The Alan Partridge Movie, Colin Firth and the BBC class of '95 voted best Pride and Prejudice cast, Everett returns to West End as Wilde, James McAvoy and Ridley Scott team up for Welcome to the Punch, Colin Morgan in Quirke, Idris Elba to Make Directorial Debut With Playhouse Presents, David Tennant and Matt Smith appear in new Red Nose Day video, Barrowman books boost for Millport, Dominic Cooper to play Ian Fleming, Sean Bean backs cancer drive, Simon Pegg becomes patron of Stroud Drama Academy)
Tags: andrew garfield, ben whishaw, benedict cumberbatch, christian cooke, colin firth, colin morgan, damian lewis, daniel craig, david tennant, dominic cooper, douglas booth, ewan mcgregor, jack davenport, james corden, james mcavoy, jude law, links, magazine scans, matt smith, matthew macfadyen, matthew rhys, michael fassbender, rafe spall, stephen moyer, tom ward

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