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Our poesy is a gum, which oozes from whence 'tis nourished.

He that sleeps feels no toothache.
- Cymbeline

Good thing I taped Farscape as it was A Big Episode and I fell asleep during screening #1 and was dragging myself out of bed during screening #2. I didn't mean to fall asleep, I'd just had a day and a half. It was the one where John A decides to sacrifice himself and die horribly from radiation sickness. Note to Stargate PTB, this is how it's done properly, okay? It was a very good death scene, as death scenes go it was very artfully arranged with attendant friends and lovers, philosophical waxings between last breaths and I swear they even managed to slip in Kenneth Slessor's bells at the end. Alas, poor John.

The scene were the Scarrans blew up was pretty cool, too.

So, I decided to go home early cause I'd had it and apparently all hell broke loose after I left, server falling over in the middle of presentations, that sort of thing. Oh well. I'm rather glad I went home.

It was the Xmas Nazi episode of Roswell and, oh, the episode name has completely gone from my poor fried brain, the episode where Spike's trying to get Dru back and he rides off into the sunset singing My Way leaving emotional wreckage in his path. I love that episode.After that I fell asleep but weirdly was awake for Angel (cramps again) but inbetween drooling over tough sexy Wes (the scene about names) I was scribbling away at Alan and Billy (cf phone sex scene). I'm amazed that my muse is letting little get in the way of writing this particular fic. Usually I'm only waxing this lyrical when in the UK (the last time words just spilled off my pencil so fast I couldn't keep up). As you might imagine, it's been a while, this is a treat. Bless those boys. And whatever happened to that Shade fic I started in the UK, anyway?

Okay, that's all I have time for today. Work is hell. Remember the Sorcerer's Apprentice bit from Fantasia? Like that. Complete chaos. I feel like hell. It's like trying to work while being violently worked over by two large thugs, and I must have achieved complete tolerance because this packet of mersyndols are doing nothing for me and I better stay away from the aspros if I don't want to bleed to death.

Thank the gods I have Alan and Billy in my life. The only thing I'm clinging to this week, like a life bouy, because I'm in very rough seas and I'm all by myself, as the song goes. When this is over I'm going to lash out on a few more dvds, just to feed the muse. Sirens, I think, as a friend mentioned it in passing. Would love a day off to go up to the mountais again.

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