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a dish best served with a cafe latte and charming company

There will be no boobies today. Yesterday I wanted to wear and show off my new favourite skirt, the caramel cord with the chunky chocolate stitching down the side (finally found a shop that sells sexy clobber for fat chicks - of course it was closing down, such is my life, but I still have the skirt) so I teamed it with the dark brown top I'd bought a while back. Influenced by too many classic movie channels, I saw this in a shop for cheap and just had to have it. It's like those tops they used to wear circa 1959-1961, you now, kind of straight across the shoulders, sleeves only to the elbows. Tres chic. It really needed a torpedo bra to go with it but I wore my padded t-shirt bra instead and as I'm all puffed up (hello pms) it was hello boobies and all the chaps on my floor stared. Too bad cause I'd have to hurt myself really badly before I had anything to do with a system or network guy. The problem was that around about 11am dark boiling coal black clouds rolled up from the south and the temperature plummeted and as my desk is pressed up against an enormous window - yay window - I froze, absolutely froze, little match girl froze, and I was stuck there til 6.30 pm, which might not sound late but I started at 6am. So today I'm in my thick black jumper which is almost too warm and there are no boobs to be seen today. I'm back to being frumpy and grumpy.

Too bad because I really want that RDO tomorrow. Need boobies when asking for anything in this office.

Especially as amazon actually delivered. No, not the box of SWAT I ordered months ago but the box of Alessandro I ordered weeks ago, it only went to Hong Kong instead this time, not Europe (should I be worried or relieved that they can't find my country on a map?). So I'm all set for an Alessandro fest (never mind the decade's worth of housework waiting for me to attend to). I was all set for an Alessandro fest anyway as I'd rented half of these films anyway, so sure was I that my dvds were still bumming around Europe. Oh well. I was actually a little disappointed last night that it wasn't SWAT. Oh, and I added to my Joe Don Baker collection by finally lashing out on the ever classic Mitchell - grin.

I am looking forward to Alessandro now though. I was having another terrible everyone hates me and they're all really mean to me dream that had me crying in my sleep until Alessandro showed up, and, over coffee, was about to instruct me in the fine Italian art of vendetta, before my bloody alarm went off. Damn. And yes, I hate myself so much it's rare anyone ever talks to me in my dreams, never mind anything else, except to say incredibly cruel things, and Alessandro was being Mr Freeze himself until he decided to amuse himself by pointing out just who really wasn't my friend and sketching out basic plans for getting even. Just minor stuff to start off with (we were going to start small, and build), for fun and frolics, but we were having a laugh. Damn that alarm.

I know these people really don't like me and I should forget and move on, but I do like the idea of a bit of revenge first - grin. Not that I ever would, but it'd be fun. Cathartic, even.

Oh, brilliant, just brilliant. I had a million cups of tea yesterday but did I run into the cute Ugandan guy while I was wearing the sexy outfit with the big boobies? Oh, no, of course not. Do I run into him wearing the 'I'm cold' nanna jumper (trans: grandma sweater)? Oh yes. Bugger.

Wednesday: I'm not watching Buffy tonight. It's the whole just say no to magic episode. Joss promised, hand on heart, that he'd never, ever do a 'very special Buffy' episode. He lied. So I'm not watching it. Not because I think my boycott means a damn to anyone, just because it sucks as an episode and I can't stand especially preachy US shows. Dang puritans.

So I watched Charmed instead. I know, I should be doing housework or reading one of the cheap classic books I bought up in Brissie, or anything but watching Charmed but you know what: another twelve hour day and pms to burn and I'm tired, cold and fed up. I want my bubblegum tv and I note the former Lt. Nathan West of the Fighting 58th is in it.

I'm really tired. It was a very long day. It started off bubbly fun though. I spent my quiet personal time in the early morning dashing off a three page scene of a romatic persuasion. Alan, you animal. It's not a record, but it's been a while since I've actually really enjoyed writing a scene of nude twister. Usually it gets to the point where I'm so over the characters and I just want to wrap up the story as quickly as possible. And then they shagged. The end.

After that it was work work, alas. Then I remembered I had over 28 hours of unpaid overtime owing this month and I had to pay more money for that new domain I'm not even using yet so I decided to spend several hours re-formatting fic and I'm really tired now. I mean there are 300 Daventry series fics alone so it's a bloody huge and monotonous grinding job. So I'm tired now.

Was cheered very much by hearing from one old friend today. Most everyone else is still giving me the old silent treatment - it never goes out of fashion. It was probably something I said, and probably when I was trying to be funny, that's always the irony of it. I think I'm being witty, they read it as being shitty. Sigh. I do miss hearing from my friend in England though.

There was no blog yesterday because it was a thirteen hour day, all work work, no let up. I'm going to have to buy Farscape on dvd so I don't fret and grind my teeth about getting home in time. As it was I squeaked in with minutes to spare. It was the wormhole episode, part one, which featured nice shots of Luna Park, sadly also now a hole in the ground. This is not the sort of town where one could organise a location tour. Whereas in England I could tour locations from two hundred year old books and in the US I was able to visit sites from 60s spy shows. Sigh. Anyway, on Farscape, a lot of plot exposition and a lot of explosions, to be continued next week.

Hey, this is actually a good episode of Charmed. Well, I'll be.

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