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I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at

It feels so good when it stops. Thought I'd post again as I probably will be taking up that offer of a day off tomorrow after all, and I'm feeling much more chipper because everything, even work, has eased up a little and I'm effused with happiness from writing just a few more paragraphs of Alan and Billy.

Why are some things a joy to write and others just labours of getting the thing done? I love Alan and Billy and I suppose it doesn't hurt that they both look like actors I've long admired, oh, who am I kidding, long lusted after. They're sweet boys, too, and, because they were in a dino movie, characters pretty much painted only in broad strokes, which means I'm free to fill in the details with whatever whimsy takes me. They're almost like OC's out of the box.

I'm really enjoying the way the story is falling together (and yes I'll finish part one, was just waiting not to feel like complete crap) and it's a cute accident that they'll be roaming around the neighbourhood of Cawdor Castle as Alan is going to have to deal with Billy's ambition, or rather Billy's ascendant career.

Alan is an old school palaeontologist, concerned only with his finds and his theories, as dry as dust. It's easy to write Alan because I can just hop the lift to find some geologist hewn from the same mould, so that's the way I'm writing him, like it or not, and I've known a few palaeontologists and geologists in my time of roughly Alan's vintage and they're all pretty much the same. Plus it's my reading of the text that Alan is pretty focused, to an almost anti-social degree, and he's a dull and overly technical public speaker.

Billy, on the other hand, who seems to have served an apprenticeship as Alan's liason with just about anybody, is young, indecently pretty, charming and gives good soundbite. Throw in Billy's notoriety from his adventures, a sucessful first book based on his doctoral thesis and a series on dinosaurs for a cable network, and the student has very much surpassed the teacher, at least publicity wise.

Billy would never in a million years think such a thing, and Billy very much has more to learn from Alan, but Alan does have to learn to live with people asking for Billy's opinion over his. Alan has been eclisped, more than a little, but he can live with that, it's just all the fuss that goes with it that really rubs him up the wrong way.

Heh, and that's just the B plot. The A plot is hunting feral dinosaurs in the wilderness. Or, knowing my fic, maybe that's the B Plot - grin.

Yesterday I learnt that twat means something completely different in American. Oh well, I stand by my twat and I have to put up with Americans rooting for everything all over the place, all the time, the filthy buggers. I just wonder what they'll make of that Fast Show sketch....(giggle).

Continuing on a theme, Dr Karl's show was entirely devoted to wanking and erections today. So educational. I made notes.

Speaking of educational fun, Firefly taught me some choice Mandarin phrases and I discovered just who speaks Mandarin on the floor by using one when my PC crashed. Heh. So there you go, Joss, entertaining and educational.

Well, that's it from me today, I promise. I was just feeling chatty and there's no one within a 1,000km+ radius who will speak to me. It's like this huge no fly zone, but my parents were the same so we're talking nature and nuture here. To paraphrase Tim Finn, I want to move to a new town, where the people are nice.

Forgot to add a couple of things. Bro is hugely distressed that they're using a Jesus and Mary Chain song for a Bill Murray trailer. Bro also complained that Mona Lisa's smile is such a chick flick that he grew breasts just having to sit through the trailer.

In my tea break I whipped up another pic to stick on my serial killer wall. This time I took a very broody pic of Sandro and darkened it significantly, added in more red and yellow and put on a gradient so there's only one very small source of light, just to give the thing a whole Caravaggio feel. It really worked, too. It'll look nice next to the somewhat golden and pastel-like Pre-Raphaelite pic of Sandro I have up on my wall currently.

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