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Right now I'm cheered over discovering that a friend, of some considerable vintage (it must be said), still shares some of the same fancies I do. It ain't much, but I feel so weird and alone most days, so it's something.

Sorry, been such a rough week, with some real nastiness there (so nasty it makes me weep), but there have cinema highlights, so thanks again for the flickering magic and make believe (because reality, as I experience it, sucks).

First up there was the magnificent Globe production of All's Well That Ends Well, that I treked all the way to Newtown to see. Unfortunate luncheon choice aside (bubble, bubble, toil and trouble), I was impressed with the newly refurbished Dendy. It lacks the classic charm of your old art deco movie house, but at least isn't as squalid (or dangerous) as my local. I liked it. And again, great coffee. How do they manage that, when none of the cafes nearby can?

So, to the play. I loved it. I really did. The press release said they'd tried to recreate the live experience, and so they had. I certainly felt it was only a few points shy of being there (and I was, once, one glorious night), although there was the shot of the bored guy picking his nose five seats back behind one scene, and the aggressively bored Japanese woman who was downright scary in her uncomprehending loathing of the unfolding proceedings. That aside, I loved the interation with the audience, it really brought the play alive, and the players, winking and playing up, it made it fun. And the bawdiness, oh my, enough dick jokes to make even a QI panelist blush. I can see why we never studied it at school. Ooo-er, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, how's yer father. Suffice to say, I was laughing like a drain (I was raised on 70s Britcoms, I have no sense of decorum whatsoever).

I still think the so-called hero was the biggest dick of them all, though (love Sam Crane though), but if the king insists that All Is Well, who am I to argue? Certainly no argument with that cast, who made a meal of their characters and fitted them perfectly. Not a bad note or misstep among them. Especially the buffoons. Loved them. Hey, it's the medium. Pantomine farce is perfect for an open air theatre in the round doing bawdy Elizabethan pieces. Not so much for a procedural tv show. Oh, but I loved the cast.

I loved it. I just loved it. I loved it all the way home.

The other cinematic treat was the Hitchcock double bill of Vertigo and Rear Window. I've never seen them on the big screen, ever, and I never expected it to make the difference it did. I get the whole wall of windows thing in Rear Window now, the claustrophic panoptican effect of it, and the dizzy effects of Vertigo had their effect (or was that the $7 shiraz from the tapas bar 'round the corner).

I really enjoyed them, anyway, even though the colour was a little weird (NTSC?) but I loved the fashions, cars, the scenery, I mean, wasn't Vertigo just a tourist ad for San Francisco?

The audience was fun, too. I usually don't like going to the theatre because of the audience (talkers, texters, slurpee suckers that can be measured in decibels, that sort of thing), but Popcorn Taxi audiences are cinephiles and always a good crew, and the uneasy chortling that was going on every time Mr James Stewart made a creepy suggestion in Vertigo about what clothes she had to wear and the colour she had to have her hair, I think it added to the experience (rather than detracted).

A fine night out. And oh, dinner. We went to that pizza tapas place again, sadly no happy hour, but this time we had room for dessert to share, and let me tell you, the chocolate brownie swirls have to be experienced. Oh my.

That's what any rough day requires: chocolate. It doesn't fix, but it soothes.

What else? Hardly watched any tv this week (seeing only one in every four episodes of Doctor Who, to my confusion) but I did catch that episode of Star Trek last night, This Side of Paradise, and I've decided that the Cumberbitch (rubbish my Jonny and Hugh at your peril, Sir) has to be playing the Jill Ireland part in the new film. Oh, it amuses me so to think of it (scroll down here for an idea of what it would look like). Hee.

Anyways, as I was muttering last night, it was fic, pure, awful, Mary Sue fic, they'd actually gone and filmed fic, and, though I've sat through some awful Mary Sue episodes by male tv writers (wearing Hello Kitty hairclips, no douubt), I could not think of an episode that was so bad, so queasily date-rapey, until that dreadful episode of Supernatural (which, coincidentally, had arrived mostly in one piece via post last night), Season 7, Time for a Wedding!, where Sam also suffers some free will jamming by the creepy chick/Mary Sue.

Strange, disturbing episode, but no chick is ever going to be allowed to come between Kirk and Spock, or Kirk and his ship. Odd, too, as the last episode I saw bits of was Space Seed, which invoked Milton. Keeping on the biblical theme (which all American stuff does, no matter how allegorical), that'd make Kirk the snake in paradise, right? Whatever. The whole date rape stuff was creepy. I've never liked that episode.

It's been a week of creepy. Thank you James Stewart and Jill Ireland. Roofie your guy, dress up your gal like a dead chick. Yikes.

All's Well wasn't exactly big on the functional couples or conventional match making, either, with the whole win a guy in a bet thing. Bit of a 'because I said so' happy ending, too, but I've seen a lot of TV shows with even less believeable couples flung together because the writer insisted upon it (far too long to list, but if you've been reading through the posts you'll have an idea of who hovers near the top of said list).

That's about it. Film and theatre good. Real life, not so much.

Also, no more stories from fruit stall guy. This week his stand has been taken over by strangers. I've been so distressed over his sudden disappearance, but I did see him about at a distance, today, so I can only assume there was a hostile takeover. Still, selfishly, I was not happy, as I like him very much and look forward to his many stories (the two legged dog, the beheaded nun) and, even more selfishly still, I was sulking over the way people I do not like are as immoveable as old tree stumps, but the folks I really do like are rare and transitory. Doesn't seem fair, somehow.

Oh well, looks like I won't have to worry about the whole work thing for much longer, and I'll have time to finally finish that draft and clean the house, and I'll lose weight, because I'll be on the tinned catfood diet. Won't that be fun? Yep, things are looking up (not).

And I was right, no access to Facebook until it's officially uncool. Hello.

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