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damn you, sam

I decided not to go out and see Goldfrapp last night, as much as the experience might have been uplifting. In the words of Arthur Dent, I had a headache and I'd be all cross and not enjoy it. I was fighting severe hormonal jet lag, still, and still feeling more than a bit rocky (one and two). Besides, there was some cracking good telly on offer. Yeah, yeah, fetch me my cocoa, comfy slippers and cardigan.

First up, Roswell. The 1947 episode. More boys in uniform. However, because I've seen this three times already this month I wasn't paying that much attention, and was flipping through magazines rather than watching, or writing as I'd intended to do. Missed most of Seven Days, ended up watching Sports Night again. I'd forgotten it was on and it was nice to watch an episode undisturbed. It is a cracking good show, very clever, and it rewards repeat viewings because scripts that clever and crackling never go out of style.

Next up: Now and Again. Eric Close, drool. I'm really loving this, especially the Foxtel versions. This is another simply well crafted, well written, well acted show. And the bit where Michael swings together with Theo - not gay enough - snort!

After that there was a bit of Dark Angel, which I still enjoy, and then over to Buffy. Actually I had two bits of Buffy because I was playing bits of Story Teller beforehand on DelBoy. At least that bit works (and how). This was the one where everybody voted for Faith. Yay. Well, Buffy's never been big on the teamwork, or even one to recognise it. However as just about every year we've had the pentultimate dummy spit from the blonde princess, it's getting a bit tired. Nice work from Nathan, even though I hate to see him bad. I much prefer Mal, where he was just an arsehole - grin. Perhaps a little too flawed and human for American audiences, sigh.

After that I was flicking around and landed onto to The Outer Limits with a young pouty Ryan Phillpe no less. Oh dear me. I was too amused to sleep, so I watched it. This left less than 4 hours of snoozing time. Ouch.

Still giggling last night over Will/Charlie's piece on cow horror films. Yesterday on triplej Adam and Mel must have needed some apart time because they partner swapped, those crazy swingers, and we had Mel and Will (pretending to be Charlie) in the afternoon. Mel was ranting about her morbid dread of cows, and Will, son of a dairy farmer, was loudly mocking her, saying they'd never made movies called Cows, The Cows That Ate Paris, and so on until Jurassic Jersey, which had me in fits of giggles and I can't get the image of Sammy surrounded by bovines out of my head. Too fekking funny, because Mel's right, cows are creepy when they surround you and just stare.

Promised myeslf I'd behave myself and not spend breakfast trawling for Sandro. Liar. Damn, but I've got that boy under my skin. I should be writing but drooling is about all I'm up for.

I can't wait for Alessandro to move back to the UK. He has a much, much higher profile there, due largely to the in-laws, and he'll show up in Hello more often (more pics, yay). As if to prove my point, I was scanning a picture of Mr Farrell, and while scanning, there on the back of the page was dear old 'Rumpole' gushing over his favourite son-in-law again:
"...and of course Emily, 31, is a very sucessful actress, who has just married the actor Alessandro Nivola. He is a very nice chap, with a wonderful Italian-American family of his own. It is awfully nice having film stars in the family. I think it's a very good thing. You get a lot of disappointments, but you can make lots of money and have quite a nice time - which is really rather good!"
- Sir John Mortimer, Hello #773 15 July 2003, UK p.39

How sweet. If this keeps up I'm going to starting thinking Sir John loves Sandro more than anyone - wicked grin. If he doesn't stop gushing over the boy there's definitely going to be an ick factor - grin. Can't stand Emily though. So glad I razzed her on my Sharpe page :P

Oh, screw Sam Neill (wouldn't we all), but the rat bastard has put Texas Chainsaw Massacre back on my amazon recommendations. Sigh....

This is what I get for looking up dark Sammy films, because I was in the mood for some Evil Sam. Sigh.

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